Days of Our True Blood: Season 5 – Alcide vs. Lafayette

So who’s not loving all these actual trailers that we’re getting just before Game of Thrones every Sunday?  I am so happy that we’re finally getting a real taste of what’s to come.  There are two trailers that you can access (if you missed it on HBO): one is on YouTube (click here) and the other is on HBO GO.  For the one on HBO GO you need to have a password.  It’s a continuation of the one from YouTube.  Let’s just say that Alcide and Lafayette get into it, and I’m rooting for Lafayette all the way.  WOOT!  Go Lala, tell it like it is girl!  I’ve never liked him more than in that one instant when he’s going all protective over Sookie.  Trust me, y’all: if you’re HBO subscribers and you don’t have HBO GO, get it and watch the rest of the trailer.

OH!  And… I made a boo-boo and said that True Blood was starting on June 24.  Not true.  I don’t know why I had that date ingrained in my brain, but it’s actually starting on June 10.  Even better for me.  I might be able to catch a couple of episodes before the baby makes his grand appearance.


8 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood: Season 5 – Alcide vs. Lafayette

  1. Woohoo! New season starts on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!! (Reminder – When wrapping Eric up for my present, be sure you use a BIG bow!) 🙂

  2. excited and hoping for change this season! I have hbo go and the fight between lala and alcide is not anywhere to be found …any extra tips you can lend me rebs?!

    • This was the shortcut for it:

      But when I clicked it, it didn’t take me where I’d been taken back on Sunday… that’s very weird. I’m trying to see if I can find the clip anywhere else. I think they don’t leave them up for long on HBO GO. Bummer! I looked under True Blood, but all they have right now are the full episodes. I went to the regular HBO site, and they have the clip that’s already available on YouTube… Sorry… Like I said, I’ll keep looking.

    • Darn! I followed a link, but you should be able to find it either by going to the True Blood page, or going to the series page (where you would also find the Game of Thrones trailers and episodes, etc). I know it’s more difficult than I make it sound. Sort…

  3. You didn’t make a boo boo Rebel. I remember hearing June 24th too. ( isn’t that your due date?). I thought that was kinda late for TB to start.

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