Chapter 26 of “Nothing” is Up!

Yay!  Another chapter in what is turning out to be another epic story.  I can now see the end, thankfully, so it probably won’t be 60+ chapters like the behemoth that is AAD.  As y’all know (because I shared the “CODA” and its antithesis “CODA THIS!“) that stupidity that was the last-last book of the SVM series has me seeing red.  So I went ahead and addressed a couple of things in this chapter, things that drove me positively bonkers, but I did it in a nice way to fit with my story – ’cause I love my readers.  That’s right, I said it.  I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, but probably not like Eric loves Sookie.  More like Pam loves her Jimmy Choos.  Still pretty high up there.

Read on: Chapter 26 – Watch the City Burn (Part 2)


One thought on “Chapter 26 of “Nothing” is Up!

  1. Ha! That was the very first word that came to mind when I read that drivel, I mean “Coda.” Antithesis. Why would an author spend so much time creating such a character, building him to near-mythical status, only to write the complete antithesis of him at the very end? And think readers would find this logical, never mind believable? As an editor, I’d throw it away and tell her start again! Perhaps CH just wanted to fade into obscurity. I can’t think of any other reason for this.

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