Days of Our True Blood: Vampyr

We have a very… Goth?… new clip for Season 5.  I found it by pure chance when I was lollygagging around Tumblr and saw all these gifs for it… Click here to see the full teaser on YouTube.  There is nothing on HBO GO yet that correlates to this clip.

My first impression: Wow!  This is new.  We’re going from the American South to somewhere in the Old World (I hesitate to say Europe, though it most probably is).  It reminds me a little bit of the Volturi of “Twilight” fame.  Anybody?  Anybody at all?  Am I the only one who read/watched “Twilight”?

Am I excited?  I dunno.  Chris Meloni makes a gorgeous and scary vampire, as we knew he would, so that’s exciting in and of itself.  He’s going to kick some serious booty, methinks, in this new role.  We’re now delving into a bit more serious take on vampires, not that the Southern Vampire Mysteries were a riot and a half or anything.  BUT… was I expecting True Blood to turn into something that deep?  No, not really.  Will it stop me from watching?  Probably not, though it might turn off some viewers.  I think they’re trying to give True Blood the edge it’s been missing, even though they had it during the first season as I’ve said so many times before: Stick to the books, the books got you the awards… but, it’s too late now, so they have to try something different.  I hope it works and we’re kept on the edge of our seats.


5 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood: Vampyr

  1. gah. i just dont know where its going. everyone asks me what the direction is for the next season, since i read the books, and i’m all “hell if i know.” i’m constantly watching the show like “are you camp, or are you serious?” freaking decide, already.

    • I feel ya! We have finally left all the books behind, completely and utterly. I think the 5th book dealt with Sweetie D’esarts (sp?) killing off weres and shifters? I think that was it. And Jackson Herveaux (Alcide’s dad) losing his bid to become packmaster…and Quinn’s intro, which I doubt will happen at all. I may be completely wrong about the 5th book, and I’m feeling too lazy to look it up 😛

      So… I don’t think any of that is gonna happen, like no.

      • yeah, it was Dead as a doornail…Charles Twinning, et al. I do think the Quinn intro *may* still happen, along with the big Packmaster contest…but if it does, i think it’ll be an end of season cliffie.

        AB seems to like taking big plot movements and using him to his advantage. I still think a Rhodes-like trial might happen at some point, w/Beel & Eric both on trial and Sook to the rescue *rolleyes* dear lord, kill me now True Blood

  2. Absolutely. I saw the clip last night before Game of Thrones and all I could think was “I didn’t the Authority and the Volturi were one and the same!” Lame. Lame Lame. Come on Alan Ball. I didn’t think he could eff up the show any more than he did last season, but this does not look promising.

  3. If they want people to watch GO BACK TO THE BOOKS! They do not need to try and make it look like Twilight. We are not teenagers. We want the True Blood from the first season back. That is the saeson that made the show what it was. I hope not but I see this as the beginning of the end.

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