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Many of you know by now that is taking down stories again, mostly in the Twilight fandom, thanks to (or as a consequence of) a group of teenagers that reported the stories as having mature content.  As retaliation, most of us have agreed to boycott the site for two days this weekend, the two heaviest days: Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9.  The hours stated don’t really matter, and here’s why: for anything to be affected by a boycott, it needs to be affected at the pocket level. does not receive any revenue from the writers that post or the readers that visit, so that is moot.  I never click on the ads anyway (who really does?  Give me a break!) so they won’t be losing any revenue because of me, but I understand the spirit of the boycott and will be participating.

What’s the deal?  Really?  The way I see it, has very clear terms of service that many authors, including myself, are violating.  The owners of the site have the ultimate right to take down stories that violate these terms of service.  That is a given and is not open for discussion.  BUT, and they have done this before, they do not give prior notice that a story is violating the TOS, nor a chance for the author to correct the problem before the story comes down.  Essentially, the story is there one moment, the next it is gone.  What’s infuriating is the fact that teenagers are dictating the way that is conducting its business.  I won’t mention this teenage group on my blog because, honestly, they’re bullies and spoiled, and their forum reads like the bad diary of a teenage girl (which is what they are).  I’m 35 years old, I have children and family, I am a professional and will not lower my standards to those of teenagers who cannot be reasoned with because they think with the amygdala part of the brain.

That said, what will I be doing about it?  Most of my stories are already here on my blog except for two.  Slowly I will be posting those as well (it is terribly time-consuming).  I will also be setting myself up at The Writer’s Coffee Shop (TWCS) and/or the Archive of Our Own (AO3), and deleting the account, as much as it pains me to lose all those thousands of reviews on my stories.  You might ask why, since the fandom affected is Twilight and not SVM/True Blood.  I just don’t think it’s fair the way that has gone about, yet again, deleting stories without telling the authors.  It also left the policing of its own website up to a group of malcontent teenagers, instead of having some kind of internal policy in place whenever an M-rated story is posted so they can nip the story in the bud, as it were.

Them’s my two cents.  You’re welcome to join the boycott here on Facebook or sign the petition here on, although I honestly think neither of these things will change the owners’ minds on how they go about enforcing their TOS.  Real change happens when people take their business elsewhere in droves.  A huge and permanent migration of writers and readers is what is needed.  Once their readership goes down, so will their ad revenue.  I can’t think of anything better.


It Will be a Boy

Many of you are aware that I’m very, VERY pregnant.  I haven’t posted much about it because I didn’t want to bore anybody to death about baby stories (such as: he was hiccuping at 3am and woke me up!).  What follows falls into the category of WTMI: Way Too Much Information.  You’re welcome to continue reading if you’re curious because, per usual, I’m an open book and I like to share (sometimes too much).  If you are squeamish about anything that has to do with the female anatomy and/or pregnancy, please (I beg you) feel free to skip the rest of this post.  If you’re like me, you’ll be fascinated by what follows.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my cervix began dilating at 26 weeks (that’s roughly 6 1/2 months gestation).  There were no contractions, just a spontaneous opening of what should be closed and keep the baby in.  They admitted me to the hospital, and I stayed in bed for the next two weeks, until my baby decided she was going to stick a foot out the open door and arrive early at 28 weeks.  She weighed 2 lbs. 1 oz. and was only 14 inches long.  She spent 2 months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Now, thankfully, she is a very healthy almost-5-year-old, but the heartache of seeing her attached to every machine imaginable, fearing for her life day in, day out, was more than I could handle.

After thinking a lot, and a lot of talking to my husband, and my doctor’s absolute confidence that I could have another baby and carry him to term, we decided I would stop working and try for a second.  We got pregnant right away (unheard of for me, last time it took me years!), and besides a little scare in the beginning everything has gone according to textbook: the textbook for people who have high-risk pregnancies.  That’s me.  My body simply dislikes being pregnant.  To that end, I had a cerclage the day before Christmas Eve.  A cerclage is a stitch placed around the cervix to keep it closed for the duration of most of the pregnancy, at least until the baby is considered full term at 37 weeks (well into the 9th month).  For me it was a preventive measure because of my history.  Some women get them after their cervix starts to open, which hadn’t been an option for me during my first pregnancy.

Those few days after the cerclage were really tough for two reasons: a cerclage is, technically, surgery.  I had a surgical procedure, with anesthesia, performed on a delicate part of my body while I was 13 weeks pregnant.  That same day, my mother-in-law almost died from, what we now know, were complications due to colon cancer.  I was alone with my daughter, recuperating from surgery, while my husband took care of his mother.

Things started getting better thereafter.  I was asked by my former employer if I could help out in my old position, if only part-time, because the person that had taken over for me left abruptly.  I’ve been working for them since Febuary, and will continue working for them for these next two days.  What happens on Thursday?  The moment of truth: so far my cervix has held nice and strong, and the only “bad” stuff that’s happened is the pain and pressure I’ve felt lately with the extra baby pressure.  I can’t stand or walk for very long, and climbing stairs (I live in two-story home) has to be kept to a minimum, same with lifting heavy things.  On Thursday, that cerclage comes out, no anesthesia this time.  I will be two days’ short of 37 weeks, and this boy will be ready to arrive whenever he wants.  I have a C-section scheduled for the 26th of June, but I seriously doubt he will hold out that long.  All I do know is that taking out the cerclage will be a painful process that will keep me from doing much for a few days after.

These past few months have been the busiest I’ve had my whole life.  I have to make sure I’m healthy, I’ve been working, I’ve been taking care of my daughter, and nesting.  The next few months will be even busier with a newborn added to the mix.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to update my stories (even though my brain is positively churning with ideas), or even if I’ll be able to post about True Blood (Season 5 starts this Sunday!).  Since I won’t be working after the cerclage comes out, I shall try to follow those plot bunnies, but I can’t make promises simply because…well, babies have their own schedules.  My little bundle of joy might decide to make his appearance the moment that cerclage comes out, which would actually be perfect.  We would all be home in time to watch the True Blood premiere!  🙂

Thank you for reading this far and thank you in advance for understanding.  Here’s a sonogram taken a few weeks ago of the baby kissing the placenta.  I say that’s like an adult kissing a fridge.  LOL!


17 thoughts on “News and Announcements

  1. Have been wondering how you were doing, knowing d-day was approaching. Thanks for the update!! Good luck with the time you have left, hope all goes well!! Update when you can and we will wait for your stories for as long as you need 😉 Two little ones are enough to take up anyone’s time free or otherwise!!

  2. I am so happy this pregnancy has gone better thatn the last. I hope everything continues. You do have your TIVO redy to record TRue Blood right? I predict You will be in labor Sunday night. Its just par for the course for me. Anytime I really want to watch or do something, something cosmic happens and I miss it. LOL
    I hate what is happening on FF. I truely admire most of the writers on there. However, some of the stuff I have read has been BIZZARE or totally unappropriate unless its a porn site. I have to admit sometimes I just quit reading and sometimes not. Sometimes I am just hypnotized. Its like watching a train wreck. You want to turn away but just can’t belive that its going to happen. I like my smutt but I also like a story to go with it. I can also see where writers would write about abuse. Abuse whether phyical or mental happens every minute of every day. I don’t know if these writers are expressing what has happened to them through their charaters or just acting out fantasies or exploring a person’s psyche to see why they would do it or why they would take it. I personally don’t like those stories. Anyways, I understand why some writers would flee FF. I think the writers who truely abuse the site will be forced to flee other sites. If a story says mature then it usually is. On the other hand since I am older than dirt now, I can’t stand some of the teen or K stories. They are just tooo babyish or immature. I guess it goes both ways. There is always a group though.
    If you keep posting I will keep reading. I do not EVER claim to be any sort of a writer.

    Good Luck!

    • Ha, ha! Murphy’s Law will make me be in the hospital during the premiere of True Blood, you’re probably right! *head desk*

      What you said about some of the fanfiction made me remember there’s a blog worth reading, if only for the head scratching (sometimes it’s just downright hilarious). You can go to, they post the most bizarre fanfiction passages I have ever read and they include all fandoms. Most of the passages are taken from! Check it out when you feel like laughing for a little bit 🙂

  3. I don’t normally post comments and I’ve never written any sort of fan fiction. I’m one of the quiet and often annoying readers. (“Why favorite my story or subscribe to my blog if you won’t even comment?” my answer: I’ve got nothing of note to say.)

    But I am recently a mom. It took two years of trying and a miscarriage to get pregnant. And the pregnancy was fraught with fears and abnormalities. But my boy is healthy and beautiful and six months old now. And I felt the need to comment to say thank you. Your update about your pregnancy and your boy made me feel connected to you when the difficulty around getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and getting my son to come out at the right time was incredibly lonely and isolating. So thank you for your bravery and good luck.

    • I can’t say that I know firsthand about a miscarriage, only that my mom suffered a lot through hers and I was witness to her pain. Sometimes I wonder, you know, why we have to go through it? I suppose we end up loving our babies more after the pain of loss, but who really knows? Were we really going to love them any less? I still see my girl as a miracle baby, and she’s ready to go to school already! I’m sure you feel the same way about your boy: every single milestone is a relief and a triumph all at the same time. Big hug to you and your little one!

  4. huzzah! I’ve thought of you often, as i’m sitting right at the last day of my 37th week today. I’m 36, and Its my first ( a lil girl), and everything has gone SO well, that i’m terrified to ever tempt fate and get pregnant again, lest I have some hellish pregnancy the next time…lol

    I’m not currently nesting, but my husband is nesting the hell out of the house for me…LOL

    • Congratulations! Yeah, my own nesting has turned into a “honey-do” list for hubby… Although I did want to scrub the kitchen floor MY way, and I did, and then I paid for it the rest of the day *face palm*.

      I so wanted a little girl the first time around, and I got my wish. I’m so happy for you and I wish you a happy 3 more weeks and a healthy, gorgeous baby girl! Big-bellies-in-between-us hug! 😀

  5. I am glad your stories are over here. I have enjoyed them a lot. It sucks about fanfiction. If they are stupic enough to let a bunch of teens dictate what is out there then shame on them. If there are a lot of stories violating there terms of service then again shame on them for allowing it in the first place. Maybe they need to update their terms of service and add a restricted area for mature content. And while there at it they need to allow the authors to notify us readers when new chapter are in again.

  6. On the boycott: There are many types of ads and not all require you to click them for the website to get paid. Instead, the get paid a small amount for each time an ad is shown (per page view is the term), so cutting their traffic will lower the amount they make for a day.

    • You’re absolutely right, which is why I have no problem with the boycott, but I think it should be longer or permanent. 2 days just might not be enough if traffic picks up again on Sunday.

  7. Way back when you said you were going to have a baby, I knew you’d end up having it by the Time True Blood started. LOL I’ve been wondering how you are. So your going to have a baby boy. I think I called that one too.
    Glad to hear your doing ok. I bet you can’t wait to have this baby. Wishing lots of luck and sending lots of HUGS. LOL nesting. I remember doing that.

    • The funny part about nesting (to me, anyway) is that it has turned into a “honey-do” list for my poor husband. 😀

      I think I’m at the point in which the wonder and awe of being pregnant has been replaced with “are we there yet?” I love my baby. He can come out like…now!

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