Chapter 23 of “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World” is UP!!!

It’s been a long time, huh?  Let’s all blame… I mean!  THANK msbuffy for making me (in a very loose sense of the word “make”) read my own story again.  It needs to be finished!  So I’ll be doing that from now on.  Hopefully my muse will deliver, since it’s her fault to begin with that I stopped writing it.

And since I’m talking about my muse (she’s nuts!), here’s the disclaimer: this chapter is 18+, so by reading it you acknowledge that you are over that age.  Some of you already know that this whole story is for adults, but I gotta re-emphasize it, just in case.  This is both for violence and sex.  I’m trying to move the plot along, so the chapter doesn’t really linger on either of those subjects, but if you’re easily offended by either of those, then don’t read.  Specifically, we’ll be touching upon: killing humans, killing fairies, non-traditional sex, and Sookie being put in her place by the use of vampiric logic.  The only reason I feel compelled to even give this disclaimer is because this whole story has had questionable subject matter from the beginning, and I wanted to remind y’all… again, just in case.

Without further ado, here’s the new chapter:

Take me to Chapter 23!

Happy Reading!!!


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