Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

Per usual, the amazingly talented Black Dead Orchids spoiled me rotten and made this gorgeous banner for me.  She even found what the cluviel dor should look like!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  I love it!  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

  1. Hi Rebelina, I hope you are doing ok and everything is well with your pregnancy. Just wanted to check as you haven’t updated ‘Nothings gonna change my world’ for quite a few weeks now i didn’t know if i’d missed something. Love Sarah xx

    • Everything is going very well, thank you. I had to return to work these past few months and everything in my schedule has been topsy-turvy. I did start the new chapter of “Nothing,” and hopefully I can have it ready by the weekend. I won’t cross my fingers because then I can’t type! LOL

      You haven’t missed a thing. It’s just been a very busy start to the year 2012. Thanks for checking in. I’m sorry that I worry people. Maybe I’ll do a baby update and bug everybody… 😀

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