Days of Our True Blood: Season 5 First Look

We were created in God’s image, not humans and their flesh will nourish yours, their blood shall flow within you, for as the beetle nourishes the lark, so shall human nourish vampire.

We finally have a real promo!  Yay!  Although, the True Blood folks are calling it a “Clip Tease,” it looks like an actual promo to me.  Click here to be taken to the clip on YouTube.  I suggest, if y’all are up for it, to subscribe to the True Blood channel to keep up with all these teasers and promos.  If you don’t wanna, I’ll keep posting the links here because I like to analyze (read: bitch) about them later.

Alright, so my first instinct was to go: WTF?!  Then I replayed the promo to listen to it better and to watch the scenes again.  All of it appears to be scenes from the very first episode (or very first couple) that we’ll see in Season 5.  Sookie and Bill are burying yet another body, which is most probably Debbie Pelt’s and/or Tara… though I doubt Sookie would do that to Tara, so I’ll have to go with only Debbie.  The car exploding at the very end could most likely be Debbie’s car, but who knows.  Steve Newlin gains entry into Jason’s house, which I sorta-kinda knew would happen.  And… Hang on to your computers/mobile devices: we see Eric kissing his sister Nora in a more than brotherly way.  EEEEK!!!  Although we knew that Eric and Sookie weren’t going to be together in Season 5, it still came as a shock and my little preggie brain had a hard time letting it go.  I almost cried after I saw that kiss between Eric and Nora.  But, HOT DAMN, what a kiss!!!  I also doubt that Sookie is crying about Eric while she’s in the bathtub.  Most likely, she’s grieving for Tara.

Though we didn’t get much (what’s up with Terry?), just a bunch of “most likely’s” and educated guesses, I think the promo did what it was supposed to do: namely, leave us wanting more.  I sure do.  I’m getting excited!  Now watch my darling baby be born ON June 24th (my guy is due to be born on the 30th).  Who wants to start the pool?  🙂


3 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood: Season 5 First Look

  1. I don’t want to even bother with season 5 TB just gets worst with each season, Sookie is still a bimbo running around crying. And there will be crazy sub stories that I don’t care, stories that don’t even tie together. When I saw the trailer i am like eww whatever. Still shitty about last season. I like your pic of Alexander he is hoooooot.

    • There is definitely one thing I do agree with: Sookie was never supposed to be this…weak? I hate to call her weak, because she’s always willing to fight, but Book-Sookie was a strong woman and, yes, she cried sometimes but not ALL the time! I do want to see what in the world is going on with Terry. I think I’ve always had a soft spot for him, maybe ’cause he’s a vet and I like that he’s wise in his own quirky way. All the other stories…Meh! Concentrate on the vampires, ABalls!

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