Chapter 31 of “Nothing” is Up!

Happy Boxing Day – for those who celebrate!  I want to celebrate Boxing Day too!  Here in the U.S., today is the day we go back to work to get away from the family members who are invading our homes.  Boxing Day takes on a whole different connotation when viewed in THAT light, huh?

About this chapter: I feel I have to give y’all a heads up that Sookie will be unlike herself during much of it.  It’s obvious she’s dealing with some very heavy burdens and that shows through the things she says – yeah, she’s cursing a lot.  I don’t like to write out expletives, for the most part, unless they serve a particular purpose.  Otherwise they lose their rightful place and fail to shock and awe.  The fact that I’m using them in this chapter has a ton of significance.

There are several endings for “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World” that are currently running through my head.  A couple will produce angst for me and for my readers.  One is ho-hum-blah, HEA, same ol’-same ol’.  Another is completely alien, unexpected, and “Charlaine-Harris-y.”  I might write them all out and try them all on for size… then I might post them all and let y’all click at your own risk.  Thoughts on the matter are MOST welcome below!

Take me to Chapter 31 already!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 31 of “Nothing” is Up!

  1. If you decide to pull a CH on the ending, please warn first. I hated the way she ended the series and the idea of reading that type of misery again is not something I want to do.
    Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write what you want, that is your right as the author, just please give a warning.. I confess I’m a huge fan of the HEA for these two.

    • Exactly what valady1 said… The mention of a CH-ish ending gave me shivers so I’d rather avoid it even if I have loved the story (I am also a HEA addict I am afraid… I blame the disappointment from the books & show) so far but yep, it totally is your story so you should end it as you see fit! Thank you for writing and may I wish you a fantastic 2014

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