Happy (Belated) New Year and… a Surprise!

Hello, my beautiful darling readers whom I adore so much and are so wonderful!  I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday and a really cool New Year so far.  Things slowed down a lot for me when my schedule changed in December.  Then I had a minor surgical procedure (nothing bad at all – it consisted of a stitch around my cervix to keep the baby in) and then my time opened up some.  From now on I’ve been ordered to take it easy, and taking it easy I am.  Hey!  When the doc’s instructions are to rest, I rest.  I’m really good at the resting thing.

So!  With extra time on my hands, I was able to put together a new chapter for “Nothing”!  Yay!  The picture attached to the chapter is a little bit NSFW, so open carefully.  It’s been so long since I posted the last chapter, that I think I little recap is in order: Sookie and Pam are in Prague for the month of December, celebrating Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, as they return to their apartment, they find Eric waiting for them.  Sookie and Eric have a wonderful reunion.  In this new chapter, Sookie and Pam try to find out what made Eric come to Prague, and also what’s in store for them.  Did he come to take them back home?  Is he staying with them in Europe?  We’ll get many answers to these questions plus… a surprise.  A big one!  Ultimately, many of you wonderful readers will cross your arms and give me smug smiles by guessing what’s going to happen, and many of you will be truly surprised.

The Fangreaders are looking for more readers to join their ranks in the chatroom.  If you’re interested in joining us, please visit the Fangreaders website and click on “Wanna Become a Fangreader?”  The chats are usually scheduled for 4pm EST and 9pm EST so that many people around the world can join.  There are many topics and fun games, most of them centered around SVM and True Blood.  Hope to see you there!

Go to Chapter 21: A Hell of a Good Day to Die


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