Secret Santa: Happy Holidays!

The Secret Santa exchange is currently in progress and I just received my gift!  My Secret Santa wrote me a beautiful story based on one of my favorite movies, “Sleepless in Seattle,” and I think it is just wonderful!  You can check it out by clicking here.  There are now close to thirty one-shots posted, and I’m slowly making my way through all, finding each one a true gem guaranteed to inspire the Christmas spirit in even as we’re feeling the last minute of the holiday rush.  If you’d like to read them too, you can click here.  There are a few more stories waiting to be posted, and I believe there will be forty (or close) in all, not counting the ones that were posted as samples.  Don’t forget to show your love to all these wonderful authors who participated in the exchange.

Also, thank you so much to Jan of Arc and Blakes Boogie who set up the whole shebang and did a wonderful job!  Their hard work truly paid off, and participation was through the roof.  All of us were so happy to write and dedicate a story to another fellow author!  And, of course, we got a wonderful story in return.


What do you think?

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