Chapter 24 – Fine Again

Of all the things to feel, I was feeling guilty for having kept Eric’s shirt.  He kept clothes in my house, but hadn’t bothered getting another shirt, and so he stayed shirtless all night, and was now sleeping in the cubby hole shirtless.  Pam was in there with him.  I felt envious.  I wanted to be the one sleeping inside that light-tight space with him, if I could have slept at all.  All night I had drifted in and out, never truly sleeping.  I was still curled up on the sofa when my doorbell rang.  I really didn’t want to get it, but how many people ever came to my door?

I got up slowly and asked who it was before opening the door.  The last thing I needed was someone to come into my house with nefarious purposes, like reading the electric meter.

“It’s Sam,” was the response.

I opened the door despondently and didn’t even look at Sam before turning away from him and curling back up on my sofa.  There was no doubt in my mind that the panther the night before had been Sam.  I was grateful, apprehensive, scared, awed.  I took those feelings with me back to my pity party on the couch.

Without a word, Sam closed the door and followed, setting a large Styrofoam cup of coffee and a greasy bag on the coffee table.  “You brought me breakfast?”

“Something tells me you haven’t eaten in a long time,” he said, and sat on the chair that Eric had occupied all night.

“Something or someone?” I asked, eyeing the bag and the coffee.  Judging by smell alone the coffee had tons of creamer and sugar, and there were beignets in the bag.  Those were a few of my favorite things.

“A very worried pair of ‘someones,’ yes,” Sam admitted.  He put his hand on my hair, smoothing it softly.  “This is new territory for them.  Vampires don’t get depressed, but they certainly know how to worry.”

“I gave them a lot to worry about,” I concurred, sitting up.  I really was hungry.  I flipped the lid and took a sip of coffee.  It tasted like heaven in a cup.  The beignets were calling as well, and I was soon covered in powdered sugar, probably up to my eyebrows.

“I hope you’re not blaming all this on yourself,” Sam said with a frown.  I had made myself look at him and be polite.  He’d brought me breakfast, after all.

I shrugged.  I knew I shouldn’t have said anything about Eric to Mike Spencer, even though the conversation hadn’t been very specific.  Mike had asked me if I was dating, and I said yes.  He asked me for a name and I said Eric’s.  Mike seemed to know him, and I wondered from where but didn’t ask.  That had been the extent of our conversation.

Sam took a deep breath and let it out with a puff.  “Those people were deranged.  You were not the first person they drugged, and wouldn’t have been their last.  They messed with the wrong person this time, because you have so many people who care about you and who can do real damage.”

Something inside me twisted.  “Sam… did you kill Cleo and that other woman?” I asked in a tiny voice.  I just couldn’t muster anything louder.

“No, Phaedra did that.  Her magic is more powerful when I’m nearby,” he explained.

I nodded slowly, not really sure what to make of the information.  Probably nothing.  I had no magic of my own, so it didn’t really matter.  “Turns out I’m part fairy,” I blurted out without any sort of preamble.

Sam smiled, unsurprised.  “You’re imagining Tinkerbell, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, sorta.  What other reference do I have?” I asked, feeling a little defensive.  “Did you know it too?” I pressed, my voice rising.

“No, Sookie, but it makes sense that you’re a supe with your mental powers.  And what do you mean too?  Who else knew?” Sam asked, his voice rising too, but he didn’t look truly irate.

“Eric knew.  He wasn’t surprised at all when the maenad told me.”

“Sookie, think about it.  The man has been around for a very long time.  He hasn’t survived on brute strength alone.  It is very possible he suspected you were something more than human.  You certainly have powers no other human has.”  Sam was making sense, and I was getting a feeling of déjà vu.  Eric had already told me I was some kind of supernatural being, but hadn’t guessed what kind.

“As for fairies,” Sam continued, “they look very much like humans.  I haven’t seen many, but the ones I’ve seen have been very beautiful.  If they live on this side of things, they usually wear their hair long to hide their pointy ears.  Other than that, everything about them is human, except for their ability to look ethereally beautiful to humans.”

Well, shoot!  I thought that about vampires.  “Where in the world did you see a fairy?” I mumbled.

“Here and there.  There aren’t that many because they’re severely allergic to iron and lemon.”

“And when you say ‘this side of things,’ what do you mean?”

“As far as I know they hop back and forth between this one and another dimension,” Sam said, as if the fairies got in their cars and hop scotched it between Bossier and Shreveport.  Sam sighed, seeing my skepticism.  “All I know is that there are other supernatural beings out there, and fairies are one type of many.  They’re also intoxicating to vampires, and like to do battle for silly reasons.  I suspect it’s because they get bored.  They live for a very long time, though not as long as vampires, and they age…” Sam’s voice drifted and he averted his eyes from me.  “And they can mate and procreate with humans.”

We both fell into silence, until it was deafening and I couldn’t stand it anymore.  “So I’m part fairy,” I concluded.

“Only a very small part, otherwise I would have been able to guess it too, and I couldn’t.  But don’t let that bother you so much, Sookie.  It’s not like discovering you can change into animals while you’re in the throes of puberty,” Sam smiled.  It was a sad smile, and put things in perspective.

Poor Sam.  I hadn’t even thought about that, always so selfishly thinking about my own predicament and completely forgetting his.  Pam had said any kind of shifter had to chance at the full moon.  They had to.  It was imperative.  Sam was more powerful than most, and could change at will into anything.

“How do you imprint on an animal?” I asked, following my own askew thoughts.

“Easy.  I keep a book on different animals, usually open to a picture of a collie.  I look at the picture, and imagine myself that way.  I can also imprint by seeing the actual live animal.”

“What did you first turn into?”

“A dog we kept at home.  It was a small one.  My mom knew something was up when she saw there were two of us,” Sam chuckled.

“Is your mom a shifter too?” I asked, suddenly very curious about Sam’s past.

“Yes, and so was my father.  I’m the first born so I’m the only one who can shift.  My brother and sister are plain human.”

“Plain human,” I sighed.  I’d wanted to be plain human for such a long time.

Sam caught my shift in mood.  “I wish you’d have been plain human too,” he said, putting a very warm hand on my neck.  Before I had a chance to register his hazy thoughts, his lips were on mine.  The first thing I thought was how warm Sam was.  The second thing I thought was that he tasted sweet, like he’d had coffee and beignets too.  The third thing I thought was that I probably shouldn’t be returning his kiss, particularly since he was tasting me too, plying my lips with his tongue.

I pulled away and looked down.  “I love Eric,” I said, feeling the conviction in my words.  Whether it was the bond talking or my own heart, the truth was that now I belonged to Eric, and he belonged to me.  I loved him, and he loved me.  Sam’s kiss suddenly tasted like betrayal.

“I’m sorry,” Sam said.  “I’m so sorry, Sookie.  Please forgive me.”  He stood up and left, before I could say that I forgave him.

I took a long shower, using up all the hot water.  Since I couldn’t rest, I decided to make myself tired.  After taking my shower, I dressed to do outside work.  It was getting cold, and the garden needed to be pruned and readied for the winter.  I’d seen Gran do it countless times, but I wasn’t one for gardening.  How hard could it be?

I pruned everything, hoping I was doing it right, and then set to dig out weeds.  I realized that maybe I should spend more time in the garden.  It was cathartic, like the time I’d dug that hole.  Now I had two homes with plenty of space for gardening.  And a condo, I’d learned recently.  Plus the house in Bossier which was currently on loan to Godric and Chris.

I wiped my forehead with the back of my sleeve, not because I was sweating but because I had gotten in deeper than I ever imagined.  I’d guessed Eric was wealthy, but I hadn’t guessed how wealthy, not by a long shot.  I sat back on my heels and looked up at my house in the mid-morning light.  It looked old compared to Eric’s house.  He said he didn’t care, and liked my house because it was cozy.  I wouldn’t put it past him that the reason he liked it was because it was where we first made love.  Sometimes he hinted at his nostalgic nature, otherwise why would he keep pink Lycra pants from the eighties?

As I looked down back to my work, something shiny caught my eye, beckoning from the ground to my right.  I crawled over, still holding on to the little old shovel we’d had forever, and picked at the earth.  My breath caught in my throat.

Gran’s brooch was lying nestled neatly between the weeds.  It was dirty, but otherwise it was fine, like it hadn’t been in a fire at all.  How could this be?  If the maenad, or Sam or Eric for that matter, had retrieved it from the rubble of the house, they wouldn’t have left it lying in the garden.

“A miracle,” I whispered.  And just earlier I hadn’t felt like much of a believer.  I was humbled by my perceived miracle.

I stripped my working gloves and, brooch in hand, ran to the cemetery between my house and Bill Compton’s.  I knelt on the hard ground by Gran’s grave, the lilac-colored flower still adorning it silently, and I told her everything, from becoming Eric’s wife to what I’d been told last night, and everything in between.  I knew it was silly.  Gran wasn’t there.  If she really could hear me, she could hear me from inside the house.  I felt that maybe her grave could channel my words to wherever she was.  So I kept talking, my throat growing dry and the day growing warmer.

I’d ended up sitting against the tombstone when I ran out of words.  I picked up the pretty flower and described it to Gran.  I also described the man who had left it.

“Who was he, Gran?  I’ve never met him before,” I continued, finally growing tired.  I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, feeling a trickle of sun coming through the trees around Gran’s grave.

“Sookie Stackhouse, as I live and breathe,” said a female voice above me.  I looked up and was startled to see…

“Claudine Crane?” I asked, as she folded herself to sit near me.  She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt that looked curiously similar to mine, and her trademark smile.

“I’m so happy you remember me,” she beamed, but then frowned.  Even her frowns were pretty.  “I’m not interrupting, am I?”

I looked around me, like I’d forgotten where I was.  “No, no… I was done.  I’m sorry to sound nosy, but what brings you here?”

“Yesterday was my friend’s funeral, but I couldn’t make it because of work,” she said and pouted.  Would the woman ever look bad doing anything?

My mind was working, even if it was slow.  There had only been one funeral at that cemetery the day before.  “You were friends with Lafayette too?”

“Yes!  You knew him?” she asked, and her smile returned.

“Yeah, I used to work with him.  He was a great guy,” my voice broke a little when I was hit broadside by the alien memory of how he died.  “I’m going to miss him.”

Without a word, Claudine hugged me, to comfort.  She reminded me a lot of Lafayette in the way she always smiled, and now the hug.  I brushed my tears aside quickly, embarrassed.

“It’s okay to cry for a friend.  Now tell me, how did your boyfriend like his presents?” she asked, quickly changing the subject.

“Brownie points for wanting to take my mind off things,” I said, smiling genuinely.

“Brownie points?  Brownie points?”  She started rolling with laughter, and I wondered what was so funny.  Since she always seemed to be in a good mood, maybe she found hilarity in silly things.

As I watched her having her fit of laughter, I saw her hair part around one of her ears.  Eric’s blood in me was still strong, and I was standing and backing away faster than my usual human speed.  I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen.  Sam and I had just spoken about it.  Like, just this morning!

“What’s wrong?” she asked, still chuckling.

“You… you’re a…”  I couldn’t even say it.

She did.

“I’m a fairy, silly, not a brownie.  Sit down, Sookie.  I won’t hurt you,” she said, and by golly if her smile wasn’t the most honest and open one I’d ever seen from anyone in my life.

I knelt back on the ground, but not too close.  “Do you know what I am?” I asked her.  Maybe she could give me more information, maybe not.  It was worth a try.

“Yes, I do.  You have a little bit of fae blood in you.  That’s probably why you and I get along: kindred spirits.”  Claudine’s smile softened.  She knew I was having a hard time with this.

“Can you read minds too?” I asked.  It had been THE question running through my head all night long.  Was that what I inherited?

“Yes I can.  I’m guessing that’s your main problem, huh?” she frowned.

“Always has been.  It’s really hard to shield people’s thoughts and it leaves me exhausted.  But my brother doesn’t have that problem,” I countered.  Why was I the genetic freak?

“That’s genetics for you,” she said.  I knew she had read that off my mind.  “Without the magic to wield your power properly, you’re left vulnerable.  No wonder you chose a vampire as your mate.  He’s probably a breath of fresh air to you.”  She had lifted that off my brain too.

Well!  That was an odd turn of events.  No wonder people didn’t like me.  It felt strange, to say the least.  The only difference was that I had nothing to hide, so I didn’t mind if Claudine wanted to search my memories.  She’d probably cringe at the things she’d find, but I wasn’t embarrassed by my life.  Not in front of her.

I saw Claudine cringe a couple of times and then shake her head.  “I’m so sorry, Sookie.  That should have never happened to you.”  I wasn’t sure what she was referring to, because I wasn’t sure which of the many horrible moments in my life I had been thinking about.  Maybe it was all of them.  “Your cousin figures prominently in your thoughts,” she said, probably trying to steer my thoughts.  It felt odd, but I told her mentally, with words and pictures, the consequences of Hadley’s actions.

“But you love Eric,” she said, probably trying to reason with me.

“I do, very much, but I would have liked some more time to get to know him, to develop our relationship, to bond with him when I was good and ready.  I told Eric it felt like a shotgun wedding, and he didn’t seem to mind, but sometimes I wonder…” my voice trailed.

“For a vampire to form a love bond with a human is a sign of deep respect, and it isn’t something they do lightly.  Don’t second guess what he feels for you,” she smiled and patted my hand.  “Now, you my dear did not have a proper bachelorette party.  How about you join me one night at Houlihan’s?  I’d like you to meet my brother and sister,” she wiggled her eyebrows.

“I would like that,” I said.  Maybe a night out with a friend would do me good.  “Maybe Pam can come with us!”

“Hold your horses, there, cowgirl.  Pam’s a vampire?” Claudine asked.  She must have still been reading my mind, but trying to make it look like she wasn’t.

“Yes,” I frowned.  Did Claudine have something against vampires?

“I have nothing against vampires, other than they like to eat fairies.  We’re scrumptious to them, like a drug they cannot say no to.  And if they do have our blood, they go crazy, like very strong animals in heat.  That’s why I would never set foot in Fangtasia, as much as I’d like to see you in your native environment,” she snickered and looked up at the sky.  “As a matter of fact, I think you should go home and take a shower.  My scent might have clung to you, unless you don’t mind a little rough hanky-panky with your Viking.”

“Claudine!” I chastised her.  Of course she had learned I was a bit prudish.

At home I had to choice but to take another shower.  I’d been working in the garden and sitting on the ground, so I smelled like dirt and Claudine.  When I was clean again, and after eating a very early dinner (or a very late lunch), I started doing other things around the house, only to occupy my time.  I didn’t feel like reading or watching TV, and I still wasn’t feeling sleepy enough to lie down and rest.

When there really wasn’t anything else for me to do and it was close to six, I sat on the bed in the spare bedroom, holding on to a shirt for Eric.  It was really dark in there, since the curtains were drawn.  I turned on the bedside lamp and lied on my side, waiting, waiting…

“I don’t think she slept all day,” I heard Eric say in the fog between dreaming and waking.

“She’s sleeping now.  Maybe you should let her.  I’ll take care of things and call you if I need you,” Pam said.

“I’m awake, I’m awake,” I said, but my voice came out groggy as hell.

“Sleeping Beauty sounds like she could use a few more hours,” Pam said, her voice considerably louder.  I realized that I’d heard them whisper clearly.

“I brought you a shirt,” I said to Eric, not bothering to open my eyes but holding the shirt up.  I’d snuggled with it, I noticed.

“Thank you, dear one.  Why don’t I put you in your own bed so you can rest?” he asked, and lifted me without waiting for an answer.

“You’re very high-handed,” I murmured, my head sinking against his chest.  I just couldn’t open my eyes for the life of me.

“I know, and you can argue with me later, but please sleep now.”  Eric tucked himself beside me.  In the comfort of his arms, I fell asleep again.


“I swear to God, if somebody touches you they will lose their hand,” I said, crossing my arms over my oversized blazer.  The one with the giant shoulder pads… Yeah, one of those.

“Nothing would please me more, my fierce vampiress.  You are gorgeous when you are angry,” Eric said leaning towards me for a kiss.

We looked like mismatched eighties stars.  Eric looked like he belonged in a hair band, with teased hair and heavily made up eyes, courtesy of my makeup case.  I looked like Debbie Gibson with longer hair, with ripped jeans, Keds, and an awful striped shirt.  We emerged from the Corvette and walked to the employee entrance at Fangtasia… except that I lagged a pace or two behind.  My hand had a mind of its own, I swear, so when it reached for and squeezed Eric’s butt I could safely deny it had been me.  It just looked so decadent, encased as it was in those pink Lycra pants with aqua swirls down the sides of each leg.

“Now, I know little Debbie Gibson didn’t just touch my bottom,” Eric said, opening the door and holding it for me.  I turned to him as I passed and shrugged.

“I think I should have been Belinda Carlisle.  I liked her better, or one of the Bangles.  The drummer!” I said.  The only reason I was dressed as Debbie Gibson was because my darling sister wanted to dress like Tiffany… and I had agreed because she had been so excited about it.  So I only bitched about my costume to Eric, who took it all in stride.  We had bypassed Eric’s office and were going straight for the main floor to check on preparations.  Halloween was to be a karaoke night, with a contest for the sexiest singer.

“Everything is ready,” Pam declared with one of her smiles, the mischievous kind.  She was dressed like Tiffany alright and even had a red wig on.  She was enjoying herself.  The eighties theme had been her idea, the karaoke had been mine, and the contest had been Eric’s.

So far I was nervous and excited about the party.  The excited part was easy: it was Halloween and it was my first time celebrating it at a vampire bar.  The nervous part: I was Eric’s wife, and with the spike in vampire clientele, I would have to act as such.  That was the fly in my ointment.  From now on I wasn’t merely a barmaid.  I would be expected to fill a role that there was no way to prepare for: the wife of a vampire sheriff.

The bar started filling up fast right at eight.  Thankfully, Thalia was keeping the idiots who’d come dressed as Dracula out of the bar.  Eric had a serious case of hero worship for that vampire, and anybody caught dressed like him was liable to lose his throat.  The rest of the bar patrons were dressed in the usual, with many of the girls showing way more skin than they ought to.  I caught Eric ogling and that earned him a heel to his instep.  I guessed it didn’t matter if the man was vampire or human, he was still going to look.

“She looks like you, my love,” he said in my ear, and nibbled it, sending shivers all over my body which seemed to center somewhere below my bellybutton.

“Quit it.  Now I’m mad,” I said in a huff.

“Would you like to take me to the office and show me how mad you are?” he said, still nibbling my ear.  I calmed down considerably, but only because his show of affection was hard for other people to miss.  Darn it all if I was feeling a little possessive.  It was that yummy butt.  The butt made me do it!

I smiled.  “What would you have me do?  Spank you?”

“You know you want to,” he said without missing a beat.  My hand drifted, settling on his lower back where it met the rise of those gorgeous glutes.  By the end of the night one or both would end up in my mouth.

The music started.  The DJ that Pam had hired was spinning everything from the eighties.  We had some vampires approach us to congratulate us on our nuptials, people that hadn’t made it to the ceremony, but for the most part they were there to party.  And party they did.  I’d never seen the dance floor so busy.  Even Eric and I started dancing on the dais… dirty dancing.  But I didn’t care.  Eric’s eyes on me pierced me with their intensity, and his hand on my waist was the only thing anchoring me to the ground.  I was having so much fun dancing to one of my favorite songs that I barely noticed that Eric had stopped.

If it wasn’t Bill Compton, standing in front of us, making me miss my favorite song.  He wasn’t even dressed in costume, the party pooper.  He must have said something to Eric already, because Eric was shaking his head vehemently.

“Either send me an email or catch me tomorrow.  I am not leaving this dance floor,” Eric growled at Bill.  Of course he wasn’t leaving.  He was the main attraction.

Bill nodded towards Eric, but was looking at me.  Creepy booger.  Before I could shake off the creeps, a smaller man approached the dais.

“Godric!” I yelled, and threw myself at him.  He caught me in a hug, laughing.  It was a musical sound.

“I came to say hello to you and I get assaulted,” Godric said.  Who knew he had a sense of humor?

“Where’s Chris?” I asked, pulling away.  He was rocking the eighties look with a pair of parachute pants.  He was also looking much healthier than when I’d last seen him.  The term lovely fell short to describe him.

“She’s by the front door, next to Thalia.  She really wanted to come see you, but it’s best if you girls talk on the phone.”  It made sense to have Chris stay close to the Greek vampire.  If Chris lost control, Thalia would be the best one to restrain her.  She was the strongest vampire inside the bar, stronger than Eric, even.

I got back up on the dais and looked towards the front door.  Chris waved her arms wildly over her head, and I mirrored her movement.  At least something had gone right.  I looked up at Eric, wanting to share my excitement, and he was beaming right back at me.

The karaoke contest was way too exciting.  I was jumping in my chair like a little kid, rooting like a maniac for, pretty much, everyone.  I was not an objective judge.  I felt very much like Paula Abdul, praising everybody.  The humans who participated had guts, because apparently turning into a vampire gave you perfect pitch.  Eric and I had to choose the winner, and I was wavering between a gorgeous vampire man dressed like a romance hero who gave Michael Bolton a run for his money, and a human woman that sang an awesome version of True Faith.  She was dressed like she belonged in Greece, and had Thalia salivating.  Of course, the woman won.  The vampire would have several partners throwing themselves at him, but the woman would have Thalia’s undivided attention.  According to Eric, there was no higher prize, not that I wanted to think too closely about what that meant.  I was just happy that everybody seemed to be having a good time.  Even Pam hooked up with another Tiffany wanna-be.

“You had fun tonight?  Yes?” Eric asked, reaching for my hand as he drove us back home.

“Yes!  That was an awesome party.  When’s the next one?” I asked, already hopping with anticipation.

“We’ll have something for the holidays, but the next big one will be New Year’s Eve, of course.”

Of course, how could I forget?  Waiting two full months seemed like too long.  “Aren’t there any vampire bands we can book?  I think that would draw a huge crowd.”

“There are.  Do you think our place is big enough?  I’ve never thought so,” he said.  I wasn’t sure if he was pretending to be clueless, or if he really was.

“Oh, sure it is.  There must be other live venues that are small and intimate.  I personally would prefer that to a stadium concert, Mister Eighties Hair Band Man,” I answered as he kissed my left hand.  It was when he started sucking on my fingers that I thought I might faint from desire.  “You better drive faster,” I said breathless.

Eric chuckled.  “Give me a good reason to break the law, my love.”

He was going to make me say it.  He actually let off the gas and let go of my fingers to downshift.  I wasn’t having that.  I turned within my seat, losing whatever shred of civility I had left, and grabbed him.  “Get us home, the faster the better,” I said, massaging the growing bulge in his pants.  He smiled and floored it, making the engine of the Corvette rumble and purr.  He’d just gotten it back, and I almost wished we still had the truck with its significantly larger backseat.

We raced up the stairs to our bedroom, where he let me take control.  I ran my fingers under the waistband of the pants, teasing him into a low growl as I circled around him.  I was the predator and he was my prey.  I stood behind him, running my hands under his shirt, exploring the vast plains of his back and feeling how his muscles rippled as he took off his own shirt.  I kissed my way down the soft skin of his back, making him breathe faster, probably taking in the scent of my own arousal.

Finally I peeled those silly pants off him, moving slowly as I caressed first his delicious butt, then his thighs, ending with his calves and his ankles.  Of course, he hadn’t been wearing any underwear, but I’d already known that.

“Go lie down, face down,” I ordered him, pointing to the bed.  He obeyed, turning his head to look at me with a grin.  I stripped slowly, doing away with my shirt and my jeans, then my bra and my panties.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d have said Eric was salivating.

I knelt over his legs, straddling them and holding them together.  I wanted that butt.  God!  It was to die for.  I kneaded it, kissed it, put my breasts on it to tease him.  He was grunting with each exhale, and I felt how his lust ate at him.  I don’t know how I forgot that he was a super vampire.  He turned face up right under my legs, and instead of butt I was faced with a gracious plenty, demanding equal attention.  My legs had done nothing to hold him in place.

“You are an evil lover,” he growled.

I pouted.  “Don’t say that.”  I proceeded to give some loving to the part that felt neglected, kissing and sucking it lovingly, making Eric moan and hold on to the headboard.

“I need to be inside you, woman,” he said in a deep growl, fixing me with his dark eyes.  I crawled above him, guiding him inside me, taking all of him and feeling the same way I always felt when we made love: whole.  I moved slowly, enjoying the feel of having the upper hand.  I put my breasts close to his face, so he could kiss them and lick them the way he liked.

Eric built up to his own frenzy, letting go of my breasts, taking over, bouncing me on him while his thumb caressed my pleasure center.  I held onto his forearms, letting the thrills build up.

“You’re so beautiful, Sookie.  Fuck me, Sookie.  Come for me, Sookie.”  Eric’s words had the intended effect, and I reached an orgasm so violent that I screamed his name, and ended up draped over him.

He turned us around, with him on top.  He wasn’t done yet, and I could only be glad.  He withdrew, only to descend onto my hot center to lick me clean, making me build up to another release.  As I was about to go over the edge, he bit my thigh, taking the blood he needed and quickly impaling me anew with his gracious plenty.  I left Earth at Mach 1, and took him with me, hearing his cries above me and feeling him spill inside me with a great big gush until he collapsed.

I regained my senses little by little.  Eric’s face was on my chest, nuzzling one of my breasts lovingly.  Once in a while he would either kiss it or lick it.  I was playing with his hair with one hand, running my fingers through it, and caressing his shoulders with my free hand.

This had been the first time I’d actually reached a climax since my abduction.  Eric didn’t say anything, but I could feel his disappointment.  He blamed himself, as if he had been the bad lover.  But, of course, it had nothing to do with him.  If anything making love and trying to reconnect was what helped me.

“Thank you,” I said into his hair, where I’d just kissed him.

“What for, my love?” he asked, still mesmerized by my breast.

“For not giving up on me.  For loving me,” I said, feeling tears smart my eyes, but I didn’t want to cry, so I held them back.

Eric put his elbows at either side of me and his chin on my chest so he could look at me.  “You know I love you, right?” he asked.  I nodded.  “You’re my life, Sookie.  I would never give up on my life.  You just needed to feel in control, that’s all.  Not that I did not enjoy my little Sookie in charge.  You were magnificent.”

I smiled, a little shy at the compliment, but didn’t look away.  Eric shifted so he could kiss me, a slow succulent kiss.

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