Days of Our True Blood: Waiting Truly Sucks

GASP!  The first look at Eric and Pam during the upcoming fifth season of True Blood, and now I can say that I’m totally intrigued.  The YouTube clip (click here) has Eric accusing his darling child of digging up Russell Edgington…  W-w-wHAT?!  He says he doesn’t trust anybody.  The second clip on HBO GO made me want to cry (click here).  Pam turns it around on Eric: if he can’t trust HER more than Bill or a werewolf, then he has to say the words and release her.  As per usual, Kristin Bauer Van Straten’s performance, even in this very tiny clip, is worthy of watching over and over.  Those of you who have HBO GO, go there now because the video will be up only until tomorrow, April 30.

Will he say it, though?  Will Eric be so mean to Pam as to release her?  He was all kinds of pissed off when she shot that rocket launcher at the Moon Goddess Emporium with Sookie right in its sights, so perhaps he hasn’t forgiven her.  As a matter of fact, I’m sure he hasn’t.  But isn’t that a little harsh?  Pam made a mistake, she said she was sorry and…let’s face it, just like in court: “almost” doesn’t count.  The fact that she “almost” caused a tragedy doesn’t mean she did it.  In a way I feel bad for her.  She had a rough time last season, and Eric wasn’t himself enough to see her through it.  I just want to see their relationship fixed.  Pam needs to be with her maker, and Eric would miss her terribly…he does love her so.


15 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood: Waiting Truly Sucks

  1. My friend just sent me “DEADLOCKED” early have you read it yet? If not I would be more than happy to share and you can pass it on! My friend is truly a sweetheart for putting this huge file together.

    • That is so sweet, but I actually pre-purchased it on Amazon and they delivered it to my tab at midnight on May 1st. The problem I’m having now is finding the time to actually read it! But I’m getting there. I already read the last few pages and all I can say is thank goodness for fanfiction. Either way, I kinda wanna see how they got to that point.

  2. Sorry no… True Blood truly sucks! It’s now departed so utterly from canon it bears no relation. This isn’t Eric or Pam. Definitely won’t be watching anymore. They make our beloved Viking look like a complete idiot, and Pam a blubbering jealous hormonal wreck. That is no mean feat when you consider how great Skarsgard and Van what’s her name are as actors. Ugh!!!

    • I happen to agree, but I just can’t stop watching. Call it a…guilty pleasure. I think it has a little bit to do with Askars.

      As I’ve said before: they got all these wonderful awards and accolades during the first season when the script didn’t deviate significantly from the book, and when it did (such as when they introduced Jessica), it was actually very interesting. But…nobody listens to me. Now it has become a soap opera (therefore the name of my posts), and even though I’m interested in some of it, I gotta admit that I fast forward a lot when re-watching.

      • Yeah I have a bit of an Askars crush myself it’s what kept me watching last season lol. It’s what gives me the biggest ‘if only..’ about True Blood. Imagine if only they’d stuck to Ms Harris’ plotlines like you say and we had Askars as the Viking ‘for real’ *sigh*. It would have been the stuff of tv legend and fuelled a zillion female fantasies for a generation. Particularly if he had the long hair…I can’t help but be wistful lol. You would have had to peel us away from the tv screen…with a crowbar!

      • God – that is so the truth! The ONLY reason I watch anymore is Askars and when I rewatch eps, I have to admit those are the only parts I watch. I skim past everything that doesn’t have Eric in it. Thank god for fanfiction. I loved the first season, but you’re right, it is a total soap opera now. AB doesn’t bother to even try to write real plot, it’s just “how we can shock people this time?”. He doesn’t even stick to his OWN canon, much less CH’s canon. How else can you explain that a single pair of silver handcuffs brings a 1000 yr old vampire to his knees, but a newborn like Jessica can get escape a pile of silver chains? Just Ugh.

  3. I can’t wait to see how they plan to have Eric and Pam begin to fix their relationship he’s acting so different here. I wonder if around this scene we’ll finally get to see that flashback of how they met and he turned her his flashbacks are always interesting. I wonder if his sister Nora will be around much I’m pretty sure that’s who Eric was kissing in one promo. This is one thing that I hate about TB the closeness between Eric, Sookie and Pam isn’t there at least not yet but *fingers crossed* I don’t want to get my hopes up for this season just to be let down maybe with AB contract being done after this season it will get somewhat better? They say their keeping with the spirit of the books but it seem like their way off track it’s like have you even read the books? Like the fairies for example I don’t like how their portrayed I hear that Claude will be around I don’t know if it’s this season and their was mention of a strip club so we’ll see. I don’t even want to believe that they would turn Tara either but they do what they please I still think a shotgun blast to the back of the head is an instant kill!! But… I guess AB would want one or more times to try and make Bill a hero in Sookie’s eyes again jeezzz!!! I think Anna should just let AB marry Stephen and get it over with then maybe all would be right in the TB world?? 🙂

    Oh, I get updates from youtube and the “extended versions” of the S5 snippets are being posted by TheTrueBloodSource.

  4. I’ve been waiting for an Eric & Pam clip he seems so different here! It also doesn’t surprise me about him questioning Pam about Russell’s escape I’ve even read that in fanfiction as well. A lot of damage has been done to their relationship that needs to be repaired I can’t wait to see how that’s delt with. I know the writers of TB really want to surprise us with fresh new twists on the books but sometimes they go to far! I really love Eric, Sookie and Pam’s relationship in the books theirs no feeling of being replaced coming from Pam about Sookie. She worries for Eric and lets Sookie know just that but basically she tries to keep them together because she knows Sookie means a lot to Eric. I would love for Pam and Sookie to someday get along on TB but all we can do is wait and see if things will change once AB is no longer around as much for S6.

    Oh, I get updates on youtube for TB and the “extended versions” on S5 snippets are posted by TrueBloodSource just FYI! 🙂

  5. I know they film these scenes & ad the cgi blood tears later. I am sure that is what will happen with this scene. I think Eric is under a lot of pressure and he is taking it all out on Pam. She is an easy target. She loves him & he is very angry at her because of last season. They will make up but it will be awhile… Sad Panda.

  6. I am glad you captured the pic of Pam. did you notice she is leaking *real* tears on he cheeks blood?! Another AB inconsistency?

    • OMG! No I hadn’t noticed, maybe because I was so enraptured by Kristin’s performance. I wonder if it’s just that way for the clip and they’ll fix it later during editing, or if they left it like that by mistake. If the former…WTF? If the latter…that’s a HUGE mistake. Way to go with the continuity there, ABalls.

    • I was trying to see if I could link the HBO GO clip somehow, download it or something, and then post it here… but I’m not technologically savvy enough. 😦

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