Chapter 2 – Just a Little Naughty

I had been very excited with all my purchases, and one in particular was especially beautiful.  I’d found it at the Victoria’s Secret website: it was a long halter dress, past my knees, with a flowing skirt in cobalt blue.  When I tried it on it looked out of this world.  I knew Eric would appreciate it that much more.  Together with the high-heeled platform sandals in the exact same color as the dress, I looked like a million bucks.  Best of all?  I was due at Fangtasia before Eric woke up for the night, so he wouldn’t get a chance to see me and take the dress off me at home, which he was sure to do.

I twirled and twirled down the stairs, feeling the skirt caress my legs.  I twirled past the kitchen, into the garage, and with a final twirl I got in my car.  I made sure the skirt wasn’t sticking out of the door and then drove to Fangtasia, imagining Eric’s face when he saw me in my new outfit.  He was always grumbling about the fact that I seldom spent “real” money on clothes, and now he would have to just shut up about it.  The dress and the sandals had cost me a pretty penny.

Fangtasia was closed, so I opened the building with my set of keys and disarmed the alarms.  I started doing the paperwork I needed to do and waited impatiently.  Ginger and Belinda arrived for their shift at the same time.  I knew the vampires wouldn’t be far behind.  My impatience gave way to nervousness when I felt Eric wake up for the night.  He must have felt my apprehension and called me.

“Are you alright, my love?” he purred into the phone, and my lack of underwear immediately became a problem.  I just knew he was smiling on the other line.

“I’m fine,” I answered and swallowed the frog in my throat.  I found him incredibly sexy, even when he wasn’t in front of me.  Either that or I was turning into a nymphomaniac.

“I’ll be there very fast, dear one.  First you’re nervous then you’re lustful?  I cannot wait to see what has made you feel that way,” he said, still sounding like a seductive phone sex operator, the male version.

I lowered my voice an octave.  “It’s always you, Eric.  I’m always lustful for you.”  It did the trick.  There was a long charged pause.

“I’ll be there even faster,” he said and hung up.

Back to nervous.  I mean, I went back to work, barely concentrating on what I was trying to do.  I gave up and started pacing the office, feeling what Eric was feeling too.  One of his emotions was most definitely lust.  I closed my eyes and groaned, willing him to get to the office that much faster.  At this rate my whole entire plan was going to be ruined.  I would let Eric bend me over his desk and have his way with me.  Or maybe the couch.  But what I really wanted, one of these days (maybe on a Monday, when Fangtasia was closed) was to jump Eric’s bones on one of the thrones.  I could kneel before him while he was sitting regally, suck his cock, make him writhe into the chair.  He would certainly return the favor.  He would probably make me sit down on a throne and put my legs up on the armrests, spread me wide and eat me.

“Oh, God!” I groaned again.  Why was I so horny?

“I am here, my goddess,” Eric said and stopped short at the door to his office when he saw me in my new dress and shoes.  “Sookie…” he breathed out.

I smiled wide, feeling loved and wanted by my man.  His gaze was full of both.  “Do you like it?” I asked, turning around slowly.

“You look particularly gorgeous this evening.  Did I miss a special occasion?  I am sure I didn’t,” he said, but he wasn’t nervous.  He never forgot special occasions, what with his better retention of memories and all.

“Nope.  I just wanted to dress up and maybe you can take me out to dinner?” I said with hope in my voice.  He was about to speak but I interrupted him abruptly.  “Pam already said she would watch Fangtasia until we came back from dinner.  She’ll be here any minute.”

“In that case, Sookie, my dear beloved, you will have to explain to me how I’m supposed to keep my hands off you while we wait for her,” Eric said, taking one slow step after another.

“There’s an outfit in the closet for you, since we’re going out to a nice place,” I said.  I’d picked out the place especially and had made reservations.  They served some kind of royal blood, not synthetic, plus they served actual food.  It was meant for vampires and their human dates.

Eric raised an inquisitive eyebrow and opened the small closet in his office.  I’d gotten him a light gray suit that he already owned, but I’d bought the shirt that went with it in the exact same color blue as my dress.  So we were matchy-matchy?  Who cared?  We were both well known as husband and wife in the vampire circles.  Matchy-matchy was allowed.

I watched as Eric started taking off clothes.  He turned to me with a seductive grin and I bit my lower lip in anticipation, my heart already beating that familiar rhythm of eagerness.  He peeled off his shirt slowly, giving me a show of finely sculpted muscle.

“You should pose for a painting or a sculpture,” I said nearly breathless.  He made his pecs move, and even though they weren’t as big as Claude’s, they were still sexy as hell… maybe because they were mine, all mine.  Eric brought his arm up in a show of strength and his biceps joined the dance.  I wiggled my eyebrows in appreciation.

“I already have posed, dear one.  I’ll show you one of these days,” he said, and the curiosity started eating at me.  All thoughts of a sculpture of Eric’s perfect body flew out the window when his jeans hit the floor in a noisy way.  His belt buckle hit the floor with a clang.  I really loved that sound.  It meant my hubby was running around pant-less.

One thing about Eric, and I wasn’t sure if I could categorize it as either good or bad, was his amazing stamina when it came to sex.  It was a vampire thing, he had explained to me.  There was no reason for it, other than pleasure.  So when Eric stood there without pants all I could focus on were the vertical lines of his hips that pointed at the very large gracious plenty encased in his underwear, and the tiny wet spot that had begun to form on the fabric.

I licked my lips, wanting to kiss a trail into his boxer-briefs.  My resolution went out the window when he made Mr. Happy move.  “Take them off,” I ordered, and Eric obeyed, taking off his underwear and going to sit on the sofa.  I followed with my gaze, not moving from my spot, but when he teased his erection I was on my knees before him vampire fast.

He hissed the moment my lips wrapped around his cock.  I pumped him greedily, enjoying the growling that ensued.  That sound made me hot all over, lava spilling from between my legs and coating me with dew.  Even I could smell me.  I couldn’t lose focus.  He would give me an orgasm.  He would come inside my mouth and he would yell out my name.  Eric moaned and I moaned too, helping him along by pumping the base of his cock with my hand while my mouth worked on the top.  I twisted and sucked, going fast then slowing down, bringing him to the brink then backing off.

“Sookie, Sookie, please,” he begged.  Yes!  I swallowed him, redoubling my efforts and giving him what he asked for.  In no time I had him yelling some incoherent nonsense and spilling everything he had inside my mouth.  I ate it up with relish, and spared a thought to the countless times I’d heard women bemoan the taste of their human lovers’ stuff.  There must have been a difference between the species.  I laughed.

“What’s funny?” Eric asked taken aback by my outburst.

“Do you know that joke about women going down on their men more often if men tasted like chocolate?” I asked.  He shook his head, still in a daze.  “You don’t taste like chocolate, more like a chocolate-covered pretzel… almost like your blood.”  I smiled wide from my position and Eric shook his head.

Speaking of heads, I looked down at poor Mr. Happy, all spent and lying comatose.  I pet it very softly and kissed the little bit of head still visible inside the hoodie.  Eric hissed.  “Did I hurt you?” I asked, pulling away.  I knew he was sensitive.

“No, it feels good,” he said, and his head lolled back.  It was a bit early in the evening for him, maybe.  I kissed him again, making my way up to nuzzle his golden curls, to kiss the junction between his hip and thigh.  Soon enough his gracious plenty began its swift climb, quivering with need again.  I knew my turn was coming.  He wouldn’t be able to just get dressed now.

Sure as the night is dark, Eric picked me up under my arms and had us switch places.  I hiked my skirt up and sat my bare ass on the leather.  Eric’s eyes widened in surprise at my lack of underwear, then they narrowed into the look of the predator licking his lips.  “You look tasty,” he said and buried his face between my legs.  I dug my nails into the couch and my heels into Eric’s bare back, letting out a loud sigh right before my breath hitched.  He probed me with his fingers, first one, then the other, finding me slick and ready to accept them.

The moment he found the secret spot inside me I howled his name, forgetting where I was and who could be listening.  I stopped quickly, but couldn’t stop my breathing from coming hard and fast as he rubbed the spot over and over.  My hips bucked into his face, wanting more, wanting to come.

“Eric, Eric, yes!  Oh, God!  Yes!  Right there, right there…” I came with a final scream behind closed lips, feeling how Eric lapped up everything I was giving him, licking and sucking me clean.

When I stopped trembling Eric brought his body up, positioning his cock at my entrance, and his arms at either side of my head, bracing his body on the couch.  He pushed in slowly, filling me up to the hilt, making both of us moan with pleasure.  The joining of our bodies was always an occasion filled with fulfillment and joy.  This time, however, Eric was not about to take it slow, nor did I want him to.  I wanted it rough and fast, and he delivered, thrusting hard and going faster, looking down to see his cock disappearing inside me.

“I love eating your pussy,” he purred above me.  I was gritting my teeth in an effort to keep quiet, but his words made me cry out.  “I love fucking your pussy,” Eric said, this time accentuating each word with a thrust.

I dug my nails into his upper arms, holding on and keeping my body steady to meet his thrusts.  “Fuck me, Eric!” I cried out.  He thrust faster, the meeting of our bodies making wet slapping sounds.  When he bent over my neck I offered it to him eagerly.  The tiny sting of his fangs was nothing compared to the climax that took over me.  My lips formed an O with every intention of letting out another scream, but I simply couldn’t.  It just wouldn’t come.  Instead I felt my body explode and shiver with release, as I heard Eric groan hungrily at my neck.  He buried his cock inside me and I felt him spill more of himself, grunting afterwards with effort.  He collapsed around me as he licked my neck clean and sealed my wounds.

“Are we still going out?” he asked after a few minutes.  It took him a great effort to take himself away so I could move.

“Yes we are,” I said with certainty.  My night wasn’t ruined because we were running a little bit late.  Nu-uh!  Eric smiled one of his seductive grins, and I knew that tonight would only get better.

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