Chapter 15 – I’ll Keep You Alive

“How do I protect you? Even what I’m doing now doesn’t feel like enough.”

Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

I couldn’t help the smile on my face when I met my new bodyguard.  I almost ran to him and hugged him, but a feeling of jealousy stopped me.  It took me a moment to realize that Eric had noticed my smile and was jealous of my sudden regard for my bodyguard.  I toned it down a little and waited for the formal introduction… even though I knew him already.

“Sookie, this is Tray Dawson,” Eric started.

“Just Dawson,” I said at the same time as Tray, earning me a confused look from both men.  Oh well!  Eric would understand, and Tray would think I was reading his mind.  Whatever.  It was becoming more and more difficult trying to keep everything together now that the secret was out among those closest to me, namely Eric and Pam.

Eric’s jealousy spiked again for some reason, and I could feel it clearly.  That had to mean that it was eating him inside.  I’d felt his feelings before, of course, but now they were so much clearer!  I supposed it had to do with how often we’d exchanged blood lately.  It had become almost ritualistic.  I didn’t want to turn him down or his guilt would become a living thing inside me.  The fact that he hadn’t been able to turn me still ate at him, and though I’d wanted to talk to him about it, I’d kept to myself, figuring he would tell me when he was ready.

“Dawson, can you give us a moment?” I asked the Were and he nodded courteously before leaving Eric’s office.

I was always with either Eric or Pam at night, neither of them finding it a particular burden simply because I made myself useful.  I was still doing the recruiting, relying heavily on my assistant Judy to set everything up so that I could meet with people at night along with Pam.  On the weekends I would help Eric with his office things, for which he was thankful.  He had terrible organizational skills.  One would think after a thousand years he would be a little more careful.  He simply had no patience with menial tasks.

“Will you explain?” Eric asked once we were alone in his office.

“Don’t be jealous.  I have nothing for Tray except the utmost respect.  He guarded me with his life when the fairies came to get me before.”  And wasn’t that the God’s honest truth.  Tray had literally given his life to guard mine.

Eric’s feelings changed to anger.  “So how come they got you anyway?”

“The fairies tricked him into drinking poisoned vampire blood and then abducted him.  He was tortured worse than I was, but in the end, while he was still weak from his torture, he held Breandan down and distracted him enough so that…” I had to pause and think about what I was about to say.  Obviously I had to give Eric the full story or he would know I was lying.  I took a deep breath.  “So that Bill could kill Breandan.”

That surprised Eric.  “He was still in your life then?”

“Sort of.  He’d become a friend, more or less.”

“How could you allow that?”

Good question.  “I have no idea,” I replied sincerely.  “You always had him watching me or something, I think.  Or maybe he did it on his own,” I mumbled.

Eric’s eyebrows shot up in incredulity and I knew I would have to explain it better.  I’d been doing that a lot lately: two years’ worth of stories, piecing everything together.

“Bill was definitely not interested in me romantically and used me in the beginning, taking advantage of my naïveté and making me fall in love with him,” I started, feeling the familiar pinch in my heart.  Lately it wasn’t a heart-wrenching shot to my heart, just a little pin inserted with immaculate precision.  “When Bill’s maker called him to Jackson, you hired me to find him.  I want to say I did it mostly for you, to help you find him so that the Queen wouldn’t have your ass, but I know I did it for him, even though I knew he was cheating on me.  And before you say anything about makers and children, at that time I didn’t understand it very well.  So I rescued him, getting staked…”

“You WHAT?!” Eric bellowed.

“I got staked on my side,” I said, rubbing the spot that had gotten pierced.  “You gave me your blood to heal me.  I became an instant celebrity around Russell Edgington’s.  I guess they’d never seen someone get staked and live to talk about it.”  I gave Eric a wan smile and he shook his head.  Every time I took out my treasure trove of past reminiscences he did the same thing.  To him it was simply unbelievable, even though he knew it was the truth.

“You got staked for that worm… go on,” he said with a gesture of his hand.

“I got staked, killed Lorena…”

“And you killed a vampire that is hundreds of years old,” he said, making his tone even, as if he shouldn’t be surprised by anything I said anymore.

“Well, I was stronger thanks to your blood, and it was either kill her or let her kill me.  Let’s just say I got lucky, okay?  She sort of impaled herself onto a stake I was holding.

“Sort of,” Eric repeated, about ready to lose it again.  I wasn’t sure if he was amused or stunned.

“Anyway, I saved Bill, put him in the trunk of that car and drove us out of there and into Alcide Herveaux’s condo.  There’s an underground parking lot…”

“I know it,” Eric interrupted again.  “Did I have Herveaux watch over you in Jackson?  He didn’t do a very good job.”

“It had been a full moon,” I said to explain, even though Eric was right.

He knew the rest of the story, more or less, and I didn’t want to tell it anyway.  He felt that the point at which I would stop talking about that particular escapade had been reached and didn’t push for more.

“I think Bill was so thankful that I’d saved him from his maker Lorena that he fell in love with me for real.  But by then I wanted nothing to do with him.  A couple of weeks later you came to my house with your memories missing and my poor heart leaped at the chance to love someone who would love me back right.”  I looked away with tears prickling my eyes.

“Did I love you back right?” Eric asked, closer to me than I thought he’d been.  He had moved vampire fast to stand right behind me.  Before I could answer I felt his hands circling my waist and pulling me against him, and a soft kiss on my crown.

“Yes, Eric, you did, and you still do.”  I reached up behind me and caressed his soft hair, which had fallen over his shoulder.

“Turn around, my Sookie.  I want to see you,” he whispered in my ear and waited until I obeyed to speak again.  “I do want you to be mine forever.  You understand that, don’t you?”

I frowned confused.  I wasn’t sure where he was going with this.  “Yes.”

“I fear that if I take your life from you I will become another person in a long line of those who have failed you.  My other child resented her change and I lost her.  Being what I am is forever Sookie.  I don’t want to lose you forever,” he explained, confusing me even more.

“I hate to tell you this, but leaving me human won’t solve that particular problem,” I pointed out the obvious.

“Of course, and I will turn you, believe it.  But you’re not ready.”

“What changed your mind?” I pressed, refusing to argue about my readiness.  I had an inkling that he was right about that.

“Do you know that my people didn’t really rape?  Violence against women was very much frowned upon,” he said, giving me a history lesson and not answering my question at all.

“I read a little bit about you, yes.  What does that have to do with the price of eggs?”  I stepped back a couple of paces and put my hands on my hips.

Eric snorted and then burst out laughing at my idiom.  I smiled too but waited patiently for my answer.  He guffawed loudly and reached for me, hugging me tight as he laughed.  “I love you, Sookie.  I really do,” he said between snickers.

I put my chin on his chest, looking up as he looked down.  He gave me a soft peck on my forehead, still smiling.  I knew he wasn’t going to answer my question, not right that minute, so I let it go again.  He would tell me when the time was right.  For now I enjoyed his laughter.


Tray had been given a car to chauffeur me around, but I refused to sit in the backseat.  That’s where I drew the line.  He was as stoic as ever, taking his job very seriously.  I was scared for him, knowing when he was supposed to die, and unsure of how he would meet his end.  Nevertheless, he would be safe and sound for at least another year.  Or, at least, I hoped so.

My efforts to start conversations with Tray were met with polite but short answers.  He knew I could read minds, and I gathered that he didn’t feel truly comfortable around me.  I was hesitant to explain how very little I was actually able to pick up from his Were brain.

I made the best of the situation… even if I felt all of three years old with the babysitting.  But at least I was able to go to work and the market during the day.  Eric usually sent Pam with me to the market at night if I needed to go, and going with her had turned into its own kind of adventure.  It wasn’t so much that she was completely ignorant about a supermarket’s inner workings, but that she would find so much of interest in the aisles that she wouldn’t have frequented.  Her quick eyes took in everything… and then the questions would start.  Although… Pam would direct them at her maker, who knew even less about a grocery store than Pam did.  And she did it on purpose.

“Did you know they sell cakes in a little box?” she would ask Eric, or something along those lines.  “You open the box and out comes a cake!”

“Yes, I’ve seen Sookie make one,” he would answer.  He was lying.  I’d never made a cake in front of him, or he would have corrected her as to what would happen when you opened the box of cake mix.  He would say it to shut Pam up.

“Do you know what oatmeal is?” Pam would continue.

“It is oats,” he would deadpan.

“And now they’re instant!  Coffee too!  You just open the package and out comes the coffee.  Did you ever have coffee?  Vienna roast is very popular.  Isn’t that where you’re from?”

“I’m not from Austria, Pamela.”  And she knew that plenty well, of course.

“Close enough.  Did you ever have coffee?”

“Coffee hadn’t been discovered by my people yet.”

“How about sugar?  I miss biscuits.  Sookie bought biscuits that are like bread and biscuits called cookies.  I’m very confused.”  Pam wasn’t confused at all.

“I can imagine,” Eric would answer.

During all this I tried very hard not to start laughing, but I knew that Eric could feel my amusement well enough.  In turn I could feel his annoyance.  So I’m sure he was more than thankful that I could go to the grocery store without Pam and her running commentary.

My work was getting done, finally, and I had managed to screen two good candidates to be Eric’s day person.  One of them, as fate would have it, was Bobby Burnham, who had a limited life expectancy, but was a good choice nevertheless.  This time he had been nothing but polite to me, since I was in charge of his future and his livelihood.  I felt smug, even if I couldn’t show it outwardly.

The second candidate was a huge man, not unlike Khan, Eric’s last day man.  His name was Flint, and unlike Khan, Flint was human through and through.  He had a similar desire as Bobby to be turned into a vampire.  I set them both up for final interviews with Eric to see which one he liked best.  I’d already put both Bobby and Flint through two exhaustive interviews with me: one with Tray in the room, the other with Judy in the room.  They needed to be able to take the stress with aplomb, or they wouldn’t make it in Eric’s world.  I already knew Bobby could do it, but perhaps he would break under pressure.

Eric requested an hour with each and asked me to stay nearby and read their minds from another room.  This was relatively easy, since the entire office was small.  I gave Eric my office and I sat at Judy’s desk – who had left for the night – while he interviewed Bobby.  Flint arrived for his interview before Bobby was done with his, which showed punctuality.

Bobby’s thoughts were unremarkable.  He wanted to impress Eric, was wondering if Eric was interested in him for more than just being an assistant.  He didn’t seem to mind if Eric would make advances, and was a little disappointed when Eric kept the meeting professional.

Flint’s thoughts were animated when he came in, and I had a hard time blocking him out.  He seemed to think that he had fooled me somehow.  At that I fine-tuned my “listening.”  Flint was seating in the front office with me while Eric wrapped up the interview with Bobby.  I avoided Flint’s gaze by pretending to work on Judy’s computer, which she had left on for me.  I didn’t want to tip him off in any way.

Flint started thinking of a beautiful woman he’d seen that day.  They had a sexual relationship, nothing more.  She was addicted to V.  Immediately that sent red flags.  Why hadn’t I found this out before?  Obviously my telepathy wasn’t infallible, something I’d tried to tell everybody over and over.  People fooled me frequently, and fooled themselves even more often.  Flint might not have seen his girlfriend the nights I had interviewed him, therefore he hadn’t been thinking about her.  Either way, his goal was to find Eric’s day hiding place and take his blood.  He just wanted a little… yeah, right!

I typed a quick message to Eric on the computer, something that would show up on my email on my own computer, and hoped that Eric was curious enough to want to click on it.  I told him to go ahead and hire Bobby, and that I had to dismiss the other guy somehow.  He sent me a quick message back telling me to just stay put, that he would glamour the guy and send him on his way.  Even though Eric didn’t know everything yet, he didn’t doubt me and didn’t question my surprise decision.

Eric must have told Bobby to stay put in my office and came out just a few minutes later.  He was the picture of civility, giving Flint a warm welcome.  Eric was the ultimate politician, he truly was.

“Flint, nice to meet you,” Eric said extending his hand.  As soon as the guy stood Eric had him.  He glamoured him into forgetting everything about tonight and into thinking he had skipped the last interview of his own choice.  Flint left dazed before Eric turned back to me to ask for an explanation.

“I’m not sure how I missed it before.  He was thinking of taking your blood to give to his girlfriend.  Bobby Burnham is the right choice for you, after all,” I said.

“What do you mean after all?”

Oh, right!  I forgot.  Again.  “He was your day man already.  You’ll have him for a couple of years before he dies.  Last time it was at the hands of your maker’s other child, Alexei,” I said in a very low voice, so low that I could barely hear it myself.  Eric could hear it just fine.

He didn’t say much other than arch an eyebrow and nod.  So I felt I had to explain MORE.  This was getting old.

“I didn’t want to sway you to like one candidate over another, and Bobby and I didn’t exactly get along before.”  I crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for whatever was coming next.

“I’m going to make Bobby an offer, and then you and I are going to talk,” he said and turned away back to my office.

“Fine, fine,” I said, throwing my hands up in the air.  Too bad I was at his mercy for a ride home.

Once the business with Bobby was concluded, I was actually feeling apprehensive about going into my office to find out whatever was bugging Eric.  It was not what I thought it would be at all, and when he spoke, I understood.

“What happened exactly when my maker showed up?” he asked, sitting on my chair and leaning back.  I chose to stand.  I didn’t like to feel intimidated by sitting down and looking smaller than him.  Besides, talk of Appius and Alexei wasn’t something I could do while sitting down calmly.

“Appius Livius Ocella,” I paused very briefly to take in Eric’s surprised reaction at my knowing all of Appius’ names, “came to my house one night looking for you, and brought that little kid, Alexei.  Alexei is not well, as you may know…”

“I didn’t know,” Eric interrupted.  “I haven’t seen my maker in over a century.”

I nodded in understanding.  “Alexei isn’t well.  He’s a psychopath.  During their stay with you, he drained and killed several humans, one of your vampires, he killed Bobby, he destroyed your house and your bar, he injured Pam and you so badly that you couldn’t even go after him… and he doesn’t respond to Appius as a child should to his maker.”

Eric took all the information and internalized it, chewed it, and spit it out with, “so perhaps having my maker come here is not a good idea.”

I made a face.  “No!  Not a good idea at all!  In the end you had to kill Alexei, a fairy killed Appius, and you killed the fairy…”

“You may call him Ocella, Sookie,” he corrected me after letting it slide a couple of times.

“Sorry, Eric.  I forgot you haven’t given me permission, yet.”  I emphasized the last word, just to mess with him.  I was tired, and not just physically.  I was mentally and psychically tired, and I didn’t know how to get any rest.

“I’m the one who’s sorry, Sookie.  It is hard to comprehend all the danger you’ve been in because of me or because of Bill.  Seeing it the way I see it, I cannot believe myself capable of letting you be so close to all of it.”  He shook his head, his eyes never leaving me.  “How do I protect you?  Even what I’m doing now doesn’t feel like enough.”

I shrugged.  “There is only so much you can do.  I will always be in danger as long as my family knows where I am and vampires know what I can do with my head.”

Eric opened his arms, an invitation letting me know that he was more than sorry.  He was worried, and he loved me.  I could feel that clearly.  His proximity was always something I craved, blood bond be damned.  I’d missed him for the small amount of time I’d spent without him.  Whenever his arms offered up an invitation, I took it.

He settled me on his lap, holding my head on his shoulder, hugging me tight against him.  I hugged his neck, feeling like everything would be alright if only he’d believe it too.

Eric’s soft touch moved from my hair to my face, tracing patterns on my skin with his fingertips.  He took my chin between his fingers and brought my face up for a kiss.  We kissed and kissed, savoring this time alone and safe.  The soft kisses were our sustenance, what we needed.  They turned into something different the longer we kissed, turning passionate and hot, our tongues joining in the dance.  We tasted and touched.  We pulled and grabbed.  With one hand Eric popped all the buttons of my shirt, pushing my bra up over my breasts and leaving my mouth so he could transfer his tongue to my nipples.

He wrapped his lips around one, sucking it into his mouth making me gasp.  My whole body warmed up in response and his touch was the only thing keeping me cool.  I undid the buttons on his shirt, trying to feel his skin on mine, needing him in every way I could imagine.

“Sookie!” he exclaimed against my breast, a low guttural sound letting me know that my rotating hips were hitting his erection in just the right way.  I took one of his bare nipples between my fingers and caressed it, teased it, made it bud under my hand.  I wanted to lick it, but I couldn’t with Eric paying special attention to my breasts.  I licked my finger and returned it to his hard nipple, running the saliva-coated digit around and around.  He moaned, squirreling his fingers up my skirt.  He found my panties, now moist with my arousal, and moaned again, running a finger up and down over the cotton, pressing until he found my little nub, and rubbing it through the fabric.

My head rolled back as my hips bucked against his hand.  He held me tight on his lap, paying equal loving attention to my breasts and my center.  Even like this he could make me come.  I started feeling like my orgasm was just there, still out of reach but oh, so close!  That’s when he stopped what he was doing and made me stand.  He made me plant my hands firmly on my desk and bend over for him, lifting my skirt and pulling down my panties in two swift moves.  He crouched behind me and tasted me, and I spared a thought to the front door, hoping it was locked because I was about to come screaming.

Eric grumbled something as he tasted me, making my whole body shake.  “I’m so close,” I gasped.  He knew what to do.  With vampire speed he flicked my little nub with the softest touch of his tongue, and I felt my whole body clench on itself.  My orgasm burst out of me in high-pitched moans that I couldn’t control, my muscles failing.  Eric held me, helping me ride the last of it, more than pleased that he had this kind of effect on me.

Still holding me tight the way I’d been, he stood behind me, centering his body.  His pants hit the floor with a dull clang from his belt at the same time that the thick pressure of his length started entering me torturously slow.  I bit my lip and looked behind me, watching as he looked down to witness our joining.  His face was etched with pure desire, a raw thing that he shared with me.  He held back and took me slowly, pumping lazily and caressing my back and bottom, down to my thighs.

“So beautiful, my Sookie,” he murmured.  “Ek ann thér, minn fagr Sookie.  Minn ástirMinn kona.”  He bent over me and planted open mouthed kisses on my spine, threading his arms over my chest and pelvis, hugging his body to mine.

I’d learned enough of his language to answer some of what he’d said, even though I hadn’t understood it all.  “Ek ann thér, minn fríðr Eric.  I love you, I love you,” I said over and over.  I reached behind me and tangled my fingers in his hair.  When I pulled it stoked his fire.  Eric drove into me and I got lost in the feeling.

Eric disposed of what was left of my shirt in a frenzy, looking for somewhere to bite that wasn’t covered in cloth… not that he hadn’t bitten through clothes before, but then the blood would seep into the fabric and he would get very little.  Finally he bared my shoulder and latched on.  The sweet sting of his fangs piercing through my skin sent another orgasm tumbling down my body, and I cried out in both pain and pleasure.  Eric drank as he spilled himself inside me, grunting with each deep stroke and whimpering at the end.  He held me tight through the aftershocks, licking my shoulder lovingly, kissing around his mark on my body, the proof that I was his.

Setting me to rights became a dilemma.  My shirt had bit the dust in more ways than one: all the buttons were gone and it was ripped down the back.  I couldn’t help but smile.  Eric had never been very kind to my clothes, but considering the amount of pleasure derived from the activities in which my clothes perished, I could forgive him for my wardrobe malfunctions.  He took off his shirt and clad me in it after I used the bathroom to clean up.  He stole kisses as he buttoned me up.

“You should keep a change of clothes here, my darling,” he said, and then tried to make himself look halfway presentable in only his pants.

We closed the office and made our way down to the underground parking garage.  It was so late that the only person who saw our disheveled state was the security guard stationed at the main entrance.  He was amused but not terribly surprised.  I supposed we hadn’t been the only ones who had ever “worked late” in that building.

At home I showered and changed into a pair of PJ’s before making myself a late dinner.  My hours had completely changed by now.  I cooked while Eric worked in his home office off the den.  I was debating whether to eat my dinner in the den watching something on TV or at the table as I should, when I heard all manner of curses being uttered by Eric’s booming voice.  He was so loud that it reverberated through the whole house.  I set the plate on the table, even though his outburst had evaporated any kind of appetite I might have had.

I didn’t hear anything else afterwards.  I quietly made my way to his office and stood at his door, watching as he furiously pounded away at the keyboard, moved the mouse, typed some more.  He knew I was there but didn’t acknowledge me, too wrapped up in what he was doing to pay me any mind.  I started to turn away but he called me back inside his office.

“The Queen has requested your services,” he announced in a grave voice.

My stomach sank to my knees.  I tried my best to keep it together.  “For what?”

“The better question is ‘as what?’” he said and rubbed his face with his hands.  I waited patiently for him to explain.  “She doesn’t believe what Bill said about your time traveling, but she does think that you are a psychic.  She wants you to tell her whether her marriage to the King of Arkansas is a good idea.”

“It’s an awful idea,” I said immediately, startling Eric.  “He’ll go through the motions then try to find an excuse to kill the Queen so he can take over the state.  It will start her downfall and leave her vulnerable to Nevada.”

Eric shook his head.  “She’ll ask you other things, things you have no way of knowing.  You’ll be in two kinds of danger: either you do too good a job and she won’t want to let you come back home, or you will mess up and she will tire of you.  In both cases I don’t see you returning home.”

“But if you don’t deliver me, then it’s you who will be in trouble.  Do you really think I’d let you do that?” I asked.

His nostrils flared.  He was all kinds of upset: mad, scared, sad.  He couldn’t settle on any one emotion.  Then something happened that made all his feelings stop coursing through to me and his face cleared.  “You’re hungry,” he said, sort of out of the blue.

“I was, but not anymore,” was my answer to that one.

He stood up, grabbed me and turned me around, walking me back to the kitchen.  He sat me down in front of the plate I’d already put together and then went to heat up a True Blood so he could join me.  “I will not have this setback stop you from eating.  I’m shouldn’t have interrupted your dinner with my outburst,” he said from the kitchen.

I stared at my food and waited for Eric to sit beside me.  He was not like Bill had been.  The latter had developed an aversion to food at some point.  Eric, with his considerably longer life span, would have seen it all and been through all.  I figured he would have had to spend a longer amount of time around dirty humans than Bill ever did.  Now that I was living with him he got to see my beauty regimen, and always shook his head disapprovingly whenever I shaved any part of my body.  At his request I didn’t shave “down there” anymore, only trimmed it.  He said it was abnormal for a grown woman to be bare.  Fair enough, as long as he understood that my leg and armpit hair had to go.

While I ate in front of him I gave some thought to my new predicament, and a lot of thought to the unfairness of it all, until I got an idea.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before!

“Do you have any way of reaching Mr. Cataliades?” I asked him, trying not to get excited.

“Mr. Cataliades?  He’s the Queen’s…”

“Lawyer,” I finished for him.  “He also owes me.  A LOT!”  I shot him a smirk worthy of… well, of him.  Eric gave me a confused look.  “Remember I told you about my grandparents drinking a tiny bit of demon blood that gave me my telepathy?”

Eric’s whole expression changed.  The light bulb turned on and illuminated his face.  He returned my smile, but then it was gone as swiftly as it had appeared.  “Are you sure it was him?”

“Positive.  He told me so himself.  He’s my sponsor, my demon godfather.  He was my grandfather’s good friend, and the one to deliver the cluviel dor to my Gran.  And he can read minds just as well as I can, probably better.”  I was feeling smug and my appetite returned.  I knew Eric would be able to do something with the information.

“Sookie, that may be the best thing you’ve said to me all night, other than telling me you love me.”  Eric leaned over and kissed my neck, too excited to stay while I finished my meal.  “I’m going to contact him right now,” he called over his shoulder walking to his office.

That night before going to bed we had fun sex.  He chased me through the house (at human speed), had me squealing in delight whenever he caught me and tickled me, and finally let himself get caught in my bedroom.  I pushed him on the bed and straddled him, only to find us halfway to the ceiling, both of us flying while I was on top of him with him inside me.  I held on for dear life, legs and arms holding him tight, although I should have known he wouldn’t let me fall.

“Let me guess, we’ve never done this before,” Eric said in a husky voice and nipped at my lip.

“No!  I don’t know what to do, I have no leverage.”  I held on tighter and felt him twitch inside me, teasing me and making me moan.

He chuckled low.  “Just use me, little kitten,” he purred in my ear, moving my body up and down his.  And that’s how we spent the rest of the night: mid-air acrobatics.

I slept like Eric until around noon, took a shower, got ready for work and then had to wait for Tray.  He wouldn’t arrive to the house until closer to two.  So I ate breakfast and decided to do some work from the computer in Eric’s office.

It wasn’t unusual for me to find his “side” of the computer up and running still logged onto his email.  I’d ventured to look at it a couple of times, but it was mostly Area 5 business, of which I had little interest.  I almost felt sorry for him about the things that got sent his way.  So when I saw his email I wasn’t surprised as I glanced at it quickly.  Something made me stop from closing the program.  It was not his sheriff email, it was his personal account.  Again, nothing to write home about, except that the newest unread email had my name on the subject line.  The sender was Meg Moon.  I clicked on it, curiosity and jealousy getting the better of me.

“Dearest Eric,” began the email.  Immediately my jealousy spiked.  “You should come see me as soon as possible and bring Sookie.  There may be a way to kill two birds with one stone, although I am not sure if you would be amenable.  Simply know that I will help, that you will be safe here, and that I have missed you.  Love always, Meg.”

I felt the room spin and my heart hammer within my chest, but before doing anything drastic, I scrolled down the screen to read the original message.  It wasn’t attached.  No matter.  I exited out of the message and marked it “unread,” then went to the “Sent Items” folder.  I found only one message addressed to Meg Moon.

“My darling Meg,” it began, and I was about to throw up already.  Nobody had ever told me that jealousy could feel this awful.  “I am in need of whatever help you can give me.  I hesitate to ask you, but I am running out of options.  My lover, Sookie, is in danger of being taken away from me.  I need to turn her, and I need a safe place for her before and after the change.

“Also, Appius is in talks to make me wed one of the Queens in the States, and I have not been able to reach him.  If I marry Sookie as a human, they will simply see her as my pet.  I do not want that for her.  She is special, like you and Pam are to me.  More, perhaps.

“I beg you, Meg.  Forgive me and help me as only you can.  I love you, E.”

My jealousy dissipated and was replaced with confusion.  They were both professing a lot of love to each other, but Eric was clearly trying to keep me safe because of how much he loved me, and telling her so.  There was only one explanation for that type of honesty.  Meg was his other child.

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Ek ann thér = I love you

Minn fagr = My beautiful (Sookie)

Minn ástir = My love

Minn kona = My wife

Minn fríðr = My handsome (Eric)


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  1. I can tell what she was thinking when she read the email! I’d be thinking the same thing. He couldn’t have been that worried she would see it or he would have hidden it better. Didn’t he say his other child resented him for turning her? In that case is she the safest person to ask? Intrigue little Reb, we love it!

  2. I think that Meg is going to betray Eric. He already said she was ticked that he turned her. What perfect revenge would it be to steal Sookie the way he stole her life. Now! With that being said I still expect a full lemon filled HEA. lol I know that Eric and Sookie will overcome anything in the end. Great chapter!!

  3. Bobby was meant to be his day man after all.. Some things are truly meant to be. The office nookie was hot!
    Well meet his other child soon?

  4. Great chapter once again. I can only imagine how frustrated sookie is not being able to keep any of her loved ones alive.

  5. I was about ready to punch Eric in the throat at the end of the chapter, luckily when she continued reading I calmed down. Pam in the store was hilarious, I paused mid story to laugh at her. Sophie Anne can suck it. Sookie should just let her die, she wouldn’t know the difference.

  6. So many wonderful things about this chapter, but I think the best is the way they continue to grow in their love and trust for and with each other. Eric’s frustration with the queen’s demand seemed so visceral and honest. And can’t wait to meet Pam’s older sister.

  7. Awesome chapter. Great lemons!
    I can’t wait to meet Meg! I hope Sookie does not get in trouble for snooping. I’m glad to know Eric is still set on turning her…I was wondering how Sookie’s death will affect the wish on the Cluviel Dor. Will it change things with the folks that are already destined to die?

  8. I love this story. Wenesdays are so much better when I get to read the updates! I can’t believe how open and honest Eric and Sookie are being, it’s simply amazing. And Bobby, what can I say? I never really liked him before, but I’m curious to see where you will take him. Now Tray I like, I hope he doesn’t suffer as much as last time. And who is Meg? I can’t wait to find out! All this speaking of the past and future and wierd time mix ups is just so interesting to see, but kinda confusing. Thank you for the update!

  9. It does make me wonder if Meg is his oldest child, but after his regrets about her resenting him, I can’t see them trading such friendly emails. Or maybe she loves him even with the resentment. Whoever she is, she looks like an interesting character. Great chapter; Eric is learning more about what makes Sookie the way she is.

  10. Oh my. I looooooooooved it. I really like how honest they’re being… and although Eric did kind of keep info about Meg away from Sookie, it’s understandable — he wasn’t sure how Meg would react.

    Looking forward to Cataliades… and how he will react to knowing Sookie has used the Cluviel Dor!

    I loved Pam teasing Eric about the food in the supermarket, and that Eric lied about knowing all about it.

  11. This is what I hoped for after she explained her time travel, that they would be totally together and a force to be reckoned with. They are able to use all their resources to keep both of them safe. I am so intrigued with Meg, I can’t wait to hear her story. Is she really Eric’s child, I thought the other child was resentful toward Eric since her turning? That letter didn’t seem like a maker’s command. These chapters are so amazing, you manage to answer a question or solve a problem only to give the readers a few more to wonder about while waiting for the next one. Perfect!! I appreciate that we get these regular updates, I really look forward to Wednesdays to get my fix. I love the blog’s new look, I think the story and chapter listings are much easier to navigate now. I liked the backround/type colors either way, but I suppose this is slightly easier to read. Well, thanks again until next Wednesday. Kathy

  12. This is so much easier to read. This update was huge. I just love your twist on this story. It is so much fun to meet these characters again. I always loved Tray, and hated his torture and death. Thank you for your wonderful story. Margaret

  13. Eric’s jealousy, even of himself, is adorable. So not what we expect from our dear Viking. Good to know that Eric isn’t cheating on her with this Meg person. A bit surprising that he didn’t talk to Sookie about anything before contacting her though. Glad Sookie remembered the bit about Cataliades. I have a feeling he’s going to be key in keeping her safe.
    Cheers, Balti K

  14. I like the new look. Bobby’s back. Looks like Bobby will have a different relationship with Sookie this time around. She’s with Eric before Bobby is. So Appius started his interference with Eric really really early. Eric knew all this time about the marriage.
    Everytime Sookie turns around something new pops up. I hope she questions this. Did it take place in the original time Sookie’s from? All the timey wimey things get confusing.

  15. Wonderful update. I started to panic a little at the end lol. But you saved me from palpitations. Cant wait for more.

    LH x

  16. Love it, lemon here and there is ok lol. Sookie and her Jealousy spike will be trouble, I bet Eric will come up with something in light of the new information about Mr C. Have to wait next week for update but it’s worth it.

  17. OMG! Love the site redesign, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the update. I like this more approachable Eric – I really feel that if Sookie wasn’t so stubborn, Eric would have been more free with her. I mean we see, both in book 4 and in DR that Eric has it in him to be devoted and loving – but there is this great divide between them – born of a lack of communication (on both their parts)… but with Sookie letting down her walls, she lets Eric in and he feels able to do the same in return. Not completely, obviously, given his email to Meg, but a lot better than in canon. I squeed so loud when I saw this update. Thanks again!

  18. Nice chapter.Lets hope Mr.C can help them,contract or something like that.So Meg is his other child,hmm not sure about that yet.

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