Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is overdue, and so is the chapter.  Sorry about that.  As most of you know the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us here in the United States, which means… chaos.  And tons of food.  And parades.  And Christmas.  And some more chaos.

I’m happy to say we’re finally ready for tomorrow’s festivities.  I have a turkey boob ready to go, sweet potatoes for my sweet potato casserole, and the ingredients for my beef and sausage stuffing.  Plus, I’m going to make pumpkin pie from scratch.  Call me Martha Stewart!

I know I have many international readers, and many of you are familiar with Thanksgiving.  If you’re not… let’s just say that the spirit of the holiday is still there: we give thanks for the things we have by having our family over and eating turkey… while watching American football, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and awaiting midnight when most stores open with a slew of items at unheard of prices to get us to shop-shop-shop ’til we drop-drop-drop.  The stores used to open at 4am the Friday after Thanksgiving (which always falls on the fourth Thursday in November), but now they are opening at midnight instead.  Guess who is NOT going to be partaking of that horrible bow to consumerism?  *raises hand*  Actually, that’s mostly for my own safety: people have been known to pass out from being crushed against the doors in front of Wal-Marts across the nation by a horde of humans looking to buy 60-inch TV’s for only $100.  Jaded?  Not, just practical.  Who needs the hospital bill?

Without further ado, here’s the new chapter.  The girls are in Prague making friends and seeing some of their Christmas wishes come true.

Go to Chapter 20 – You’ll Make it Better


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