Chapter 22 of “Nothing” is Up!

Yay!  Finally, right?  I found the picture on DeviantArt (clicking on it will lead you to the artist).  The lyrics on it are actually by Marilyn Manson, the song is “If I Was Your Vampire,” which I’ve noticed that it has become a sort of anthem for Trubies that are into that kind of dark music.  It’s a good song, very “vampiric.”  I actually found a tribute to Eric set to this song (click here for the link to Youtube), which I thought was kinda funny yet appropriate.

I’ve been working on this chapter all week, ever since I gave my muse some Swedish meatballs for lunch on Monday, and some German chocolate, both of which I got at my local Ikea.  They didn’t have the raspberry cookies I love, so I ended up buying the cinnamon buns and some oat crisps… along with the bar of chocolate.  Don’t worry, I shared everything with my family, not just with my muse.  By the way, I was a fan of Ikea before Alexander Skarsgard made Swedish things cool.  Ha!

Back to this chapter: the kids are still in Prague and it’s still Sookie’s first night as a vampire.  It’s a long-ish chapter, with a lot of internal dialogue, mostly of Sookie coming to terms with what she had become and her new physical feelings.  Soon they’ll return to Louisiana and that’s when things are going to start to pick up some speed.  Hope y’all like it!

Go to Chapter 22 – You Against the World


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