Let’s Be Friends

So… this happened: I was hitting the snooze button on my alarm over and over, and in between one of those ten minute lapses I had a dream.  This was it.  Written in third person omniscient because that’s how I roll.  But seriously, that’s how it happened in my dream.

Set after Season 4 of True Blood.  Sookie seizes the chance to go to night-school at LSU.  Someone follows her.  I totally wanted my “Happily Ever After,” and couldn’t wait for Season 5 to get it.  In keeping with TB’s rating, this is M from the get-go for a reason.

I don’t own any of the characters.  They belong to Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball and/or HBO.  I’m poor, so you can sue but you won’t get much.

Chapter 1 – Let’s be Friends

Chapter 2 – Lab Partners

Chapter 3 – Movie Buddies

Chapter 4 – Old Enemies

Chapter 5 – Dearly Departed

Chapter 6 – New Landlord

Chapter 7 – Study Partners

Chapter 8 – Makers and Children

Chapter 9 – A Lover’s Letter

Chapter 10 – The Boss

Chapter 11 – Magical Creatures


2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends

  1. I was thinking of this story which I read over at FF. Really liked your continuation esp. the going to college part and how you fixed that silly ending of Season 4. Though in hindsight those were the good days seeing where TB is headed now. Anyhow, really enjoyed ‘Let’s Be Friends’ even unfinished.

    • I have a mind to keep going, but only have time for one story right now. I’m trying to finish “Nothing,” but then I’m going to give this one another try. But first, I have to re-watch the first 4 seasons of TB… (Oh, the humanity! lololol)

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