Chapter 36 – I Wish I Was Special

Bill woke up for the night with the smell and taste of blood in his nose and mouth.  Nothing hurt, so he couldn’t explain the feeling.  There was another scent that lingered, and after opening the lid to his casket he knew exactly what it was.  It was Sookie’s scent, the one he’d coveted ever since he’d met her.  Actually, he’d wanted to drown in that scent ever since he’d delivered her uniforms to her grandmother’s house, and the whole house was saturated with the smell of the young woman.

Fear gripped him when he realized that her scent in this part of the house did not bode well for him or his secret desire to make her his.  Bill got out of his casket and followed Sookie’s sweet musk to the chair in front of his computer.  He turned on the monitor and stared at the words that appeared, unable to make sense of them at first.  EVERYTHING THAT’S MISSING HAS BEEN GIVEN TO YOUR SHERIFF.  SINCERELY, SOOKIE NORTHMAN.  He looked down at the PC, and saw immediately that the disk he’d been working on was missing.  The DVD-ROM had been left open.

He looked to his left and noticed the stairs to the attic had been left open.  Bill descended to the second floor of his house and followed Sookie to his bedroom.  Everything was gone.  She had taken every scrap of paper and every photo on the wall.  He had copies of everything, but that did not take away from the fact that Sookie had found out his secret.

Bill was in love with Sookie.

At first he only wanted her.  She was beautiful and smelled good.  Too good.  Pam had warned him to keep away from the little spitfire, and that she was Eric’s woman.  He tried his luck anyway, until one day Eric’s scent was indeed all over Sookie.  He’d lost.  Better luck next time, and all that.

His hope ignited the night Eric and Sookie retrieved him from his maker.  Sookie had been distraught at seeing the bloody mess Lorena had made of him.  She’d made sure Eric fed him correctly.  She’d held his hand all the way back to Bon Temps.  She had cleaned him and even cried for him.  Who else would have cried for someone such as him, except a kind and generous soul like Sookie?  And why would she cry to begin with?  He’d asked her, and she’d answered that she’d been so mad at him, but never finished her sentence.  Bill’s mind wondered what she meant.

In his mind, Bill had conjured a beautiful scenario.  Sookie had pleaded with Eric to save Bill from his maker’s torture.  She would withhold favors if Eric didn’t take her to Mississippi to look for Bill.  Once they found him, beaten and bloody, Sookie’s love for Bill flared to the point that she needed to take care of him.  Eric’s wishes did not figure prominently in Bill’s mind, only Sookie’s words.  When Bill visited her house on Thanksgiving, he wanted to explain everything to her, even if that meant explaining it to Eric and Pam as well.  As long as Sookie listened, he could redeem himself in her eyes.

Bill had taken to walk around her property, to watch over it or watch over Sookie.  One night he heard the cries of pleasure coming from her bedroom.  They were both hers and Eric’s.  Neither of them noticed as he stood by the window, looking into their lovemaking.  Eric had bent her over and was pounding into her violently.  She asked for more, but that couldn’t be Sookie talking.  Bill figured she did it to speed things up.

Eric brought her up, and Bill saw Sookie’s completely naked body for the first time: full breasts bouncing with Eric’s thrusts, her golden hair a wild mane that reached almost to her waist, the soft curls gracing that most sacred of places, the one that was at that moment being desecrated by Eric’s engorged penis.

He managed to overlook Eric’s figure behind Sookie.  She was magnificent to behold.  He imagined himself the recipient of her soft entreaties, the one who was making her cry in pleasure, and he felt his own penis demand attention.  Bill sank to the ground, still listening to Sookie’s words and moans, her voice thick, asking, begging.  He imagined his hand was Sookie’s hand, coaxing and begging for his release.  Bill’s orgasm coincided with Sookie’s final screams of passion, and he saw it as a sign.

Bill and Sookie were meant to be together.

The next night he returned to Sookie’s house, this time with a camera that could take pictures in the dark without a flash.  Sookie’s beautiful body was bouncing up and down, straddling Eric.  Bill wished himself in Eric’s position, took the picture, and disappeared back to his house.  He couldn’t chance the good luck he’d had the first night.  Eric hadn’t heard or seen anything, but that didn’t mean he would remain oblivious for long.

So, instead, Bill made do with the picture of his beloved Sookie on the nights that he felt deprived.  He had begun to date a real estate agent, but she wasn’t what he was looking for.  The woman – Selah Pumphrey – was barely better than a fangbanger, with perhaps more money and more expensive perfume.  She merely wanted Bill for the thrill of dating a vampire, and he merely wanted her for blood and a fuck.  He couldn’t help to compare her to Sookie, though.  Sookie was voluptuous, soft, with rounded shoulders and thighs that begged to be bitten.  Selah was thin, with bones that would show if she moved a certain way.  She had none of that soft look that became Sookie so well.

He never brought Selah to his house.  He only wanted to make love to one woman under his roof, and that woman was Sookie Stackhouse.

It had all started in New Orleans.  He was visiting and gathering information for the database he wanted to put together, when he met a delicious fangbanger by the name of Hadley Delahoussaye.  Hadley had been dancing when Bill saw her at the bar he visited, only a couple of streets away from Queen Sophie-Anne’s compound.  Her blood was hot and smelled better than any other human’s.  It was easy to talk her into taking him to her place.

Bill soon found that Hadley liked to talk.  She told him everything about her cousin the telepath, about her wish to become a vampire, about the town she’d grown up in.  It was serendipitous, Bill believed, that he’d found the one person in New Orleans who used to live in the town he’d helped build.

But the telepath… the telepathic cousin of this woman was the key to open Queen Sophie-Anne’s door.  She brought Hadley to the Queen the very next night, and the Queen had been intrigued by both the information and Hadley.  Bill immediately offered to go to Bon Temps, to retrieve the telepath and bring her to Sophie-Anne.

“No, Bill.  Thank you for the offer, but if there is a telepath in my state then she needs to be protected by someone a bit stronger than you,” Sophie-Anne had said.  “I don’t want that Peter idiot to get wind of her,” she mumbled angrily.

Eventually Bill agreed to go to Bon Temps and pretend to spy for the King of Arkansas, Peter Threadgill.  Bill was to report all his findings to Sophie-Anne.  In exchange she would front him the money to start his own business, and if all went well, she would forgive the debt.

He sat on his bed dejected, with his head in his hands, shaking it back and forth slowly.  Sookie had given everything to Eric.  Knowing Eric, he would go and put a complaint with the Queen.  The Queen wouldn’t care about the information Bill had gathered, but his beautiful photo… his beautiful Sookie… the Queen could not forgive Bill’s interference with Eric’s blood bonded.  Eric was a Sheriff, after all.  The Queen’s Sheriff, hand-picked carefully.  He’d made Northwest Louisiana the place to be if a vampire desired to leave New Orleans, but still remain in the state.  Eric had the ability to keep them in the state, keep the revenue coming in.  Sophie-Anne would not overlook that, no matter how highly she regarded Bill.  All Bill could hope for was to remain alive.

Depressed that his love would never be returned due to his own stupidity, Bill walked across the cemetery to Sookie’s house one more time.  He reached the edge of her property and was stopped by an invisible force.  He knew the feeling well.

Bill was uninvited.

He returned to his house to await his Queen’s summon.

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