Chapter 7 of “Let’s Be Friends” is Up!

After a two-month hiatus, I have finally convinced my muse to throw me a bone over here, and she patiently waited to gift me with some inspiration until I shared a two-pound box of See’s Candy with her.  Obviously, since I wasn’t going to eat two pounds of chocolate at one sitting, my muse took her sweet ol’ time to inspire me.  I would call her names but I’m afraid she might retaliate again, and she actually gave me more work than I know what to do with.  Now I’m thinking of a new story, but one that I probably won’t post until it’s either finished or near finished.  I won’t give too much away yet because I haven’t started even the rough draft, so I’m not entirely sure where the story will go yet.

I hope y’all like what she made me do with this new chapter, and I apologize in advance for messing with the True Blood timeline.  I completely spaced on the Steve Newlin thing and forgot he’d been turned into a vampire.  How did I forget that bit of genius (I’m being sarcastic, yes!) is beyond me.  It might actually be interesting when we see it next season… we shall see.

Without further ado: Go to Chapter 7 – Study Partners

P.S.: the picture is from one of the best blogs in existence.  Click on it to find the best Bill-bashing there is to be had.  Disclaimer: I DON’T HATE STEPHEN MOYER.  I think the poor guy is actually very brave for playing such a hated character, and he does a great job because I REALLY HATE BILL COMPTON.  Only a good actor could accomplish such a fierce emotion to pour out of True Blood fans 😛


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