The Holidays – and Chapter 28 of Nothing is Up!

Happy Everything!  I’m being bold with that statement, I understand, but there are so many people celebrating so many things and so many who take offense if I don’t say something in particular and I just want people to be happy.  Can’t we all just get along?

Actually, I had a little bit of an epiphany yesterday.  A girl (she’s very young, 19 years old) that used to help me at work and who I consider to be the most wonderful, funniest, smartest person in the world announced that… his name is now a boy’s name.  That’s not even what threw me for a loop at all.  Like not even!  I knew he liked girls, and when he made the announcement I wasn’t surprised.  What messed me up is having to use he/him.  And it doesn’t even bother me… it confuses the crap out of me!  Am I being a bad person for needing an adjustment period with pronouns?  I mess them up all the time even with no ambiguity…

Who saw Stephen Moyer singing on The Sound of Music?  Amazing, right?!  Right?!  I liked it.  Maybe I’m just a simple soul.

Festivus is coming!  Airing of grievances!  I have one: True Blood’s Casting Call for the first episode of the last season.  ‘Nuff said, because if I keep going I just might… cry, actually.

Chapter 28…Click!


2 thoughts on “The Holidays – and Chapter 28 of Nothing is Up!

  1. I ran into the same thing with a transgender friend when she first came out. Luckily, she understood that while I accepted her unconditionally, it would take a little while to retrain my brain after so many years and didn’t take offense if I slipped on the pronouns 🙂

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