Chapter 51 – The Pyramid of Giza

I woke up after a very, very, steamy dream featuring a certain Viking.  I looked around me and Eric wasn’t in bed.  That wasn’t unusual.  It was four in the morning and we were going to Chicago later that night, so he’d been tying loose ends all night.  I was the one who had crashed the minute we got home from Fangtasia.

“Eeeeh-rriiiiCCC,” I called in a sing-song voice.  “Hooooh-neeeey!”  Oh, I was hot.  “Can you bring me some water?”  I knew he’d heard me from wherever he was.

He appeared about a minute and a half later with a glass of water full of ice, just the way I liked it.  I gulped it noisily while he watched, probably expecting me to ask for more.  But I had other things in mind, and his tight shirt was just too sexy for words.  It needed to come off.

I sat up fully and faced him, reaching for his hips and holding his gaze with mine.  A beautiful smile started spreading across his lips as he caught my feelings and my mood.  I lifted his shirt and planted soft kisses around his bellybutton, the way he did to me.  I let him take off his shirt and watched the movement of his muscles as they flexed and settled.  I ran my hands up the length of his torso, my eyes focusing on those pink nipples I loved to kiss and suck.  I pinched them and made him hiss.  He caught my wrists and moved my hands back down to the fly of his jeans.  Okay, I could do that too.

Eric tugged at my nightgown, giving up and ripping it to shreds, growling up a storm.  That had been my fault, sort of.  I’d been feeling horribly nauseous for the past couple of days and didn’t really feel like being touched.  Earlier that night I had let him give me a tiny bit of blood and I was feeling better than ever.  I had been able to eat a hearty meal and drink lots of juice, and I’d been able to sleep, which prompted the dream, and now my desire to have raw passionate sex with my husband.

I peeled the pants off his gorgeous butt, palming both glutes and kissing him everywhere.  I put his hard length in my mouth and pumped a couple of times before he pushed me farther into the middle of our bed and made me lie down.  He knelt between my knees, lifting my bottom over his legs.  He started to guide himself to my opening and stopped.  He looked up and grinned smugly.

“What do you want, Sookie?” Eric said, his words lost inside a deep growl.

“Holy shit, Eric!  Are you kidding me?  You wanna do this now? !”

Eric pulled away a little.  “Yes I do.  Tell me, Sookie.  Tell me you want me, how you want me, where do you want me.  I need to hear it.”  His eyes were smoldering.  Fine!  He wanted me to talk dirty.  I was going to talk dirty.

I fixed him with a dark stare.  “I want you.  I want you hard.  Put that cock inside my pussy right this instant, Eric Northman,” I finally said, feeling my skin flush at the words.

At the very least he did as he was told, slowly filling me.  I felt the room tilt a little.  So good!  He didn’t move.

“Now what, Sookie?  What should I do next?”

I was past caring.  If he didn’t start moving soon I would pass out.  “Fuck me, Eric, please…”

With a chuckle he began moving, slow.  So slow it felt like torture wrapped in pleasure.  How could that be?  I made a sound that let him know of my frustration at the speed he had picked.  I knew I should have been on top.

I dug my nails into his thighs, and his answering growl was sexy as hell.  I groaned in answer, the closest I could make my voice come to a growl.  He liked it and hooked my knees under his arms, to make love to me properly.  I moved my hands to the sheets and held on.

“So good, so good, Eric,” I repeated over and over, spurring him on and looking at him, locking his gaze with mine.  A smirk started to spread on his lips.  He took himself away and made me lie on my side, getting in the right position behind me so he could enter me again.  He buried his face at my neck, pulled my leg back and over him, and reached for my sensitive nub, the one he called my pearl.

Forget feeling like a pretzel.  We were so twisted into and around each other that we looked like a knot.  I reached for his hair and grabbed a thick handful as he licked the spot he would claim on my neck.  His moans were filling the room together with mine.  He’d taught me how to talk dirty, and I taught him how to show me he enjoyed our lovemaking.  I creamed for him whenever I heard those deep moans mingled with his grunts.

“I’m coming, Eric.  I wanna hear you too,” I said, letting go of his hair and reaching down to touch him as he entered me, putting my hand over his and scissoring my fingers over his length as he pumped into me with a hungry rhythm.

Eric made an incoherent noise followed by a low guttural moan, a desperate sound, and sunk his fangs into my neck.  I was as good as gone, my whole body shaking with the orgasm and the euphoria, the waves of pleasure washing over both of us until there was nothing left but my tiny whimpering as he licked my neck clean.

“Are you alright?” he asked, worried suddenly.

“Mmm-hmm.  So right,” I mumbled.  “So good.”  I took a deep breath and turned within his embrace.  His pupils were still dilated a bit more than normal and his fangs were just there.  “So beautiful.”

He smiled a large toothy grin.  I was so happy that I was able to give him some good loving before our trip to Chicago.  God only knew what kind of nervous wreck he was going to be during the four days (five nights!) of the summit.  I was to hang out with Diantha and Gladiola during the day, and then our whole entourage at night.  The entourage included the four sheriffs in Louisiana (there were five areas total, but Sophie-Anne was Sheriff of Area 1, since that’s where she lived), whoever they had brought as companions, and the Queen with her people.  Pam was coming as Eric’s companion, because I didn’t count.  I had to be there anyway.  So I brought Thalia as my companion.  I had been dithering between her and Indira, but Eric had made the decision that Thalia’s age would make her a formidable opponent in a fight, and she could protect me better.  Thalia and I got along alright, but she was always a little moody.  Thankfully her sour moods had, as of late, not been directed towards me.  Thank God for small blessings.

“How are you feeling?” Eric asked, caressing my back in a soothing motion.

“I’m perfect.  I had a naughty dream about you.  That’s why I called you,” I confessed and giggled.

“I am so glad you did.  I have missed you,” he said and claimed my lips, pressing my body into his, our baby sandwiched between us.

It was going to be hard to hide my pregnancy now.  I’d gone shopping with Claudine one day, and then with Pam the night after, scouring the stores for clothes that would make me look like I’d simply put on weight and camouflage my growing belly.  It was sort of working because I was carrying the baby everywhere, so my whole middle had expanded.  Doctor Ein said that since my muscles were not used to a pregnancy, they hadn’t given under the extra pressure.  I would carry any subsequent pregnancies a little more “normal,” though, she said, there was no such thing.

I didn’t mind looking heavier than I was if it would hide my belly.  Diantha and Gladiola didn’t know I was pregnant, but we were going to tell them, if they didn’t figure it out on their own.

Nothing about this trip would be good, with the exception of a wedding.  At the last minute Eric got a call from the King of Mississippi, asking him to officiate in his nuptials to the King of Indiana, which I thought was nice.  From what Eric said it was a love match, and I didn’t know those existed in vampire to vampire relations.

“I love you, don’t I?” Eric had asked me when I voiced my thoughts.

“I’m not a vampire,” I’d pointed out.

“You’re correct.  You’re my fairy princess, love of my existence, mother of my child, cookie and pie maker extraordinaire,” he’d said and kissed me fervently.  He’d referred to the fact that whenever I was feeling better from my morning sickness I would become a baking queen.  The girls at work had benefited the most.

“Are you all packed?  Is there anything you need help packing?” Eric asked me as he rearranged us in bed so we could both go to sleep.  It was already a little past five in the morning.

“I’m all packed.  I left the dresses in their bags and stuck them in the garment bag with your suits,” I said and snuggled against him.  He began humming the tune I knew so well, and I fell asleep lickety-split, happy and sated.


“Youpregnant, aren’tcha?” Gladiola asked.  She and Diantha had cornered me away from the rest of the vampires as we waited to board our plane.

“You can tell?” I asked, neither confirming nor denying, but sort of confirming anyway.

“Not really.  You’vetwo auras,” Diantha slowed down her speech a bit so I could understand her.  It didn’t matter.  I looked at her with a confused expression and she had to elaborate.  “You’veyour redaura like afairy, Eric’sbluelike vampire.  Baby’s aura’spurple roundyabelly.”

I paused, deciphering what she’d said.  I’d heard of auras, but didn’t know they could be seen like that.  Then again, the girls were demons.  “Oh,” I said still a little confused.  “Yes I am,” I finally confessed.

“Baby’s histhen?” Gladiola asked.  I nodded sheepishly and both sisters smiled.  “You’ll haveta explain, later.  K?”  I nodded again and they were both satisfied.

Boy!  Who else would be able to tell I was pregnant with their extra perception?  Probably Mr. C. could see the two auras as well, but I doubted he would spread the news.  He was good at keeping secrets.  Eric had said that in a silent room it was easy to pick up the extra heartbeat inside me, particularly since the beat was so much faster (which was normal, Doctor Ein had assured us).

I silently crossed my fingers for good luck and rejoined Eric, Pam and Thalia.  We were inside the hangar that housed the private jet that would take all of us to Chicago.  Our flight was leaving in ten minutes or less, depending on how slow or fast these people got on board.  Oh!  And the highlight of my evening?  Bill Compton, looking a bit haggard for having lost a limb, was there.  Waldo was his keeper.  What a zoo!

I shuddered involuntarily and Eric put his arm around me, bringing me as close as he could against his side.  We were wearing travel clothes, as opposed to the suits and dresses we would wear at the summit.  This worked for me because, thanks to the new fashion, I could wear a pair of leggings with a tunic that hid me well.  The fabric was flowing enough to cover me properly without hinting at the extra girth.

We entered the plane right after the Queen’s entourage, and Eric picked seats as far away from everybody as possible.  Diantha remained with us and sat in a row in front of us.  That way, if anybody from the other groups got too close, she could incinerate him.  Worked for me.  The only person who would want to approach me would have been Bill, and he had been given strict orders by Sophie-Anne to not even look in my direction.  So far he’d looked down at the floor, mostly.

After the airplane took off, we were able to move the seats around.  This airplane was all kinds of awesome.  The seats in front of us could move to face us, and we could bring up a table thing between us.  Diantha had brought cards, so we played poker, with several other people leaning over the seats and watching.  Thalia was helping me because I wasn’t very good, and she didn’t want to play.  Pam and Diantha were sitting side by side, and Eric kept trying to look at my cards.  Unfortunately he could feel both Pam’s and my mood, even when we felt triumphant, and that’s when he would fold.  The cheater.

The hours passed quicker than I thought, because when poker was done we started talking about anything and everything.  I’d never met the other sheriffs, but I liked them.  They reminded me a lot of Eric, in their personalities: vampires when they had to be, pleasant when it behooved them or when they otherwise could relax.  I guess Sophie-Anne knew her people well and enjoyed surrounding herself with the smart and fun-loving kinds.

Once in Chicago we got on a chartered bus that took us from the private airfield to the hotel.  And, whoa!  What a hotel it was.  It was called the Pyramid of Giza for a reason.  The shiny building overlooking Lake Michigan looked exactly like a pyramid.  It looked like it belonged in Las Vegas.  It was near the Hancock Building, which (from my research) would be the best place to see the whole city, including the Sears Tower, which now had a new name that nobody could remember.

The giant hotel was elegant to the nth degree.  Everything shined, and every surface was made of glass or brass.  Inside the lobby was a gorgeous fountain.  The water looked dark, like a midnight blue, and it flowed from a tower that shone with twinkle lights.  The lighting was subdued, lending the place a little mysterious ambience that kind of went with the Egyptian theme.

True to the luxurious surroundings, the staff was dressed in perfectly clean and pressed uniforms, and there were many clerks at the large front desk.  None of them stopped smiling, and all of them were serious about their work.  I couldn’t hear any minds drifting from their task.  I was truly impressed.  While my shields were down and I was scanning almost the whole lobby, I noticed my own thoughts echoed back to me.  I hurriedly shielded and looked around me.  There was only one person who I’d heard that way, and that was Barry, the bellboy from Dallas.  Eric tightened his grip around me, probably thinking that I was about to walk away or something.

I lowered my shields the way Claudine had taught me.  It wouldn’t keep a fairy out of my head, but it might keep Barry out.  I listened again, but without the feedback of my own mind, I couldn’t tell if I’d listened to him or to another telepath.  Oh, well… I guessed I’d find out eventually.  I had to focus on the clerk in front of us.  She was making googly eyes at the vampire next to me, who happened to be my husband.  My sudden wave of jealousy must have been obvious.

“Eric and Sookie Northman,” Eric said in a commanding voice.  Anybody within that lobby with vampire or shifter ears heard him just fine.  He was staking his claim on me, as well as mine on him.

The clerk’s smile wavered just a tiny bit before she resumed her work and got us our key cards, and told us we would be on the eighth floor.  Apparently the lobby was the twenty fifth floor, as the floor numbers descended as the height ascended.  The lower the number, the ritzier the room.  Sophie-Anne and her children were staying on the fourth floor along with the other regents.  Pam and Thalia had a room next to ours, and Mr. C. was sharing a room with his nieces on the same floor as us.

Eric was getting too stressed.  I could feel the low rumble inside him already.  We jumped at the chance to go directly to our rooms as soon as Pam and Thalia had their key cards.  We all grabbed our luggage ourselves and headed up.  Let me rephrase that: everybody but me grabbed our luggage… per Pam I wasn’t allowed to carry anything heavier than my purse.  She apparently didn’t remember I was a Stackhouse married to a Northman.  We were strong peoples.

Once in our room Eric calmed down considerably.  He’d been fine on the plane, even with Bill in close proximity.  I guessed the sudden openness of the lobby made him nervous.  I started unpacking, checking all our garments in case they needed a little ironing or steaming.  Everything looked like it had survived the trip well.

I felt Eric’s strong arms snake around my waist and buried his face in my hair.  “Are you hungry?” he mumbled against the nape of my neck.

“Yes.  It was a long flight.  Should I order in or do you want to go to the restaurant?” I asked, but I already knew the answer.  He didn’t want to mingle yet.  I was sure there would be people he needed to meet and greet, but he needed some peace for a while longer.

“Order in.  I’ll keep checking the clothes,” he said and kissed my temple.

About twenty minutes after I ordered my dinner there was a knock on the door.  I was ecstatic by the service until Eric opened the door and found Quinn standing in the hall.

“Northman,” Quinn said and nodded briefly.  His eyes drifted towards me and lit up.  Oh, jeez!

“Quinn, what can I do for you?” Eric asked in a stern deep voice.

Quinn gave him a garment bag.  “These are your robes for the ceremony on Friday night.  You may return them to me on Saturday.”

Even though Eric wasn’t facing me, the long silent moment told me he’d raised an eyebrow at Quinn.  “Thank you,” he said finally and practically closed the door on the weretiger.

“What’s Quinn doing here?” I asked a little confused.

“He’s the… whatever the fuck he is for the events people with the stupid name.”

“Oh!  Oh, yeah…” I remembered the silly name now.  “(Extreme)ly Elegant Events, or some such?”

“Yes.  How do you say a parenthesis?” he asked of the ceiling and hung the robes in the closet by the door.

Our room was pretty standard as far as hotel rooms went.  It had some kind of glass that didn’t allow the sun’s rays to penetrate and harm the vampires.  It had a coffin next to the bed, for those who preferred to sleep in one, but there was no true need.  Eric and I could share the king size bed just like we did at home.

The phone rang in our room.  It was Pam, from Eric’s side of the conversation.  “I’m sorry, Pam.  We’ll be staying in our room for the rest of the night, so we will see you tomorrow,” he said and hung up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked because Eric had a displeased look.

“The Queen wants Pam to help Bill with his booth.  They’re setting it up tonight so they can start selling Bill’s database tomorrow during the official start of the summit.”

Yep!  These would be some very long nights.

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