Chapter 21 – Owl versus Dove

“Sookie?” Eric’s voice in my ear and his hand rubbing my belly softly woke me up.  I’d ended up sleeping on my back, which was unusual for me.  I must have tossed and turned.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, trying to sit up.  Eric held me down gently.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he kissed my temple.  “They found Farrell and Godfrey.  They’re both alive.  Farrell is weak but well.”

I blinked.  “Oh!  That’s good news, isn’t it?”  In my defense, I was groggy and was trying to make heads and tails of what Eric was telling me.

“Yes, very good news.  The Queen was already made aware of your help and she is very pleased.  She just called me.”  Eric was beaming.  His plan had worked.

“What about the Fellowship?  Won’t they know what happened?” I asked.  Crazy hate-filled people had a tendency for retaliation.

“They might, though it looks like a human entered the place and robbed it, releasing the vampire by mistake.  Godfrey wasn’t imprisoned, but Bill was able to talk him into going with Stan’s people.”

“Bill did that?”  He could have told me Bill was a priest and I would have believed him more readily.

“He did.  I was very surprised too.  So now you can sleep a little better, yes?” he asked, and hugged me to him.

“I was antsy, wasn’t I?” I asked.

“Yes, but now you know everyone is alright.  Sleep, my love.  We have a party to attend tomorrow night.  Stan’s people are welcoming Farrell back home.”  It was close to six in the morning and the sun would rise in a matter of minutes.  They had cut it close but had accomplished their goal.

I fell asleep easily and dreamt pleasant dreams that I couldn’t remember later but made me feel rested nevertheless.


I felt like a little kid, but since Eric was dead to the world, he would never know.  In one of the dresser drawers I’d found a complimentary sewing kit with a small measuring tape.  Armed with THE measurement, and with a substantial late breakfast resting comfortably in my belly I went to the concierge.  I could barely believe all the services I could request.  First I asked the nice lady – whose name was Sue, I learned – where I could go shopping, and then I asked her if she could call a cab for me.

“No need for that,” Sue said with a huge smile.  “We’ll have Dave drive you and bring you back.”  She waved her hand at me like I was being silly, and handed me her card.  “This here’s the phone number to the desk.  When you want Dave to pick you up you call me and I’ll send him over.  Here he comes now,” she said, pointing to a large black Lincoln Town Car.

Golly!  This was pampering.  I know nobody was giving me a massage, but being driven around the glitzy part of Dallas in a sedan?  Yeah… it was a treat.  Dave was friendly, and his mind held a lot of thoughts regarding his profession.  He didn’t give me the creeps, in other words.  He gave me a few pointers about where to shop, but I really just wanted to find the one shop.  That’s where he dropped me off, and where he said he’d pick me up.

As I expected, I was immediately greeted by a very nice salesman right as I walked into the shop.  I gave him the THE measurement, and told him what I wanted.  He found the perfect one.

“Don’t you want one for yourself?” the salesman asked.  “Let me show you what we have, before you say yes or no,” he said, and led me to a different section.

I ended up with two large bags as I window shopped through the rest of the street.  I did come across a Godiva chocolate store and indulged in one piece of chocolate… then bought a box (a small one, of course).  Eric would flip when he saw what I had in mind.  Well… Chocolate is like a mini orgasm wrapped in deliciousness.

I was done.  I wanted to go relax by the pool and catch the sun.  It wasn’t very hot in Dallas, only in the seventies, so it would be very pleasant to lounge and read a book and do absolutely nothing for a few hours.

Dave brought me back to the hotel and I was lounging by the pool, reading my book and sipping on a girly fruity something or other, when somebody blocked my sun.  I’d been joined by none other than Hugo Ayres.

“Mistress Sookie?”  He caught me off guard and almost made me spill my drink.

“Hugo?  What are you doing here?” I asked, not waiting for the spoken response.

The images I got from his mind were of an order he had to find out how I had been able to find Godfrey, how I had led the vampires to the Fellowship.  I even saw the man who had given the order, though Hugo swallowed the name.

My heart was beating too fast, and my mind was too full to discern what Hugo had actually said.  I was hoping that would work in my favor, and he would think I was crazy.  I gave him my lunatic smile.  “What was that?” I asked, simply because I had to.

Another set of images met me, of what the vampires had done to the Fellowship’s headquarters.  It looked ransacked, but it was nothing compared to what could have happened to it if the vampires had really let loose.  I’d seen the damage that one vampire could make.  My imagination didn’t really need a workout on that one.  Through all this I drew the conclusion that Hugo had led Godfrey to Farrell, the easiest of the targets because of his tastes and comparative youth.

“You must be mumbling because I can’t understand you,” I said to Hugo, since I hadn’t caught a single word that had come out of his mouth.

That sent Hugo into a rage.  He started screaming at me and carrying on about me being a fangbanger whore, and some other choice words that I don’t care to repeat.  Unfortunately for him, I was the guest in this hotel.  One very brawny “other” bartender put his huge hand on Hugo’s shoulder, just as Hugo hovered over me screaming his obscenities.

“Is he with you, Ma’am?” Mister Brawny asked.

“Absolutely not!  He’s crazy!  I don’t even know who he is!” I said, sounding indignant.  Well, actually, I was!

Mister Brawny steered Hugo out the doors of the pool area, and probably out of the hotel itself.  A cute girl a few years younger than me got close, a human judging by her mental patterns, and sat at the lounge chair next to mine.

“Are you okay?” she asked in a soft voice.  Her brown eyes were huge with concern.  She was wearing a bikini and a sarong, and the inside of her slim arm bore the signs of what her lover was.

“Yeah… I just need a moment,” I said.  Amazing what a few words will do to one’s adrenaline.

“That was that Hugo, whatever, who’s always hanging around Isabel Beaumont like a lost puppy,” she said in the same soft voice, but with derision in her tone.

“You know him?” I asked.  Maybe she was local.

“My boyfriend and I have been to Stan Davis’ house a few times and I’ve seen him there.  You know Stan Davis, right?” she asked.

“I know who he is,” I nodded noncommittally.

“Are you going to the party tonight?” she asked, her brown eyes lighting up.  “I’m Chris… Christina,” she said, making it sound like that is how her vampire boyfriend said her name.

“I’m Sookie.  I believe we are going to the party tonight.”

“With your boyfriend?” she asked, eyeing me carefully.  She wouldn’t see any marks on me, since Eric hadn’t bitten me again after giving me his blood, except a nick on my breast, and that had healed already.  Besides, Eric didn’t like to bite where others would see, or he would heal the wound if he did.

I bit my lip, thinking quickly about how to answer Chris’ question.  I decided the truth would be easiest to remember.  “My husband and I are attending.”

She cocked her head confused, but then smiled like there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Chris probably thought Eric was a human who did business with the vampires.  “Do you mind if I sit here?  The sun is warmer on this side.”

Actually, I didn’t mind at all.  The encounter with Hugo made me feel better about having someone beside me.  We talked about what we did, where we were from.  She and her boyfriend were visiting from Houston, and she was a college student working on her master’s.  Nowadays there was such a thing as Vampire Studies.  I tried to see her in a different light.  She was light skinned, but not pasty white.  Her cheeks began turning red under the sun.  Her hair was dyed black and cut in short curls that framed her face prettily.  I was sure she could do something with those attributes to make herself look Goth, if her black finger and toenails were any indication.  She was funny and witty and her brain mirrored her words, so I didn’t bother peeking into her mind for long.  Chris was just that kind of pleasant person.

Mister Brawny brought me a fresh drink, and brought Chris one the same as me.  “On the house, Mrs. Northman,” he said, and forced a smile.  It’s not that he hadn’t been polite.  I just don’t think he was the smiling type.

“Excuse me, what is your name?” I asked him.  Maybe I’d write the hotel a letter thanking them for their excellent service and mentioning Mister Brawny’s aid.

“I am Anthony,” he said, and nodded politely.

“Thank you, Anthony,” I said and he walked away back to the bar at the end of the pool area.

Chris was fanning herself.  “If only I liked them extra warm.  That wolf was hot!” she whispered leaning to me.

I didn’t want to sound stupid, so I only guessed he was a werewolf… a Were.  The only species of shifter allowed to call themselves simply Weres.  Not to confuse them with true shape shifters like Sam, who could shift into any animal they had last seen… no, not seen.  Imprinted!  That’s what Pam had said during my crash course one evening.

Sigh… I missed Pam.  She would be having a blast in Dallas.  It would have given her a chance to break things at the Fellowship.  And make fun of Bill.  A lot.

The sun began to set and Chris and I made our way back to our rooms.  I stripped to nothing and stood in the middle of the room, waiting impatiently for my husband to rise from the dead.  He stirred and took a deep breath, trying to find me by scent alone.

“Wakey-wakey,” I said in a sing song voice.

Eric’s eyes alighted on me and his gaze turned ravenous.  I was naked except for two things.  My very own Stetson hat on my head, and the one I was holding in front of me.

“You better know I’m about to fuck you senseless,” he said getting up from the bed.

“Not if I do it first,” I said, already melting for him.  “Tell Mister Happy he needs to hold on a moment there.  You need to try on your hat.”

“Mister Happy?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.  He reached for his hat and put it on, hair mussed and everything.  All cowboys should look this good.  Tall.  Thick.  Naked.  I shivered.

I pointed at, well, at Mister Happy.  “Him,” I said, touching the tip to tease.

Eric grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock, already trembling and leaking.  “You cannot name this after a dwarf,” he said, not letting go of my hand and, in fact, making me rub him all the way up and all the way down.

I frowned, trying to keep some semblance of coherency.  I ran my thumb over the tiny bead of moisture, rubbing it into the head lightly, caressing.  Eric groaned.  I knew a growl would issue forth momentarily.  “You’re right,” I said.  “It looks more like gracious plenty to me.”

I knelt before him on the plush carpet.  I was thisclose to his hardness, but decided to tease him.  I occupied my hands by running them up and down his thighs, planting kisses at the junction where his thighs met his hips.  I heard him moan softly.  It was a delicious sound.  It was the sound of my power over him.

I had become a good lover with his gentle guidance, and I knew what he liked.  I ran both my hands, palms open, over his penis, stroking him.  I landed a kiss on the tip, and licked the new little drop of fluid that had formed.  He tasted so good, sweet and salty, like a chocolate covered pretzel.

I looked up and he was watching me as I licked and sucked, running my teeth softly over the tender flesh.  His eyes had turned almost black, his pupils dilated tremendously so that I barely see the glacial blue iris.  His fangs had run down to their full length.  A deep murmur emanated from his chest.  Pleasure.  I was the source.  Even through the black of his eyes I could see his love in them.  I could feel his love in me.  And the lust I felt was pulsating with his need.

Without warning or knowing how I got there, I was lying on my back, on our bed.  Our hats had flown off, but at that moment I couldn’t care.

“Jeez!  A little warning, lover,” I said, missing a breath.

“Call me that again,” he said, purring above me with one hand cupping my center.

I looked at him, trying to infuse my gaze and my voice with sex, which was easy to do since I was already breathless.

“Do what you will, my lover,” I said.

Eric purred a little louder, almost a growl.  I’d never heard him purr before.  It was like a sustained growl, and when his tongue met my little nub, those purring vibrations almost made me come undone.  I felt one long finger begin its exploration inside me, then another, curling and twisting, looking, finding.  A growl began in my own chest as I tried, in vain, not to slam my hips against his hand.  He’d found something new inside me, some new spot for pleasure so intense my whole body began shaking.  Eric’s hand held me down on the bed, his fingers busy, his mouth poised to strike.

“Do it, please!” I begged, looking into his eyes.

He shook his head, and his tongue darted out to mop up the mess I was making.  His purring became a growl, the intensified vibrations making a sweet path from my center, out to my limbs.  I started to feel the little thrills that heralded my orgasm.  I couldn’t hold on to anything, my hands failing in their grasp, my knees relaxing at either side of Eric’s face, and I opened wider.  Just at that moment, when my legs hung open and waiting, he bit my thigh, sinking his fangs and making me scream his name over and over like a chant.

I was only half back into myself when I felt him pull away.  I whimpered at the loss: missing him was so immediate.  Eric picked me up under my arms, as easily as if I was a toddler.  He positioned himself under me, sitting on the bed with my arms and legs around him like a vise.  When he thrust up, I pushed down, and we were one.  He directed my body over his, bouncing me on him.  I held onto his shoulders, throwing my head back in ecstasy.  I was so close, so close.  But he wanted to draw it out.

“Please, Eric, please,” I heard myself say, over and over, asking him for something only he could give me.

He buried his face at my breasts, thrusting deeper and harder, when I felt a sharp pain at my nipple.  I was pushed over the edge only to land on a purple sea of pure emotion.  I fell back onto him, wanting to prolong the feeling, and bit his shoulder so hard that I drew blood.  He convulsed underneath me with a mighty battle cry.  I sucked on his shoulder while he sucked on my breast.  It wasn’t enough that he was inside me.  I wanted all of him inside me: his blood, his penis, his fingers.  He was thinking that it would always be like this, this good, this holy, this right.

I gasped.


We came back to ourselves, plummeting to Earth without a parachute.  Me because of what had just happened, and him because I’d just yelled his name.

“What?!  What’s wrong?!  Did I hurt you?” he pulled away to grab my face in his hands and look at me.

I shook my head as best I could in his grip.  “I heard you.  I heard what you were thinking.  I saw how you see me.”  My eyes smarted.  I knew I was about to cry.  Between the tangle of emotions after making love and what I’d seen in his mind, my mind and my body couldn’t take it anymore.

Eric’s worried look melted into a smile, one of those beautiful ones he gave me and only me.  “What was I thinking, my love?  What do you look like?”

I swallowed.  I’d never seen the world through vampire eyes, not really, and I’d finally gotten a glimpse.  I finally understood what had made Pam show me fang when she first met me, why stupid Bill couldn’t stop looking at me, and why Eric had fallen in love with me so immediately: my skin radiated with warmth, like honey in the sun.  My hair shone in different colors of wheat and corn silk.  My blue-gray eyes were startling to see, and paired with my pink lips, I was… I was gorgeous!  One should wish to be seen like that by the rest of the world.  I told him as much and had him chuckling.

“What was I thinking?” he asked, still smiling.

“That you love me and that it will always be like this,” I said, a little scared.  I wondered whose standard of “always” he’d been thinking about.  Did he wish to turn me?

“But you knew that already,” he said.  We were still tangled in each other, needing the closeness.

“I love you too, Eric,” I said, looking at his glacial blue eyes.  I wondered what they would look like to a vampire, and then banished that thought.  I didn’t want to become a vampire.  I liked being human just fine.  For now.

We whispered sweet nothings to each other, kissing and biting playfully for a few minutes.  And then reality came crashing down.

“I forgot to tell you what happened,” I said, and told Eric about Hugo, and how Anthony had to come and escort him out.

Eric nodded.  “They’re just waking,” he said, and reached for his phone charging on the bedside table.  He called Stan and told him about Hugo.  My mental powers had now been tested and would not be questioned.  Hugo would be punished.  I would feel bad about that later.  I could only guess at his intentions, but obviously they weren’t good.  What had I said to Eric once?  People who mess with the weather have no hope of sunny skies.  You mess with vampires, you better be prepared to handle the consequences.

“Did I tell you I like my hat?” Eric asked.  We were gliding against each other in the shower, trying to bathe together.  It was interesting, and soapy.  We couldn’t have been more obvious if somebody had stamped the word “Honeymooners” on our foreheads.

“No, you didn’t exactly tell me, but I think you showed me how much you liked mine,” I teased, running my hands over his soapy butt.  I loved his butt.  It was a nice butt.  Nice butt… Nice…

Eric jumped.  “What did you just do?”


“Touch me again,” he ordered.  Since I’d been touching his butt, I had no problem following that command.  He jumped again and laughed.

“You’re ticklish on your butt?” I asked, laughing with him.

“Only because you’re touching me like…” he made the same motion as I had done, but on my waist.  I jumped.  Shit!

“You’re ticklish on your waist!” he accused.

“Okay, but remember I’m human and I need to breathe.  You can’t make me pass out from tickling.  That’s a form of torture, understand?” I asked, because he was wiggling his fingers and looking at my waist with an impish grin.

“Fine.  Killjoy,” he pouted.  He got to tickle me a couple of times anyway.

We had dinner in our room and I told Eric about Chris and her vampire boyfriend, and about the good parts of my day.  Eric got a chance to elaborate on the events from the night before.

“It would have been foolish to wait any longer to rescue Farrell,” he shook his head.  “I’m glad I didn’t tell Stan about you before we arrived, or I’m afraid Hugo would have told the Fellowship they were about to be discovered.”

“What do you think they’ll do to Hugo?” I asked, fearing the worst.

“They won’t kill him, but they’ll remove him from that which he loves the most.”

“Isabel,” I said, without a hint of emotion to my voice.  Hugo had been obsessed with her, but wanted to hurt her at the same time.  It’s as if he’d blamed her for his present circumstances, when in reality he’d brought it all on himself.

“Isabel isn’t blameless either.  She will be punished for not keeping a better eye on him.  She blindly trusted him,” Eric said, and sipped at the True Blood they’d brought up from the restaurant.

“That’s not really fair,” I commented.

I dressed in a simple black sheath dress and wore my ruby earrings.  The dress had come with a jacket, just in case I needed to look professional again.  I bypassed the jacket altogether, and used a pretty flowery scarf to tie my hair into a low ponytail.  Pam was a genius.  From now on she could pack my bags any day.  Eric looked dapper in a black suit with a burgundy shirt, no tie.  He left his hair down, and every woman’s head turned to look at my beautiful Norse god of a husband as we made our way out to a waiting car.

Stan’s house was hopping, but you wouldn’t know it from the outside.  There was no need to blast the music, what with the vampires’ super hearing and all.  They had made a dance floor of the large living room, pushing the couches and chairs up against the wall.  Many people were outside as well, enjoying the cool night air at the pool in the backyard.

As we entered we got many head tilts and thank yous from several vampires.  They were directed at me, though hesitantly.  Eric’s possessiveness was at an all-time high, and was scaring away most people.  He led me to the dance floor, where he pulled me against him so hard I could barely breathe.

“Honey… they’re happy, they mean me no harm,” I whispered in his ear, which was kind of easy since he had buried his face at my neck.  I was territory to be marked.

A glowing hand tapped Eric’s shoulder and he let out a low rumble before turning to see who it was.

It was Farrell.  “May I?” he asked, smiling genially.  He looked exactly like I’d seen him in Bethany’s thoughts, maybe paler.

I squeezed Eric’s hand lightly, trying to remind him that Farrell was a friend not a foe.  Eric forced a smile and stepped aside, keeping close.

“Miss Sookie.  Thank you for… everything,” Farrell said.  He had a very deep reverberating voice that was soothing in its way.

“It was nothing.  I’m very happy you’re alright,” I said, meaning it.

“I’m better than alright.  For a bit there I didn’t think I’d make it,” Farrell seemed to sigh.  We were dancing slowly so we could talk.  He looked out the sliding glass door that led to the pool and tilted his head in that direction.  “I can’t blame him though.  I wouldn’t want to die alone either.”

I followed Farrell’s gaze.  Everyone that had been outside by the pool had moved inside, except for one person.  It was a teenage boy, looking forlorn at the sky with his hands in his pockets.  Godfrey.

“Is he alright?” I asked Farrell.

Farrell shook his head.  “He’s refused to eat, won’t even touch the synthetic blood.  He says it’s lost on him.”

“Lost on him,” I repeated silently, wondering what it meant.  Perhaps his plans to meet the sun hadn’t changed, just the location.  “Farrell, thank you for the dance.  Do you mind if I speak to Eric for a second?”

“Not at all Miss Sookie.  Thank you again,” he said, dropping his cool hand from my waist and tipping his hat.

As I expected, Eric had heard the whole conversation and was beside me in a flash.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong.  Do you mind if I go talk to Godfrey for a minute?  You can listen in if you want, but I think you should let me do it alone,” I said, trying to think.  For all intents and purposes, Godfrey was a teenager.  Angsty, depressed, and guilt-ridden, no doubt.  Nothing in my dealings with vampires told me they had matured beyond their human years.  Eric had been a capable man, therefore his success in his endeavors.  Pam had been a willful brat, and still was.  They might have acquired some wisdom, but their feelings would have remained the same.  I had no doubts in my mind that Godfrey was a depressed, suicidal teen.  I wondered how Bill had gotten him to come with them, but then Bill might have looked like a father figure to Godfrey.

“I will remain here,” Eric said reluctantly.

I left him before he could change his mind, and joined Godfrey outside on the patio.  It was a beautiful clear night, and though you could barely see the stars from this suburb, the moon was putting on a show.  It looked like a cradle.

“Hi,” I said hesitantly.  Godfrey turned, as if I’d interrupted his thoughts and he hadn’t felt me coming.  Maybe that was exactly the case.  “I’m Sookie.  Are you Godfrey?”

“Yes, but please call me Godric,” he inclined his head and then tilted it.  “You’re the one who knew where to find me.”

“Not exactly.  Bill did that part.  I just figured out you were the last person to be with Farrell,” well, kinda, sorta, but I wasn’t about to split any more hairs.

Godric smiled weakly at my mention of Bill.  “Bill can sure talk some good nonsense.”

“Oh?  How’s that?”  I tried hard to keep my tone light.

“He said if I still wanted to die, I should do it among those of my kind, except I can’t because they’ll burn along with me.  So now I’m here, I still want to meet the sun, and now I’ll have to do it alone,” Godric shifted his gaze back to the sky.

“Why do you want to meet the sun, Godric?” I asked in a quiet voice.

He turned his eyes back to me, and all I could see was sadness.  “Sookie,” he breathed my name out with some of the air he required to speak.  “I’ve been alive nearly two thousand years.  I was turned when I was fifteen years old.  My maker died a thousand years ago and I was left alone.  In all that time, all I ever wanted was to spend time with people my age.  I fed from them; I killed them, countless children, all of them etched in my mind.  I can’t continue.  Now I don’t even have to stalk them, they come to me.  They know what I am and don’t care,” he shook his head.  “It was a mistake to turn me so young.”

I cleared my face of all expression and my mind off all judgment.  I wasn’t there to judge, as that is not anybody’s job but God’s.  I was there to listen and offer comfort, like the good Christian woman that I am.  “If your sincere wish is to leave this Earth, I won’t be able to stop you.  But have you given this careful thought?  Isn’t there anything you will miss when you’re gone?”

Godric looked at me like I’d grown a second head.  “I won’t know that I’m gone, will I?”

I shrugged.  I had long since made up my mind that vampires had souls.  Souls are redeemable.  “What if you do know?  What if there is a heaven or an afterlife?”

“If there is I won’t be going to your heaven, Sookie.”

“I think you might.  You seem truly repentant for what you’ve done.  But Godric,” I put my hand on his arm.  He was cooler than the night air.  It was as if he pulled on my warmth, “won’t there be anything you will miss?”

Godric smiled his sad smile.  “I already miss too much.  I miss the sun, and the way it warms everything, including your skin, Sookie.  I think I might miss you, the first human to speak to me as if I were human too.”

I looked down at my feet.  The boy was in pain.  He wanted to go back home.  I could understand that.  Even though suicide was not exactly the best way to die, there was no other way for him.  He wasn’t about to catch pneumonia and die of natural causes.

“There’s a vampire in distress because you’re speaking to me,” Godric said.

I looked up and there was Eric, pacing on the other side of the sliding glass door.  “That’s Eric, my husband.  He gets over-protective sometimes.”

Godric arched an eyebrow, and looked from me to Eric, back to me.  “You’re blood bonded.  I haven’t seen a blood bonded pair in hundreds of years, not a love one.  You must be very special, Sookie.”

I shrugged one shoulder.  I wasn’t sure what to say about the compliment… and what did he mean about a love blood bond?  Was there another kind?  No sooner had I thought it and my other half walked out, unable to stand being separated from me a minute longer.

“You must be Eric,” Godric bowed low, though I would have guessed his age made him much stronger than Eric, even at half Eric’s size.  “I was about to escort your beautiful wife back inside, but I see you’ve beat me to it.”

“Thank you, Godric.  Stan is asking for everyone’s presence inside.  I believe he’s about to make a toast.”  Eric scrunched his nose at the word.  It was hard to toast to anything holding up a bottle of blood, or a human for that matter.

All three of us headed back inside, and I stood next to Chris.  She shot me a huge smile that faded quickly as she took in the nature of my husband.  I’d been right: she’d thought Eric was human.  “Eric Northman is your husband?” she asked in a hushed tone.

Eric smiled and I hid mine.  “Yes.  I thought you knew since the Were called me by my last name.”  Okay, not technically my last name, but whatever.

“I was busy ogling,” she said in her defense and shook her head.  Chris’ quick mind started trying to figure out the nature of a vampire and a human marriage, how legal it could be; the fine print.  She was doing a Master’s in Vampire Studies, after all.  “My God!  I need to interview you,” she whipped out her cell phone.  “Give me your number.”

I rattled it off to her in time to grab a champagne flute from a tray that was being passed around by a human waiter.  Eric’s face made sense now.  The blood had been served in the same type of flute as the champagne… Yuk!

Stan was talking about how grateful they were having Farrell back, and welcoming Godfrey/Godric into their home, when something pressed on my mind.  I had put up my shields, but I’d relaxed them a bit after hanging out with all the vampires and said-what-she-meant Chris.  I dropped them completely but couldn’t readily tell what had made me take notice, or where it had come from.  Bill got close to our group, making me lose my concentration momentarily.

Then I heard it, not with my ears.  It was a countdown.  I cast out with my mind wildly, trying to see where the threat was coming from.  The house was surrounded by like minds.

“Everybody down!” I shouted, immediately feeling the air knocked out of me and Eric covered me.

Something I learned that night.  Vampires don’t hesitate when there is mention of a threat.  Their sense of survival has been honed and perfected to such a degree, that they become zealous and jealous with their lives.  So when the bad men opened fire upon the house, it was the humans who died.

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