Chapter 27 of “Nothing’s” is Up!

Hi, everybody!  How are you all doing this fine pre-Thanksgiving weekend?  It’s Friday, I get it.  To me it’s already the weekend.

There were some late comments on “Nothing’s” page, regarding the better endings that fanfiction affords the Southern Vampire Mysteries.  Well, this is why we have fanfiction to begin with.  As a matter of fact, I started reading fanfiction when I didn’t quite enjoy Book 5 because it didn’t address anything about Book 4.  So I found this little gem by Terri Botta (if you haven’t read it, why not?  Stop right now and go read THAT.  You’ll thank me later).  She even included her own original characters and it is one of the most popular fanfics in fanficdom.

That said, even True Blood benefits from fanfiction.  A lot of us writers stick to SVM, but some know the show better and take it from there.  I wish I read more fanfiction than I do, but if there are any interesting stories I usually “favorite” the author and/or the story itself and you can see what I like here and here.

I like to write what makes me happy, so I get where writers come from when they say that.  Usually what makes me happy, also makes the readers happy.  That’s not to say that we should ALL write fluff.  If we didn’t write about things that make us uncomfortable or draw outside the lines, this would be a very boring world.  Nevertheless, I hope by now y’all understand that I don’t mind so much that Sookie didn’t end up with Eric in canon SVM.  Sookie loves the sun, she never wanted to be a vampire, there’s no way for Eric to go back to being human, AND (something that another author pointed out recently in one of her fics), Eric is a different, dangerous being.

Sometimes – a lot of times – I make the mistake of humanizing Eric, and probably other writers do so as well… why?  Because I don’t know any vampires!  Easy as that.  Ms. Harris doesn’t either, but she tried her best to warn everybody (since Bill said that vampires turn on those they love – or whatever the heck he said in “Dead Until Dark,” or was it only on True Blood?) up until Eric did exactly that.  However, I do resent how “The Maker” (yes, she calls herself that on her website) deconstructed the character so thoroughly.  That was completely uncalled for and it feels like she did it out of spite.  The saying “cutting off her nose to spite her face” comes to mind right now, because she made so many readers so very angry and that was a move that hurts future sales.  That’s all on top of seeming like she is a cantankerous lady to begin with.  There are many famous people that I would love to meet and she’s not one of them.

Ranting done.

Hey!  There’s a new chapter for “Nothing’s”!  And, once again, I’ve switched to a new song for inspiration.  This time it’s Dutch goth group Within Temptation’s Jillian (I’d Give My Heart).  What can I say?  My taste in music is eclectic.

Click here for Chapter 27 – It’s My Fault


3 thoughts on “Chapter 27 of “Nothing’s” is Up!

  1. Totally agree with you! I knew Sookie & Eric weren’t going to be together at the end of the series (clues all through the books). Subtle, CH is not. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t disappointed though! Like you, I understood all the reasons & even liked the ending. I like Sookie – she came a long way from the girl she was in that first book to the woman who held her head high amongst vampire royalty during her very public divorce. But CH & the deconstruct? I’ll never understand that. I can’t wrap my head around the idea of an author taking a character whom they’ve created & brought to practically legendary status, and then wiping him out by writing the antithesis of him in one long paragraph. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one who comes to mind; he “killed” Sherlock Holmes,” but ended up reviving him for later stories. The character had taken on a life of his own. This is just one instance – I am in NO WAY comparing CH to the great Conan Doyle; Eric Northman to Sherlock Holmes! LOL! I honestly don’t believe high school classes will be reading Ms. Harris’ books 75 years from now & analyzing her characters!

    Terri Botta’s stories? Great choice, and excellent FF. Can’t go wrong with anything written by her!

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