About Me

The dreaded “About Me”… :

Twitter: @rebelina11

Tumblr: rebelina11

Email: rebelina11@yahoo.com

You can read all my stories on Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2566784/Rebelina

Many of you wonder who this muse is that keeps bugging me.  She looks a bit like Salma Hayek in Dogma.  And she enjoys cookies.  She hasn’t told me her name yet.  She’s just The Muse, like The Doctor.

Everything is 11.  Why 11?  Because my birthday is in November and I’m a Scorpio… a very scorpy-Scorpio.  Everything anybody has ever read about Scorpios applies to me, through and through, even my given name – Melanie.  Plus, I love my actual Birth Day.  So, there you go.  Besides, what’s not to like about November?  It’s right after Halloween, it’s cool weather-wise, and in the end you get the smörgåsbord that is Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas holiday.  You also have Veterans’ Day on the 11th, a very important holiday, IMHO.

I’m originally from Puerto Rico and speak, read and write Spanish fluently, even though

Yours truly with my baby Sophie about two weeks after she was born.

I keep thinking that I’m secretly Swedish.  I loved Ikea before Alexander Skarsgård made it cool.

My charity of choice is the March of Dimes because without it and the research it has funded I wouldn’t have my very healthy daughter running around like she rules the world.

And… Why Rebelina?  It’s actually a running joke I’ve had with my hubby for many years.  When we first met and started talking about marriage and family, he said he wanted to name his first son Revelino after some soccer player.  It was just a joke.  He didn’t even know how to spell the name and spelled it for me with a B, Rebelino.  I adopted the name Rebelina (the female form) for my email address, and have kept it all these years.  I’m not really all that rebellious.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lovely little autobiography & so nice to know a little about you! I love how you came up with your screen name! That’s so sweet

    Unfortunately, I’ve been known to be that rebellious, but never found the Gaelic word for it, and I shudder to think what it might be in German, so I just stuck with good ol’ Buffy. She’s a rebel! LOL!

    This is my first time on your blog & I’m looking forward to reading your stories – you are “renowned” in the FF world for them as well as your incredible beta skills! So I’ll just get on to reading now. Your site looks fantastic & I know I’ll enjoy it as much as the many others I’ve found!

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