Chapter 3 – Treats and Woods

Eric and Sookie True Blood by SmartyPie

We arrived at the fancy restaurant about half an hour after making love.  Oh, let’s face it!  We’d had sex, raw and passionate and delicious.  I was still flushed from having Eric and we both smelled like each other.  There was no question that other supes would be able to tell that one belonged to the other, even if they hadn’t seen the possessive way Eric held me against him as we walked inside the restaurant.  As we waited a minute or two for our table I felt soft kisses on my hair and my temple.  Eric’s feelings were pointing at love, complete and absolute.  Yes, sex was great, but even with my inexperience I knew that it was the love we had for each other that made it so magnificent.

We were shown to a circular booth with lots of privacy.  The whole restaurant was set up that way.  The ambiance was cool and dark, and welcoming in a way.  All the conversations were hushed, and even the clinking sounds of silverware against porcelain were muted.  We were handed our menus and the wine and blood list.  Yes, they were listed on the same page.  It was really strange to me, but it made sense for the type of restaurant we were in: it catered specifically to vampires and their human dates.

Eric looked through the wine list, but knew very little about what to order me.  “I’m a little rusty,” he said.  He had better retention of memories but wasn’t infallible.  He continued perusing the menu to find what he wanted for himself while I chose my dinner.  I chose bacon-wrapped crab-stuffed shrimp for my appetizer, and creole mussels for my main course.  It wasn’t every day that I had decadent seafood.  I paired it all with a Riesling, even if it didn’t quite match.  I liked the subtle sweetness of a Riesling.  Eric ordered some royal blood blend which arrived at the same time as my appetizer.  It came in a large stainless steel carafe that kept it warm throughout dinner.

“I will feed you,” he said in a commanding tone, picking up my fork and spearing a shrimp.  He handled the fork quite well for someone who didn’t eat.  I told him so.  “I’ve watched you many times,” was his answer as he guided the scrumptiousness into my mouth.

I moaned my pleasure at the treat.  Everything was fresh, and the tastes were rich.  The bacon wasn’t too salty and it blended well with the more subtle crab and shrimp.

Eric’s eyes didn’t leave my mouth as he watched me devour the second shrimp.  He took my glass of wine and brought it up to my lips, tipping it for me to drink.  I drank greedily until the whole glass was empty and licked my lips.  It was very good wine.  I took the goblet of blood and did the same to him, watching as he savored it just as I had the wine.  His fangs lengthened slowly as he licked some blood from his lips.  I imagined that’s what he did when he drank from me.

I reached for a fang, running my index finger lazily to the point.  His eyes darkened as I pushed the pad in and made myself bleed.  It hurt as much as a paper cut, but the reward was immeasurably better.  Eric’s tongue darted out to catch the small globule of blood that had formed on my finger, relishing even the small little bit.  His chest rumbled in appreciation, and I felt that rumble all the way down to my throbbing center.

“What are you thinking?” he asked getting closer to me, leaning just inches from my neck.

“I’m thinking I made a good choice in that suit you’re wearing.  I can’t wait to take it off,” I said in a whisper meant only for him.

He ran a cool finger over my bare arm and my whole skin tightened in response to his touch.  “I want to…”

We were interrupted by the waiter bringing me more wine and taking away my plate.  My main course was on its way.

“Bring the whole bottle,” Eric said to the waiter pointing to the now filled glass of wine.  If I didn’t know better I’d have said he was trying to get me nice and drunk.  But, since I was eating and drinking, it would only make me nice and loose, lose some inhibitions, and accept him more readily to do whatever he had in mind.

My dinner arrived and so did the rest of the bottle of wine.  Eric eyed the mussels curiously.  I wondered when was the last time he’d seen any.  My whole dish smelled wonderful and I felt like purring.  Nothing makes me happier than good food and pleasant company, particularly when the company is my darling husband.  He picked up the fork again and speared a mussel.  It came out of its shell easily.  I ate it with delight, the first followed promptly by a second, then a sip of wine.

“You look sexy when you eat,” he said as I swallowed my wine.

“So do you,” I returned the compliment.  “I love to see my blood on your teeth.  I love to feed you,” I said and leaned close.  He tasted the wine on my lips with the tip of his tongue.  He loved to taste food by proxy by tasting my saliva.  I think it made him feel a little human.

Eric got as close as he could, our thighs rubbing, his free left hand sneaking behind me while he fed me with his right.  He would feed me the delicacy of my main course then watch enthralled as I chewed and swallowed, or he would nibble at my ear or nuzzle my neck while I drank my wine.  I was starting to feel the effects of the wine with more than three-quarters of the bottle gone.  My legs and lady bits felt tingly in a good way.  The wine was inhibiting my circulation and my blood was pooling below my waist.  I was feeling nice and warm all over, and I felt like giggling and kissing Eric.  Good thing I was hungry and enjoying my dinner.

“It’s all gone, my love,” Eric said when I had polished my dinner plate.  He seemed disappointed.

“I’m ordering dessert,” I said and waggled my eyebrows.  He smiled and bit his lower lip.

“I love it when you taste sweet.  Are you ordering coffee?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes.  He loved my blood when I drank coffee, and since I didn’t do it often at night, he considered it a treat.  I nodded and a low growl escaped from his chest.

Eric’s hand had a mind of its own and moved to cup my cheek… not the one on my face.  I gave a tiny squeal when he squeezed, and he chuckled low in his chest.  Whenever he was feeling amorous everything he did took on a deeper quality, lower, like every action emanated from his manhood instead of his brain.  And, being Eric, he pulled it off flawlessly to the point that he had me melting right there on that booth.

I ordered a regular coffee with a shot of Boudier Crème de Cassis, and the French Quarter beignets that came served with chocolate, butterscotch and raspberry dipping sauces.  Eric picked up a beignet, getting powdered sugar all over his fingers.  He dipped it in the raspberry sauce and brought it up to my waiting mouth.  I sank my teeth into the deliciousness at the same time that I felt Eric’s hand move under my butt.

“Stand up sweetheart,” he whispered in my ear.  I obeyed as best I could, since I was sort of pinned by the booth, but all he wanted was to move my skirt up.  When I sat back down it was on his hand.  His whole hand was cradling my core, his fingers melting into my wetness.  He hummed, satisfied, and offered me another bite of beignet.

As soon as I bit into my dessert I felt one of his fingers sneak a touch on my clit.  I opened my legs and moaned my delight, and I wasn’t sure exactly why: the decadent beignet or the intimate touch.

“Drink your coffee.  I love that smell,” he said, bringing the cup to my lips.  My own hand was resting on his thigh, slowly moving to touch his cock.  He twitched under my fingers, showing me how hard he was already.  I sipped my coffee, tasting so good it was like sex in a cup.  I’d made a good choice of liqueur.

“You’re so wet, my darling.  Is that for me?” Eric asked, and I thought “duh!”  But I wasn’t going to say it.  I smiled and turned my head, since the rest of me was impaled on his hand.  I kissed his nose and then his lips, just a ghost of a kiss.  I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Eric picked up another beignet and dipped it in the golden butterscotch.  He offered it to me and I bit into it with gusto.  As soon as I did he dipped a finger inside me.  I was so startled that I almost choked on my bite of beignet, but then he started moving that finger in a slow agonizing circle, teasing me mercilessly.  I realized it was his thumb when another finger continued playing with my little nub, sending wonderful thrills through my whole body.

I moaned a little bit, trying to make it look like I was enjoying my dessert only, and not the combination of dessert and naughty fingers.  He continued playing with me and feeding me, and all I could do was touch him over his pants.  As I ate he finished the last of his blood, which made him look almost ruddy with health.  I was thinking that he looked flushed, then I felt my whole body heat up as he sent another sweet thrill careening from my core to my toes.  I opened my legs a little more, and opened my mouth to accept more beignet, this time dipped in chocolate.

My heart started beating a little faster and my breath hitched.  It was clear that Eric’s main goal was to make me have an orgasm in the middle of the restaurant.  He forgot the circling motion and started dipping in and out of me.  He growled low when another moan escaped me, and instead of feeding me he covered my mouth with his.  His tongue invaded me, tasting me, dipping inside me just like his finger.  I couldn’t help but breathe harder as my orgasm turned the corner, and when it arrived I held onto Eric for dear life.  I shook over him, fisting his cock in my hand through his trousers, and wishing to have him inside me while I came.  To any passerby we looked like we were making out… I hoped.

He waited until I had no more to give him and removed his hand slowly, bringing his fingers to his lips and licking them clean.  I watched wide-eyed as he savored my juices.

“I want you,” I whispered so low, that I was sure he’d read my lips.  His answer was a simple smile and a cock of his eyebrow.  I wanted to lick that eyebrow.  He paid cash and didn’t wait for change.  We left the restaurant fast, and he drove even faster.

We had every intention of making it home, we really did… but, best laid plans and all.  I guess my going down on him while on the highway didn’t help matters none.  But how could I resist?  He was hard and his pants refused to hide how much he needed me.  So I unzipped him and leaned over him.  It was a bit awkward with the shifter in the way, but since we were on the highway and he didn’t need to shift, I soon got into a nice rhythm.

We stopped by the side of the road, and Eric removed himself from my attentions.  He stepped out of the car and gave me a scare worthy of the record books.  I knew Eric was strong beyond measure.  Now that measure had a name: Corvette with a side of Sookie.  He lifted the car, flew over trees, and landed in a desolate spot next to Cross Lake.  It was actually very lovely, the lake in the moonlight.

“Care to join me?” he asked after opening my door.  He extended his hand and I took it, letting him pull me into him.  His lips crashed on mine while his hands pulled my skirt over my waist.  He massaged my butt, squeezing and spanking it lightly, as if I’d done something wrong.

“What did I do?” I said, pushing him away and moving backwards.  My bare butt hit the hot hood of the car.

Eric walked forward, unzipping his pants and taking his cock out.  He slid his hand lazily over it, making me salivate at the same time that I felt my heartbeats in my pussy.  I was so wet… I felt the moisture on my thighs.  I couldn’t be more ready for him.

“You teased me, lover,” he purred.  “Now you will be punished.”

“I might like your idea of punishment,” I shot back at him, imagining all sorts of things, none of them unpleasant in any way.

He arched one eyebrow stepping closer, still stroking himself slowly.  My own hands moved so I could touch myself, needing some kind of pressure to take away the ache I felt.  I wanted him so bad.  But he shook his head and stopped me.  “You do not get to touch anymore,” he clucked his tongue and I whimpered.

“Take off your dress,” he commanded.  It wasn’t lost on me that he was completely clothed and I would be the vulnerable one.  I was burning up, even though it was a cool enough night.  I undid the top of the halter and unzipped the bottom half of the dress, slipping it off.  I set it on the hood of the car, figuring it was cleaner than the ground.

Eric was gone and back in less than a moment, and I was confused until I heard music issuing from the car, a deep thumping bass making it shake and vibrate.  I set my butt against it, feeling the vibrations course through my body.  He always went for loud metal songs, and he didn’t disappoint tonight.  He was playing Metallica’s “Battery,” true to his obsession with the 80’s.  My heart skipped a beat remembering how fast this song would get.

“Turn around and bend over,” he said.  I smiled, trying to keep a groan in check as I bent over the warm hood, resting my hands on my dress.  The groan, however, came out anyway when I felt his fingers running up and down my pussy, spreading my juices everywhere.  He slipped a finger inside me, making me shake as he caressed that spot that gave me the best orgasms.

I moaned into the woods, not caring if we could be heard.  Hopefully Eric was in enough control of his senses in case anybody approached.  Besides, he didn’t share well.

He retrieved his finger and I felt the familiar thick pressure at my entrance.  He kneaded my butt and then slapped it with a hand.  The next slap was with his cock.  One.  Two.  Three.  I hissed.  He teased my back entrance, and I was hoping he didn’t pick tonight to explore that area… at least not in the middle of the woods.

I felt the pressure again, and this time he slid inside me in one long, languorous thrust.  He hummed his satisfaction and continued his slow invasion, caressing my butt and listening to my own low humming.  I was glad of the cooler night air because I needed it.

The song started picking up pace and so did he, timing his thrusts with the beats.  I made sure not to slip as he took me from behind, pistoning inside me and watching as his cock stretched my pussy.  I knew he was looking and it was an incredible turn-on.  That one naughty finger started caressing my back opening, and I felt reckless enough to utter one single word.


He took himself away to dip a finger in my juices, then resumed quickly before I could even register his absence.  Instead of caressing, he began a new invasion into my tight entrance.  At first it hurt a little, but he stopped and continued pounding into me with his cock.  His free hand reached for my clit, and as he paid attention to the little nub, he began thrusting inside me with his other finger.

I saw stars.  It took me no time at all and I was yelling Eric’s name to the four winds.  I came back to Earth to hear his grunts.  He took his cock away again to kneel behind me.  His cool tongue began a path that started at my clit and ran all the way past my dripping slit to my butt.  He did it again and again.  I shook where I stood, as the sensations took over my body.

“I’m coming…” I warned him.

“Good,” he said, getting up vampire fast and taking me again, thrusting faster than ever, bringing me up and sinking his teeth into my neck.

I was gone.  I yelled louder than the music, feeling each single little thing that Eric was doing to my body.  I felt him sucking at my neck.  I felt his cock inside me.  I felt his hand squeezing my breast as his fingers pinched my nipple.  I felt his other hand holding my face at the right angle for his bite.  Finally I felt as he came inside me and heard his own incoherent screams echo through the woods.  The bond opened wide between us and a flood of love poured in from both sides.

Eric held me tight against him, making sure I wouldn’t lose my footing while I recovered.  He offered me his bloody wrist to make sure I wouldn’t regret our romp through the woods in the morning.  I only took a tiny sip, just enough to take the sting out of the throbbing.  I wanted to feel something, so that I would be reminded over and over of our wild escapade… all day long.

(Don’t know when the next chapter is coming… that’s up to Miss High-and-Mighty Muse)

A/N: All the wonderful food was inspired by Chef Geoff’s menu 


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Treats and Woods

  1. Well, you are right, everything looks so much better here on the blog. That was really something, those two were really on fire! Super, incredible, amazing lemons, YUM! I sure hope there is more. Kathy

  2. I will never be able to go to Chef Geoff’s again without thinking about this chapter! Very well done, the perfect tart start to the day. Thanks for the update.

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