Chapter 32 of “Nothing” is Up!

Happy New Year from Sunny Florida!

Who are my magnificent readers?  You can all raise your hands, go on!  I’ve read all your comments regarding the ending for this fic: Happy Ever After it is.  Although, just for kicks and giggles, I might post an alternate ending with a strong warning… NOT, not, not a “Charlaine-Harris-y” ending, just an alternate.

Actually, I’ve been able to upload these chapters several days before they actually post onto the site, which has given me a little leeway on time.  If anybody has been lurking around and sees the links for the next chapter, and the link doesn’t quite work, that’s because it’s there but not published.  I’m evil that way.

This fic has been up and running since May of 2011, right after “Dead Reckoning” broke our hearts forever.  I’m so happy to be able to finish it soon.  There are several stories running through my mind right now, and I even have an idea for a title!  Isn’t that just amazing?  To me it is, anyway.

Here’s to hoping that 2014 is another outstandingly good year for all our muses!

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Chapter 31 of “Nothing” is Up!

Happy Boxing Day – for those who celebrate!  I want to celebrate Boxing Day too!  Here in the U.S., today is the day we go back to work to get away from the family members who are invading our homes.  Boxing Day takes on a whole different connotation when viewed in THAT light, huh?

About this chapter: I feel I have to give y’all a heads up that Sookie will be unlike herself during much of it.  It’s obvious she’s dealing with some very heavy burdens and that shows through the things she says – yeah, she’s cursing a lot.  I don’t like to write out expletives, for the most part, unless they serve a particular purpose.  Otherwise they lose their rightful place and fail to shock and awe.  The fact that I’m using them in this chapter has a ton of significance.

There are several endings for “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World” that are currently running through my head.  A couple will produce angst for me and for my readers.  One is ho-hum-blah, HEA, same ol’-same ol’.  Another is completely alien, unexpected, and “Charlaine-Harris-y.”  I might write them all out and try them all on for size… then I might post them all and let y’all click at your own risk.  Thoughts on the matter are MOST welcome below!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers!  I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that Santa goes nuts at your house (if that’s your thing), that your relatives don’t drive you nuts (even if that’s a short drive), the booze is good and the food is better.

Viking Hugs and Kisses and to All a Good Night!

Chapter 30 of “Nothing” is UP!

…what good bad girls want.

These chapters keep coming fast and furious.  Nothing like having an end in sight to get the creative juices flowing.  I’m not sure exactly how many more chapters this story will take, but we should soon find out whether or not Eric is slated to die on May 3rd, 2011… Yikes!  When was “Dead Reckoning” published?  Sometimes we’d all like to forget, amiright???


This chapter contains non-explicit talk about rape and incest.  So, not exactly something one would run away from, but I’m all for disclaimers when the subject matter turns sexually violent.  It won’t go into detail, not even close, but I’m sensitive to triggers and I wanted to make sure nobody started reading this chapter without the disclaimer.  You will find this same message at the beginning of the chapter, for the readers who like to skip reading posts.

Along with that disclaimer comes this one: please trust me.  There is a scene in this chapter that WILL rub us the wrong way (and I wrote it!).  But bear with me and with the story.  Thank you!  Viking Hugs and Kisses!!!!

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Chapter 29 of “Nothing” is Up!


I was super excited writing this chapter.  My muse is delivering faster than ever, and she’s serving up all kinds of goodies in this chapter.  It’s loooong, like the first chapters of this story, and it’s chock-full of information and all of it is important and relevant.  So sit back, relax with some coffee, tea, or alcohol (you might need it), and enjoy!  Meanwhile, I’ll be furiously working on the next chapter – another doozy, methinks.

By the way… I’m posting this story on Fictionpad a la (since I refuse to post it again on the latter).  We shall see how that works out, although so far, so good.  If you happen to follow me there AND here, then you might want to disregard the updates on this story that you get from Fictionpad.  Sorry about that!

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The Holidays – and Chapter 28 of Nothing is Up!

Happy Everything!  I’m being bold with that statement, I understand, but there are so many people celebrating so many things and so many who take offense if I don’t say something in particular and I just want people to be happy.  Can’t we all just get along?

Actually, I had a little bit of an epiphany yesterday.  A girl (she’s very young, 19 years old) that used to help me at work and who I consider to be the most wonderful, funniest, smartest person in the world announced that… his name is now a boy’s name.  That’s not even what threw me for a loop at all.  Like not even!  I knew he liked girls, and when he made the announcement I wasn’t surprised.  What messed me up is having to use he/him.  And it doesn’t even bother me… it confuses the crap out of me!  Am I being a bad person for needing an adjustment period with pronouns?  I mess them up all the time even with no ambiguity…

Who saw Stephen Moyer singing on The Sound of Music?  Amazing, right?!  Right?!  I liked it.  Maybe I’m just a simple soul.

Festivus is coming!  Airing of grievances!  I have one: True Blood’s Casting Call for the first episode of the last season.  ‘Nuff said, because if I keep going I just might… cry, actually.

Chapter 28…Click!

Chapter 27 of “Nothing’s” is Up!

Hi, everybody!  How are you all doing this fine pre-Thanksgiving weekend?  It’s Friday, I get it.  To me it’s already the weekend.

There were some late comments on “Nothing’s” page, regarding the better endings that fanfiction affords the Southern Vampire Mysteries.  Well, this is why we have fanfiction to begin with.  As a matter of fact, I started reading fanfiction when I didn’t quite enjoy Book 5 because it didn’t address anything about Book 4.  So I found this little gem by Terri Botta (if you haven’t read it, why not?  Stop right now and go read THAT.  You’ll thank me later).  She even included her own original characters and it is one of the most popular fanfics in fanficdom.

That said, even True Blood benefits from fanfiction.  A lot of us writers stick to SVM, but some know the show better and take it from there.  I wish I read more fanfiction than I do, but if there are any interesting stories I usually “favorite” the author and/or the story itself and you can see what I like here and here.

I like to write what makes me happy, so I get where writers come from when they say that.  Usually what makes me happy, also makes the readers happy.  That’s not to say that we should ALL write fluff.  If we didn’t write about things that make us uncomfortable or draw outside the lines, this would be a very boring world.  Nevertheless, I hope by now y’all understand that I don’t mind so much that Sookie didn’t end up with Eric in canon SVM.  Sookie loves the sun, she never wanted to be a vampire, there’s no way for Eric to go back to being human, AND (something that another author pointed out recently in one of her fics), Eric is a different, dangerous being.

Sometimes – a lot of times – I make the mistake of humanizing Eric, and probably other writers do so as well… why?  Because I don’t know any vampires!  Easy as that.  Ms. Harris doesn’t either, but she tried her best to warn everybody (since Bill said that vampires turn on those they love – or whatever the heck he said in “Dead Until Dark,” or was it only on True Blood?) up until Eric did exactly that.  However, I do resent how “The Maker” (yes, she calls herself that on her website) deconstructed the character so thoroughly.  That was completely uncalled for and it feels like she did it out of spite.  The saying “cutting off her nose to spite her face” comes to mind right now, because she made so many readers so very angry and that was a move that hurts future sales.  That’s all on top of seeming like she is a cantankerous lady to begin with.  There are many famous people that I would love to meet and she’s not one of them.

Ranting done.

Hey!  There’s a new chapter for “Nothing’s”!  And, once again, I’ve switched to a new song for inspiration.  This time it’s Dutch goth group Within Temptation’s Jillian (I’d Give My Heart).  What can I say?  My taste in music is eclectic.

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