Days of Our True Blood: Season 5 Teaser

Werewolf casting call for True Blood Season 5

HBO has released the new teaser for Season 5.  It’s only 37 seconds long, and I think it’s worth watching because it gives us SO much insight into what’s coming next.  And with that bit of sarcasm, and trying really hard not to say what I think about ABalls, let’s all take a moment to not scream and throw our computers out the nearest window.

Do y’all remember the teaser in which Sookie pulls up to Eric in her little yellow Honda Civic, and she calls his name, and he’s like “wuht?”  That was nice.  That was interesting, and for those of us who’ve read the books, it was even something to cheer about.  This teaser bites the big one.  “Nothing stays buried forever”?  Are you kidding me?  Anybody who’s watched all four seasons so far knows what, or rather who, didn’t stay buried.  Sure, we can take it as more of a metaphor, about secrets such as: 1) What is Terry Bellefleur hiding and who’s Patrick?  2) Will Alcide be able to hide the fact he killed his packmaster?  3) Will the new magister (I think that’s Chris Meloni’s new role) find Eric and Bill and… well… issue the punishment that Nan skipped?  So many questions… too bad that the teaser doesn’t address a single one.

I shall keep y’all apprised of any new “revelations.”  Hopefully they’ll offer a bit more insight than this sorry excuse for 37-seconds’ worth of airtime.  I’d rather have watched a commercial about Doritos.


17 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood: Season 5 Teaser

    • I’m not familiar with the iPad, but see if you can go to directly. Just follow the link to True Blood. But, honestly, you didn’t miss much. It’s only the words “Nothing stays buried forever” and some dramatic music. That’s it!

    • yea i second that!(doritos!!)
      kinda been finding fanfiction better than the actual show. maybe allen ball needs to read some fanfiction and get a little insight to what the fans want and stop going so far from the books.

      • There are so many wonderful writers of True Blood fanfiction. I honestly don’t know how to be a screenwriter, but I imagine screenplays look a lot like… plays? A lot of dialogue, a little bit of scene setting and some mild direction for the actors that the actual director has to interpret. So, really, one would have to be amazingly intelligent to come up with a brilliant play (or, rather, screenplay). Like Shakespeare!

        But I digress… If ABalls or any of his writers would actually sit down for a moment or five and read through all the True Blood fanfiction and how we’re all trying to fix True Blood, they would get some very amazing ideas… AND WIN ALL THE AWARDS! AGAIN!!! Because, as I mentioned earlier, True Blood won all the awards when it closely followed the book(s) as it did during Season 1. Those of us who’ve read the books know why: Ms. Harris – for all her faults – is a great writer!

  1. Gosh I see what you mean! Preview? Of what exactly? BOOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNG! I hope this isn’t an allusion to the fact season 5 is going to be as dull as dirt?

      • Yep I think you are almost certainly right. I’m thinking the rather annoying Alan Ball keeps all fans of Eric and Sookie on tenterhooks of expectation; that their favourite couple are going to get together, as long as he possibly can through a series. He then goes and trashes those expectations in the way that would be most vexing to those fans, on purpose. I think he does it for devilment and because he can. I see no reason for him to change that nasty but weird habit for this season. It’s put me off True Blood really. Also – Zombies? Ugh!

      • About the zombies, it’s pure speculation on my part, and I’ve read it from other fans as well. I mean…zombies are corpses that are no longer buried, so it would fit in a horrifyingly despicable way. Has anybody noticed that True Blood won all the awards when it was written closest to the book (during Season 1)? Just pointing out the obvious over here…

    • I wish I could make your day, but alas Rutina Wesley (who plays Tara) signed on for season 5. She’s coming back as either a vamp, a ghost that Lafayette can see, or a zombie. Given the amount of zombie references we got during last season, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what we got. Either way, Tara isn’t gone. Boooo!

  2. They just want us all to watch thinking we will get what we want. That would be Eric and Sookie. But we all know that won’t happen. They know we are going to disappointed. If it’s not about our two lovers (Eric and Sookie), we won’t watch.

      • Amen to that! I was so fed up with True Blood at the end of last season. But it turned out well really because in talking to people about how fed up I was about True Blood, I found out that fanfiction existed and about your lovely stories Rebelina. So ironically, I should thank Mr Ball. He’s an idiot for messing up the Sookie stories on the small screen, but thanks to his ineptitude I found out there are people who actually excel at telling those stories. I’ve found the motherlode, writers who are talented in a field where Mr Alan Ball is a bungler. I’m a bit embarrassed for him really. When the source material is as good as the fabulous CH’s you really, really don’t mess with its basic tenets, you respect them. Hence the plethora of awards in Series 1 like you say Rebelina. It stuck to Charlaine’s storyline the closest.Silly Alan. He just doesn’t get it. Bless him.

    • Oh, yeah! He’s back definitely. He even posted it on Twitter and was going back and forth with Michael McMillian (who plays Steve Newlin). Rumor is he’s not coming back until they’re a few episodes in, which is sad because he’s one of the most interesting characters. Not to mention that I LOVE Denis O’Hare! 🙂

      • Yeah heard that too. I think AB played that short to get everyone to watch. (Thinking Russell is in it from the beginning). Who else would be digging their way out?

      • A lot of people are thinking zombies… I’m one of them, based on some of the allusions they made to zombies during last season. I would like nothing more than to be wrong about that one 😛

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