Chapter 34 of “Nothing” is Up!

He’s looking at what I did

Look at that, look at what I did.  I wrote this chapter in a record three days!  Unbelievable…  Don’t get used to it.

I read all your wonderful comments.  I will not do anything to keep our lovers separated, but I did hint at the “Charlaine-Harris-y” ending that had once floated through my mind.  Read the chapter and you’ll find out.  Now that it’s out like that, it’s off the table as a possible finale.

Also in this chapter, I addressed a piece of stupidity that happened in the book Deadlocked.  That book never happened in this timeline, because this story happens right after Dead Reckoning, so Sookie never finds Eric feeding from another person or anything remotely nonsensical such as that.  If any of you lovely readers gave up and never read Deadlocked, then you won’t really know what I’m talking about (you’re the lucky ones).  If you, like me, read that piece of garbage, you will high-five me like I’m Barney Stinson and I just got a date while speaking dolphin.  Legen….(wait for it)… dary!

Arrgh! Give me Chapter 34


What do you think?

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