Chapter 41 – Rain, Rain, It’s Okay

Eric brushed my hair with gentle fingers.  His emotions had once again settled, and he was feeling very loving.  So was I, actually.  No wonder newlyweds went on honeymoons.  In one night we’d had such fantastic and meaningful times together, that I knew they would have been hard to duplicate during the day-to-day back at home.  We’d needed this time alone to cement our relationship.  The place wouldn’t have mattered.  Not really.  Not that I was going to tell Eric that.  Maybe we could go on vacations to the Caribbean more often.

I felt a soft peck on my shoulder, signaling the end of Eric’s task.  It was my turn.  He sat at the vanity so I could reach, and I began brushing his hair in the same gentle rhythm he’d used while brushing mine.  His eyes were closed.  He loved it when I brushed his hair.  It was a simple ritual we had developed.  I was sure eventually we’d develop many more and become an old married couple.  I didn’t like to think too much about that, because I would truly be old, while he would always look young and beautiful.  Honestly, I didn’t know who had it the worst: him having to look at his never-changing features forever, or me having to watch time take its toll on my features and body.

“My love, you’re thinking mighty hard,” he said, interrupting my thoughts.  He’d opened his eyes and was looking at me in the mirror.

I smiled.  He’d caught me being serious.  “I was just thinking about our small ritual,” I said, waving the brush before returning to the task at hand.  He had a knot, and even though it was nearly impossible to pull the hair out of his head, I still didn’t like to pull too hard and hurt him.

“This is very pleasant…” his voice drifted.  It was close to dawn and he’d been relaxed.  “Sharing the nights with you…”

I finished with his hair and felt the pull of the bed too.  I moved his hair aside and kissed the nape of his neck, making him rumble in appreciation.  We walked hand in hand to bed, snuggling under the soft cotton sheets.  He lied on his back, and I curled up half on top of him, with my head on his chest.  That is how we both fell asleep at the beginning of that day.

My dreams were pleasant, and I expected them to be.  The little hermit crab that had run away from me the day before began to sing with me instead and brought his little crab friends to sing along.  You really can’t beat a dream like that.  I half woke up and turned to another position, deciding I was still too sleepy to wake up fully and closing my eyes again.

The next dream featured the pretty red-haired woman that I pictured when I thought of my guardian angel.  She told me to accept the necklace that Eric had given me, because it was full of his love.  I told her that I knew that, that I loved him too, but that we were both scared about what had happened.

“Not fear, love.  Not danger, protection,” she said, and then my dream morphed into memories of my day.

I woke up but didn’t open my eyes, knowing that if I did I would lose the dream.  I wanted to commit the whole dream to memory.  It wasn’t as if I had very pleasant dreams often, so when I did I wanted to remember them.  I particularly liked the wishful-thinking dreams that starred my husband.  Those were always extremely pleasant to remember later.

My stomach rumbled and my bladder kicked me.  It was time to start my day.  I made a hearty breakfast, taking the time to cut onions and peppers into perfect little squares, mixing them into a fluffy omelet along with ham and cheese.  I cut up some kiwis and strawberries, and tossed them with grapes for a quick fruit salad.  I was spoiling myself.  The coffee was delicious too.  It was well past two in the afternoon when I finally sat down to have breakfast.  My hours had gotten changed, but at least I’d had a very pleasant eight hours of sleep, and there was still plenty of sun left to enjoy.

I grabbed my book and a towel and went back to the beach.  I found my bikini by pure luck.  It was about to be washed away, but because the surf was so mild, it had remained floating nearby.  I retrieved it and made a mental note to tell Eric to throw my clothes further inland next time.  And since I was already in the water, I decided to just stay.  I was too full to swim, so I floated on my back for a little bit.  It was times like these that I felt a little lonely.

Loneliness and telepathic abilities usually went hand in hand for me.  There was nobody to talk to about the horrible things I saw, mostly because the things I saw were supposed to have been secrets.  I sighed.  I was used to being alone.  At least Eric was nearby, and would have been even nearer if he could have been.

Eric’s suggestion entered my thoughts.  I remembered the look of pure mischief when he suggested I make love to him while he was asleep.  Could I do it, though?  I bit my lip and closed my eyes, remembering the times I’d been on top making love to him.  But he’d been awake and enjoying every second of it.  This was different.  I’d be using him to my own advantage… with his full permission.

I’d think about it, I told myself.  If I didn’t do it today I still had the rest of the week to take advantage of my sleeping husband.  Besides, I wanted to be next to him when he woke up tonight.  It wasn’t often that I had the opportunity to do that back home.

The rest of my short day was lazily spent on the hammock.  I finished my book and then I headed back to the cabin in search of another.  I noticed that it was nearly five and Eric would wake up in about an hour.  I abandoned the idea of the book and took a quick shower to wash the salt and brine off me, and then resolved to lie next to Eric to wait for him to wake up.

Obviously he hadn’t moved since he’d fallen asleep, so he looked as if he was missing me.  His arm had fallen off me when I’d rearranged my position in bed, so it was sprawled on my side of the bed.  His other arm had been resting on my shoulder, so now it was resting on his chest in my absence.  He had tucked my head under his chin, and now he was turned looking towards my side.  I tucked myself against him, in my rightful place, warming his cool skin with mine.  I weaved my fingers into his, taking my time to savor just that.  His hand was much bigger than mine.  After getting to know him better, I noticed that he had been turned with working man’s hands.  They were thick and strong, not slender.

I kissed the palm of his hand, feeling a sudden urge to kiss him everywhere.  I knelt beside him and leaned over to land soft kisses on his face, the same kind of kisses he’d given me the day before and I hadn’t been able to return.  I kissed his temple, his cheek, the side of his nose.  I kissed his jaw, his neck, his earlobe.  I pulled away a little bit to just look at him.  My opinion of his beauty hadn’t changed.  He was still the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.  I ran my fingers over the slight rise of his Adam’s apple, and over the slight indentation of his throat.  I kissed him there too.

Eric’s skin was always a source of envy.  The softness of the downy golden hair on his chest was only rivaled by his skin.  I ran my hand over his chest, following the hill up to his shoulder then down his arm.  I leaned down once more to kiss his lips, chuckling because he was my very own Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty or not, my kiss didn’t wake him, so instead I continued my exploration and adoration.  It should have been sinful to love touching him as much as I did.  I loved the person he was, for sure, but that person came inside an incredible package.  How shallow of me, I thought and smiled wickedly, biting my lower lip.

I continued running my hands over his torso, caressing him and wondering if he could feel it at all.  I followed the diagonal line of his hips and had the answer to my question.  His gracious plenty was saluting me as it liked to do.  I ran one finger softly over the silky soft veined skin, watching mesmerized as a little droplet of fluid formed on the head, quivered, and slid down the length.

“You can feel me, can’t you?” I said to Eric in a quiet voice.  “Do you want me to take you and make you mine, hmm?” I whispered in his ear, stretching my arm so I could keep touching.  I stopped touching him to check myself, finding that I was just as aroused as I suspected.

I thought about it briefly.  If I could make it last, Eric would wake up with me making love to him.  He’d be ecstatic.  I shrugged to myself.  Why not?  I gathered my courage and straddled him, guiding him inside me and moaning in spite of myself.

I began a gentle movement, watching him sleeping as I made love to him.  There was no reason for me to remain upright, so I laid on top of his chest, rubbing my whole body against his.  Even though he was just acting as my giant dildo, I really hoped that he could feel some of it.  I hoped he hadn’t been lying when he said he’d dream about it.  I didn’t want to be the only one enjoying this.

It felt odd in a nice way.  My body’s pleasure was muted because I wasn’t feeling him through our bond.  I’d become used to sharing our lust and our love when we were joined.  I guessed I wasn’t kinky enough to take full advantage of the situation.  I continued the slow movement, savoring his body, but I wasn’t as turned on as I thought I would be.

Then I remembered that the necklace had made me horny as nothing else.  It was still resting on the bedside table where I’d left it the day before.  I remembered my dream… “Not fear, love,” the angel had said.  I reached for the necklace and clasped it around my neck.  I sat back up and watched as the blue light enveloped both our bodies.  Just like magic, that strong lust overwhelmed me.  I needed Eric.  I needed him badly.

My heart began beating like a jackhammer in my chest as I started moving faster, using my hands on his stomach as leverage.  I closed my eyes imagining all those wonderful times we’d had together, each just as amazing as the next.  I panted Eric’s name, willing him to wake up and join me.  He felt so good, he was so hard, and I was so wet for him.

Finally I felt his hands move over my thighs.  I opened my eyes to find him grinning up at me.  I’d been so lost in my own pleasure that I hadn’t noticed when Eric woke up.

“What are you doing, wife?” he asked from the top of the bed.  His thumb made his way to my little nub, to tease it and drive me wild.

“I’m… I’m…” I was very much unable to say anything remotely resembling a coherent sentence.

“Say it,” he commanded.  “What are you doing, Sookie?”

“I’m fucking you!  Oh, God!”  As soon as I said it I exploded over him.  I was so completely gone that I lost my voice, my air, control over my body and collapsed.

“No you don’t,” Eric growled, turning us around and getting on top.  He began pumping into me hungrily, hitting that sweet spot just so.

I found my voice and began crying out in pleasure.  “I love you, Eric.  Love me, love me.”

Eric’s fangs grazed my neck along with his tongue.  He grunted loudly every time he reached my deepest spot.  He stopped suddenly and knelt between my legs, pushing my knees back to open me further for him.  He watched as he pumped in and out of me, seeing exactly how he derived his pleasure.  I reached his thighs and raked my fingernails over them, inciting him to keep moving.

“Harder,” I panted.  Eric growled above me and complied.  “Faster,” I begged.  I wanted to come again.  “I want to hear you come.  I want to hear you, Eric.”

He let me wrap my legs around him and came down to me, so I could wrap my arms around him too.  He put his elbows at either side of me, and his forehead on my shoulder.  He grunted and groaned, growled and purred as ecstasy took him over the edge.  Eric turned his head, and sank his fangs slowly into my neck.  I heard a low moan escape him as my blood rushed into him and I rushed out of my body.  I loved this euphoric feeling he brought forth whenever we made love and he took my blood.  It was probably better than any drug.

Eventually we settled, still enveloped in the blue cocoon of the necklace.  I noticed he was kissing it, as he kissed my neck where he’d taken blood.  By now I knew the wounds were healed.  Eric had developed a habit of pricking his tongue with his fangs to heal the bite marks.  In that way we also exchanged blood in between actual exchanges.

He removed the necklace and set it back on the table, and we were once again left with only the soft light of a bedside lamp I’d turned on much earlier.  As he moved he got a perplexed look on his face, and looked down between us.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, looking down too, but I couldn’t see anything from my vantage point.

“I don’t know.  One or both of us made a mess,” he answered and smiled.  “I’ll be right back, my love.  Don’t move.”  With that he left and disappeared to the bathroom.

Only when he moved away from me could I feel the colder air hit the wetness between my legs.  He was right.  It felt like a mess.  I didn’t move for fear of spreading it everywhere on the bed.  Eric returned with a dry towel and a wet hand towel.  He put the towel under my butt and proceeded to clean me with the other one.

“Did I bleed?” I asked.  I wasn’t due for my period yet, but God only knew.  Weird things happen to women’s bodies.

“No.  It smells mostly like me, and some of you,” he said as he took care of me.  He was amazingly tender as he ran the wet towel to clean me.  He patted me dry with the other towel, and kissed me for good measure.

When he returned to me we snuggled, holding each other tight.  “How was your day?” he asked.

“I had another lazy one.  Ate a big breakfast, went for a swim, finished reading my book on the hammock, then I came back and took a shower and attacked you,” I giggled.

He chuckled too.  “I can’t tell you how pleasant it was to dream of making love to you, and wake up making love to you.  We should definitely do that again.”  We grew silent for a little bit.  “What made you wear the necklace?”

I sighed.  I’d known the question was coming.  “I liked making love to you, but after the initial thrill it wasn’t doing much for me.  Then I remembered the necklace made me super horny and I decided to try it.  It worked, as you saw.”

He “hmm’d” in response, a sound of neither approval nor disapproval.  I looked up, asking him the silent question.  “I don’t know why it glows and I’d like to find out more before you wear it again,” he clarified.

“I had a dream about it,” I confessed and told him the story from the very beginning.  “When I was really little, my dad used to tuck me into bed and we would say our prayers.  I used to imagine my guardian angel as a pretty red-haired woman.  When I prayed for you to get better the night the witches undid the curse, I prayed to my guardian angel.  Last night I had a dream and she told me to accept your gift of the necklace because it was full of your love.  I remember I explained to her why it was scary, and she said ‘not fear, love.  Not danger, protection.’  And then I started dreaming of other things.”

Eric was frowning in a confused way and looking at me intently as I told him the story.  “What does your angel look like?”

“Red hair, pale skin, big blue eyes.  I must have seen someone like her when I was a girl and thought she was so pretty she must be an angel, and it just stuck.”

“She could have been,” Eric mumbled.  “Isn’t your fairy cousin working to become an angel?”

“Yes,” I answered slowly.

“And wasn’t she sent to look after you?”

“Yes.  But Claudine has black hair and brown eyes, plus she has a very nice tan.  I would have never guessed we’re even remotely related,” I said.  I was starting to get confused by his line of questioning.

“That’s not what I mean.  Maybe she was sent to take someone else’s place,” he explained.

“Oh,” was all I thought of saying.  “Well, I promise not to wear it again until we ask Octavia to take a look at it.  Or maybe even Claudine can do me the favor.”

“Alright, my love,” he kissed my nose.  “What shall we do tonight after I make you dinner?”

“You’re making dinner two nights in a row?”

“Of course.  I told you I want to learn to take care of my wife like she takes care of me,” he tickled me as he said the words, making me jump and giggle.

“Who is this wife you speak of?” I teased and laughed.

“Funny Sookie,” he grabbed my face and smooshed my cheeks, making my lips pucker so he could plant a messy kiss on them.  “I love you,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.  He was feeling mischievous.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” I tried to back away, but he quickly took hold of my waist.

“What?” he asked, giving me a wholly innocent look.

“Whatever you’re planning on doing, I want no part of it.”

“You hurt me, Sookie.  I wasn’t planning on doing anything,” he shook his head seriously… and slowly started smiling… “Except this.”  He started tickling me again, this time making me twitch and laugh as I tried to roll out of the bed.  He caught me as I almost fell off it.

We finally dressed and went in search of food for me.  There was a chicken breast already defrosted in the fridge, so I taught Eric how to cook that for me, and how to boil pasta.  While he stared at the pot of boiling water (after I told him not to), I made myself another salad.  As I ate dinner we were shocked by a sudden whooshing sound.

“Rain,” we both said in unison.

“No beach tonight?” I asked.

“Nope.  I guess not.  I’m sure we can find something else to do,” Eric said.  We were playing footsies under the table.

We did find something else to do.  We let the rain-cooled air come in through the open windows and snuggled on the large sofa to watch a movie on a huge-screen TV.  I wasn’t sure of the size, only that it was bigger than ours back home.  We turned off every light and pretended to be at the movies.

I didn’t consider the rain to have messed our vacation.  This was still a beautiful place.  This was still a far-away place.  We were still alone together.  And we were never more in love.

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