Chapter 60 – The Family

It was raining cats and dogs when we closed Raven’s Den for the night, and not an umbrella in sight.  Of course.  Isn’t that always the case?  The day you don’t need an umbrella, you remember to bring it.  The night you need it, you forget to bring it.  I think umbrellas hide on rainy days so as to be easily forgotten (out of sight, out of mind).  They don’t like to get wet either.  In all fairness, nobody was expecting the sudden thunderstorm at TWO O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!  Who expects that kind of crap?

Eric, my gentlemanly vampire, left Glad, Diantha, and me waiting just outside the doors to the club while he got the truck.  Pam went with him to retrieve her car.  We were all on high alert after Victor’s visit, so it was not a time to wander around alone.  Sure enough, before Eric could get to us two shapes made it out of the greenery between the club and the highway, from around the same spot where the vampire Mickey had landed when Thalia threw him out.

I knew from their brains that they were not vampires, but I also knew they were not humans.  Glad and Diantha took their positions in front of me, and I pressed my back to the door, fingering my necklace just to reassure myself that it was still there.  I wasn’t sure what it would do if I was in trouble again.  I doubted there were any loose lions in the outskirts of Shreveport that would come to my rescue.  Maybe a few feral cats?  What would they do?  Go ninja kitty on their butts?  Highly doubtful.

As soon as the two… persons?… were near the awning, Eric came around the corner making the truck screech to a halt and getting out super vampire fast to assess the threat.

“Northman, we were sent by Prince Niall,” said one of them.  In the lights of the truck I could see they were two fairies: a man and a woman that bore a remarkable resemblance to each other.

“The vampires are not here.  They have gone back to their nest,” Eric said.  I was a little lost, but gathered that Eric knew these fairies.  Either way, Glad and Diantha didn’t move.  In fact, a sword was beginning to shimmer into existence from Glad’s hand, and Diantha’s hands were glowing just a little.  They were warming up, I guessed.  Eric’s body language didn’t warm the cockles of my heart towards the fairies.  He was getting ready for a fight.

The two fairies smiled at Eric but it didn’t make me feel reassured.  It made me feel repulsed, and I couldn’t figure out why.  They were beautiful, as all fairies are, tall with long brown hair that looked good even wet, features that would make any Hollywood actor sick with envy, wearing black leather from their stylish jackets to their tight pants.  But something about how they moved, or something evil in their make-up, made me want to cringe and run away.  When their eyes alighted on me, it took everything I had to stay exactly where I was.

“She’s large with child, brother,” the female said, and I immediately covered my belly with my hands, even though the fairies could barely see me standing behind my body guards.  Glad’s sword was not a hint in her hands anymore.  It was very solid.  Diantha’s fire was fully lit and she was holding her palms up at either side of her, ready to strike.

“We will not harm your mate, vampire.  We were sent here to capture the ones who seek to harm her.  We would be much obliged if you pointed us in the right direction,” said the male.

Eric was still almost crouching in a defensive pose when he answered and gave them Victor’s address.  I’d learned something right then and there: Eric knew exactly where Victor was at all times.  He’d been keeping track of the other vampire.  He really had been planning to kill him.  I felt a new fear creeping up.  Obviously Eric knew the threat better than I did.  Why hadn’t he told me?  The only reason I could think of was that whatever Eric knew was something that would make me sick with worry, and he’d been trying to keep me calm.

Even as the fairies left I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread they had brought with them.  That was very odd, because usually I felt very much at peace and relaxed around fairies.  Pam slinked out from where she’d been assessing the situation, looking like a wet mouse.

“Niall sent those two?” Pam asked Eric, looking wide-eyed and astonished.

“Fintan brought them first to take care of the people who burned Fangtasia,” Eric answered.

“Wait a second!” I said, elbowing my way through Glad and Diantha’s “Great Wall of Demons.”  “You,” I pointed at Eric, “explain now.”

Eric was about to roll his eyes, but instead blew an exasperated sigh.  We were all getting pelted with huge raindrops from the thunderstorm, but I was too upset to care.  I wasn’t sure if I was mad or afraid, and Eric knew it plenty well.  “Let’s get in the car.  I do not wish to linger,” he said, and with that picked me up and had me in my seat faster than I could blink.  My bodyguards were inside the truck very fast too, and Eric hit the gas so hard on the truck that the tires had a hard time finding purchase on the slick new pavement in front of the club.  He blew another sigh (honestly, WHY did he do that?), and let go of the accelerator, pressing it again with a little more finesse.  “Sorry,” he muttered as we finally got on our way.

Diantha passed me a spare towel we always kept in the truck, and I did my best to squeeze the rain out of my hair before doing the same to Eric.  It’s not true that vampires don’t feel hot or cold.  They feel it but do not suffer it.  They don’t sweat in the heat and they don’t shiver in the cold.  Still, wet hair is just annoying all around.

“Thank you,” he mumbled, still lost in his thoughts.  I wished he would talk already, but I knew he would eventually, particularly now that I’d called him on it.  He was also trying to rein in his feelings because I could barely feel him through the bond.  It was hard to decipher, but I could detect a hint of battle mode.  We rode on the highway in silence, and he only turned to me when we were at a light close to home.  “How’s Idony?  Are you okay?” Eric asked, placing a hand open wide on my belly and rubbing lovingly.

“She’s been asleep for a while, and I’m all right.  Those fairies gave me the creeps,” I said, hoping that bringing it up would make him talk.

“Those were Neave and Lochlan.  I can’t believe Niall let them come back after what they did to the people who burned Fangtasia,” Eric said and shook his head.  I didn’t push the issue because I really did not want to know what a pair of demented fairies did to the pair of demented humans.  Whatever it was, it hadn’t been deserved, judging by Eric’s reaction.  “In this case, however, I wouldn’t mind letting them take over the unpleasant business of getting rid of Victor.”

Eric’s phone vibrated inside his pocket and he picked it up vampire fast, not even bothering to greet the caller.  He simply listened.


Niall Brigant began speaking into my ear the moment I brought the phone up.  “Sookie’s mate, listen to me.  I sent Neave and Lochlan to gather Victor Madden and his nest.  I am sure that the ultimate goal is to seize Louisiana, and they’re using my great-granddaughter to obtain said goal.  I cannot allow that for obvious reasons.  I hate to do any vampires a favor, but since Sookie chose you as her mate, now you are part of our clan as well, vampire or otherwise.”

Niall paused, giving me a chance to say something.  “I know what Sookie did,” I said, referring to her picking me as her mate.  It had been an honor that she hadn’t known she had bestowed.  “Tell me the price.”

“No price, Eric.  My family’s safety is priceless.  We will redirect Nevada’s gaze to us, and the moment we get a confession from Victor we will move in and kill Felipe de Castro for plotting to harm Sookie,” he said with venom in his voice.  I loved Sookie, but her fae family was fucking crazy.  To prove my own point, Niall’s next order of business had me about to break the steering wheel as hard as I gripped it.  “After we remove Nevada, your Queen will have to take over that state.  Tell her that our price to remove Felipe de Castro is his casino.”

Felipe de Castro owned the lucrative and amazing Bellagio, under the guise of several enterprises.  Now the fairies wanted it.  “Sookie is priceless” my ass.  “In order for me to convince her to do that, she will need proof that Felipe’s death was merited, and she will probably want to do the deed herself,” I said carefully.  I wanted to stay away from this business.  All I ever wanted was to keep my family safe.  Was that so much to ask?  Shit!

“Very well, that can be arranged.  I will have Neave and Lochlan gather Victor.  Sophie-Anne can come watch the interrogation and then we will be glad to let her confront Felipe as she wishes.  I am sure that one casino is worth her keeping her two states and gaining a third lucrative one,” Niall said, so full of himself.  Had he not read about the economic troubles plaguing Nevada in general and Las Vegas in particular.  Whatever.  To each his own.

I agreed to call Sophie-Anne and did so after we were in the house.  The whole time I had to postpone talking to Sookie.  It ate at me not telling her things, knowing how badly things turned out whenever I kept information from her.  I had made up my mind that she didn’t need to know what Victor had been up to.  Every item of information he had gathered on Sookie had been carefully fed to him.  He knew a lot about her, but most of it was either common knowledge or complete fabrication.  However, Victor had somehow figured out that our baby had been conceived thanks to my goddess, and that wasn’t something that anybody knew except Pam, and Pam wasn’t one to talk.  She loved Sookie, and she loved her niece.

After Sophie-Anne agreed that it would behoove her to be present for Victor’s interrogation, I was finally able to give Sookie my undivided attention.  She was in the kitchen devouring a ham sandwich, from the smell of it.  She was sitting at the counter on one of the stools she had added to the kitchen, her feet already bare, and all her jewelry sitting on the counter next to her purse.  She had even put her hair up.  Her flowing black dress was still damp, and incongruous with her surroundings.  She’d never looked more beautiful.  Sookie turned to me and arched an eyebrow, waiting for me to speak.

I told her everything about Victor, my whole conversation with Niall, and told her about what Sophie-Anne was going to do about it.  I told Sookie everything I knew and did not leave a single morsel of information out.  The whole time she held her tongue and listened intently, taking it all in and probably analyzing everything to death.

“Thank you,” she said at the end of my account in a low soothing voice.  “I wish you would have told me sooner, but I understand why you didn’t, and I’m grateful that you told me now,” she said, too formal.  I knew she was upset but trying to calm down.  Then she did something that I hadn’t expected her to do at that particular moment: she opened her arms to me, asking silently for a hug.

I quickly closed the gap between us, wanting nothing more than to return her embrace.  I let the bond open fully now that all I was feeling was my love for her.  I’d tried to close it earlier so as to not overwhelm her with my emotions.  It had been very difficult to do under the circumstances.

“Let’s go to bed,” she whispered in my ear, and I knew what she meant.  I picked her up, knowing that her feet were hurting, and carried her to our bedroom.  I set her gingerly on the bed, admiring the dress one more time.  She didn’t seem to like it.  She had said it was too tight around her belly.  I, on the other hand, wanted to show off both my girls: my lovely wife, and my precious Idony.

“You look beautiful,” I said, watching Sookie’s cheeks fill in with blood.  I loved to make her blush, and it took so little.  Usually an honest compliment did the trick.  She smiled and I smiled, helping her take off the dress, revealing smooth tanned skin, her large supple breasts that had been preparing and filling with milk, and then her belly, the single most beautiful thing that we had created.  Our child.

Once Sookie and I were completely naked, I indulged in listening in on my daughter.  I didn’t need to put my ear to Sookie’s swollen belly to listen, but I wanted to be close to Sookie.  She always took the opportunity to caress my hair or my shoulders whenever I listened to her belly.  “How is she?” I asked.  Sookie’s ability to sense Idony had expanded in the past month.  It was truly remarkable.

“She’s awake, listening to us.  The food made her wake up.  Any minute now she’ll start moving around.”  No sooner had Sookie said this that I felt a bump and saw her belly stretch ever so slightly as Idony found a different position within the womb.  “You know… making love will rock her to sleep,” Sookie said with a hint of mischief in her voice.

“I like the way you think, my love,” I said, trailing a hand up her thigh and letting my thumb find her pleasure center.  I massaged it and the area around it, dipping it inside Sookie to find the wetness and bring it closer.  Her scent filled me.  It was such a delectable perfume, so close to the scent of her blood, yet different.  I craved it.

Sookie gasped when my tongue made a path through her center.  She was delicious and I wanted more.  I devoured her sex, making hungry sounds that I knew she liked.  She liked it when I showed her my pleasure with sound.  She was just as vocal, just as inhibited.  She had grown accustomed to having the demon sisters in the house, and never held back anymore.  Not that anybody would be able to hear much through the walls and door of this particular bedroom.

With a mighty cry Sookie trembled under my mouth, sighing and hissing when I attempted to pleasure her some more after her climax.  The small pearl of her pleasure was swollen and ready, and I was ready to take my wife and make her mine.

“Eric, please,” she pleaded breathlessly as I teased the tender nub with my cock, parting her folds, spreading her juices over her and on me.  The whole room smelled like her now.  All I wanted was to bury my cock inside her, but first I wanted her to pant my name with desire.  “Don’t tease, Eric,” she said, attempting to bring me closer to her using her legs.

I kept moving my cock over the wet folds, watching my cock part them and refusing to enter.  “I want to hear you ask for what you want Sookie.”  I mumbled.  I lost my ability for speech whenever her sex was so beautifully available for me to ravage.

“Please, Eric.  I need you.  I need you inside me,” she said, more like whimpered.  It was good enough for me, plus I could not delay it any longer.  My own need for her was all-consuming, and buried my cock inside her warmth.  Every time we made love it was another delicious adventure.  If this is what it meant to be mated to a fairy, I would put up with her family just to have the luxury of fucking Sookie’s pussy and knowing it was mine, all mine.

“Mine,” I growled low.  I was kneeling above her, my eyes riveted on her breasts as they bounced with each of my thrusts.  “Mine, so lovely, mine.”  I curled over her, careful not to crush her belly.  I stole a kiss from her luscious lips, then another, building up to a frenzy of kisses and plunging thrusts.

Sookie’s climax made her moan inside my mouth, and soon she clamped around my cock.  “So tight,” I whispered into our kiss as I felt my own orgasm rise from my insides and shoot into Sookie.  I thanked my goddess as I came, because only Freyja could have granted me such a perfect mate.

I tucked my wife’s body into mine, molding my own around her so that there was no space left between us.  We were one.  She was sleepy and yawning wide, something I hadn’t felt the need to do in a long time, even though they say yawns are contagious.

“Are you okay?” she asked me.

I frowned in confusion, even though she didn’t see me.  “Yes, I’m fine.  I’m perfect right at this moment.  Why do you ask?”

“I saw how you were with the whole business with Victor.  It looked as if you were carrying the world on your shoulders, and I was wondering if you were… well, if not okay, at least better than earlier tonight,” she clarified.

“Yes, my love, I am better.  Your family helped us avoid a war with the state of Nevada.  That was the most important part,” I told her truthfully.

“I know they’re greedy, but I figured out that’s just the way fairies are, except Claudine because she wants to become something better.  Otherwise, why leave their homes in Fairy at all?”

“You are correct about that,” I said, because she had come to that conclusion on her own, whereas I’d had to learn it the hard way a long time ago, long before Sookie’s American ancestors were even in America.

But that would be a story for another time.

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