Alive After Dark

A common sense tale: The Queen chose a much more ideal vampire to watch over Sookie. She sent Eric, not Bill. Sookie’s view of Eric wasn’t marred by what Bill did. Come see what happens when common sense prevails. Lots of fun and new stuff. Rated M!

The inspiration came to me in the shower (appropriate, I think). What if Queen Sophie-Anne had sent the strongest, most apt vampire to secure Sookie for her retinue? She wouldn’t have sent Bill, she would have sent Eric. Eric’s affections for Sookie would not have been marred by her love for Bill. I also went ahead and put a dash of common sense on the characters and situations. Don’t forget to check out the banners made by Black Dead Orchids!


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3 thoughts on “Alive After Dark

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  2. I have been glued to your fabulous story Alive After Dark for the last week after finding you following a link recommending you on AlphaEn’s blog. I wanted to say thankyou! Thankyou! I loved the premise and I’ve loved every satisfying word. Thankyou! It’s been great! I’m now reading your latest story and loving that too…

    • Alpha is a great writer too! I’m so glad you like my stories. Alive After Dark was my first brain baby, and I loved writing it so much! I’m always touched when it gains a new fan. Happy reading! 😀

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