Chapter 19 of “Nothing” is Up!

It took me a while, but I got it right.  The next chapter of “Nothing” is up… get your hankies.  You might need them.  This chapter is a little shorter than my usual, but I wanted to make it good, so I spent a long time editing.  That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, because I do tend to overlook minor spelling mistakes… my eyes go kerbobbled or something.  Like I’ve said before: I would get a Beta, but I think I would kill her, or she would kill me.  Either way there would be bloodshed.

So… I’m going to digress a little here.  I read the synopsis of Deadlocked, which I found in Pure Textuality’s blog (click here), who in turn found it in the Sookieverse Blog.  I dunno… My gut feeling is that the Queen of Oklahoma is trying to get Eric in trouble so she can save him and marry him once and for all, and somehow get Sookie… um… dead, without pointing a too obvious finger at herself.  I’m often wrong when it comes to these things, so if you’d like to add your take on that (unofficial) synopsis for the twelfth book, by all means comment below.  I don’t think Sookie will end up with Bill at all, so I’m not worried about that.  I think Sookie is very smart, smart enough not to make the same mistake again by allowing Bill back into her life.  There, now, THAT’s my take on it.

And now… because we need it:

Go to Chapter 19 – The Twisting Knife


2 thoughts on “Chapter 19 of “Nothing” is Up!

  1. Great gif, Reb. Thanks.

    I don’t think Book Sookie is going to end up with Bill, but she may not end up with Eric. I hated how CH tried to make Eric unlikeable in DR and wrote the short story about Sookie, Sam, and a wedding for the companion piece. I don’t have high hopes for Dead Locked.

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