Chapter 29 of “Nothing” is Up!


I was super excited writing this chapter.  My muse is delivering faster than ever, and she’s serving up all kinds of goodies in this chapter.  It’s loooong, like the first chapters of this story, and it’s chock-full of information and all of it is important and relevant.  So sit back, relax with some coffee, tea, or alcohol (you might need it), and enjoy!  Meanwhile, I’ll be furiously working on the next chapter – another doozy, methinks.

By the way… I’m posting this story on Fictionpad a la (since I refuse to post it again on the latter).  We shall see how that works out, although so far, so good.  If you happen to follow me there AND here, then you might want to disregard the updates on this story that you get from Fictionpad.  Sorry about that!

Clicky-clicky for Chapter 29


3 thoughts on “Chapter 29 of “Nothing” is Up!

  1. Greetings Rebelina!
    I wouldn’t post anything on FF either. Censorship in any form is wrong, and to go through cherrypicking stories makes it even worse. What I find most hypocritical is the removal of stories with adult themes, i.e. anything relating to sex; yet the stories with more violent scenes in them are left alone. Odd, isn’t it?
    I’m thrilled though that your muse seems to want to flourish these days! We all get to reap the benefits!

    • What got to me on was my inability to block messages. I’ll admit that I’m a little touchy when it comes to my stories and the characters (probably how CH feels, come to think of it). This story – and Sookie – got a hateful, mean, and cruel comment somewhere around chapter 11 or 12 on I tried my best to reason with the person (why would I do such a thing?!) and then had to block her, only to have her reappear with a different name. So I took down the story and posted it here only. It hurt because I had so many wonderful reviews aside from that one. At least here I can moderate comments. People who have commented before will see their comments pop up immediately, but a new person commenting will go into moderation – and I can always block comments that are offensive, but readers of this blog have always been fabulous. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy and welcome constructive criticism. There are several readers who always have a keen eye and help me a lot, and I appreciate their comments thoroughly. However, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and just plain bullying. I really don’t do well with the latter.

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