Chapter 30 of “Nothing” is UP!

…what good bad girls want.

These chapters keep coming fast and furious.  Nothing like having an end in sight to get the creative juices flowing.  I’m not sure exactly how many more chapters this story will take, but we should soon find out whether or not Eric is slated to die on May 3rd, 2011… Yikes!  When was “Dead Reckoning” published?  Sometimes we’d all like to forget, amiright???


This chapter contains non-explicit talk about rape and incest.  So, not exactly something one would run away from, but I’m all for disclaimers when the subject matter turns sexually violent.  It won’t go into detail, not even close, but I’m sensitive to triggers and I wanted to make sure nobody started reading this chapter without the disclaimer.  You will find this same message at the beginning of the chapter, for the readers who like to skip reading posts.

Along with that disclaimer comes this one: please trust me.  There is a scene in this chapter that WILL rub us the wrong way (and I wrote it!).  But bear with me and with the story.  Thank you!  Viking Hugs and Kisses!!!!

Take me to Chapter 30!


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