Who Dat?!

That little cutie is the newest member of our family: Alexander.  He was born exactly 3 weeks ago on June 26, weighing 6 lbs and 12 oz.  He was full term, which many of my darling readers know is a blessing after my first pregnancy.  I had to have a cesarean, from which I’m still recovering, which is why I’ve been missing for the past month or so.  My stay at the hospital was the usual affair, with a lactation nazi thrown in for good measure.  Actually, 4 out of the 5 nurses that took care of me during my longer-than-normal stay were absolute angels, wonderful in so many ways.  I always have the utmost respect for all nurses, and people like Lauren, Kara, Kit, and Sevan from the Holy Cross Hospital’s maternity unit are the reason why.  I really can’t say enough good things about my nurses.  Now that I’m home I wish I could have brought one of them with me (although hubby is doing a good job).

Just know that we’ve all been watching True Blood, scratching our heads about some of the idiocies (wtf is an ifrit?).  I’m actually enjoying this season, but I may be the only one!  Hubby is predicting what’s gonna happen, which can be both fun and annoying… we’re both wondering about Salome’s true intentions, even though we have her figured out (mostly).

I hope to pick up on my stories soon, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue the True Blood commentary for what’s left of the season.  Thank you all for bearing with me during this special time.


32 thoughts on “Who Dat?!

  1. He’s beautiful. Congratulations and I’m so glad that everything went well. I agree that I’m enjoying this season, mostly. Eric and Sookie being such sluts just days after being so “in love” is making me a little naseous. But, overall, I’m enjoying most of the storyline. I could do with the stupid Terry story and, I swear, if I have to see Andy Bellefluer naked one more time, I’m going to pull a Sookie and hurl all over my TV.

    Again. Congratulations on your beautiful little boy. Take care of yourself and your family.

  2. Congratulations! What a beautiful little one 🙂 I wish you a speedy recovery…I too am enjoying this season, actually. Russell is back so that makes it a lot of fun! And I am actually liking Tara as a vampire, although I never thought I would.

  3. Congrats, he is GORGEOUS!!!! I want you to know that I am also enjoying this season, I don’t think TB can do justice to an Eric and Sookie relationship so I’m just having fun with the bromance between Eric and Bill. All sorts of fun and CRAZY in Bon Temps right now! Take all the time you need to rest up, enjoy the time with the family and we will be here to read when you write! Kathy

  4. Oh my gosh, he is beautiful!! Congratulations!!!! Figured you hiatus was due to that little bundle making his appearance 🙂

  5. Congratulations! I hope all your dreams and wishes for Alexander come true.
    I’m wondering if Salome is Russels child… and you just have to ask WTF about the fairies. but I must say I am enjoying the new series too. All the best.

  6. What a beautiful blessing for you and your family. Congratulations. I hope that you continue on the road to recovery with not too many bumps in the road. By the title of this message, it sounds like you are from my part of the world ( N’Awlins baby). Good luck.

  7. Congrats to you and your family, he is very handsome. I also hope you are healing well and taking time for yourself. I know from past experiences how much those C-sections affect you after, especially when the other kid or kids want love from mom. Take care and enjoy and we’ll hear from you when we hear from you. XOXOXOXO

  8. Awwww he’s sooo cute! I’m so glad everything went well for you and your family. How does your daughter like being a big sister?
    So very happy for you. He’s so cute. Big hugs! : )

    • Sophie, the big sister, has been a great help. She loves her brother. So far she’s been a perfect little girl, even through a bit of cabin fever due to the extremely hot weather… 😛

  9. You’re not alone, Reb…and congratulations on your beautiful bundle! Yes, I happen to LOVE this season, even with the HUGE plotholes and the non-existant E/S. I went to Comic Con and saw the trailers for the second half and I have a horrible feeling that Bill will be getting Sookie back…EWWWWWW!
    But anyway, Congrats again!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous picture…gorgeous baby! Good to see you back. Hope you are getting rest as you can. 😉 Look forward to hearing from you more soon….when you can. Take care!

    • Ha, ha! I knew someone would call me on it. Actually I had picked out the name 5 years ago when we were first picking names… before we knew that my daughter would be a girl. Let’s call it a happy coincidence 😀

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