It’s Good News!

Thank you so much to my wonderful readers who had us in your prayers and thoughts.  Now that we know that it’s good news, I feel more confident telling y’all the story of what happened.

I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and it’s difficult for me to become pregnant.  We waited years to conceive our first baby.  It was a rollercoaster but in the end we were blessed with a beautiful daughter.  We decided to try one more time, hoping this time it would be easier to conceive, and willing to do whatever it took.  Not two months passed after we started trying and I found out I’m pregnant.  What a miracle!  We never thought it could happen so fast, not even in our wildest dreams!

Last week I went to the emergency room in a lot of pain.  At first I was very scared, thinking it might be an ectopic pregnancy, which is a very serious condition as many of you might know.  It wasn’t, but when they tried to look at the baby they said they saw no baby, just a sac, and that there should have been a baby there.  The diagnosis was that I had miscarried, and now we were just waiting for my body to realize it too.  The doctor offered to do a D&C (dilation and curetage – sorry if I misspelled it), but she did say I should wait until this week so they could take a look at the baby today.

My poor hubby couldn’t sleep last night, and I must say that I tossed and turned as well.  We got to the doctor’s office much earlier than my appointment time, but were soon called in to see the sono tech.  I told her everything that had happened in the emergency room.  She took one peek and immediately… this is what we saw:

That’s a healthy little peanut right there, with a strong heartbeat and just where he or she needs to be.  So now our chances to having this healthy angel have sky-rocketed to 70-90 percent.  The tech was very nice and professional (unlike the tech in the emergency room), and she said that the baby was measuring a week behind.  Based on what I’d told her earlier, she agreed with me that my dates were off, but not to worry.  We will go again after Thanksgiving and have another look-see at the peanut and try to pinpoint a good due date.  For now we know it will be some time at the end of June.  All is well that ends well.

Again I thank everybody for your kind thoughts.  To us the life of this baby is very precious, and to think we had lost him or her was devastating.  We’ve already gone through so much heartache, first while dealing with infertility for so many years, then by having our daughter 3 months early (who’s now a healthy and rambunctious 4-year-old!).

And, so, now that I’m WAY more calm than I’ve been in a week, we shall resume our regularly scheduled program.  I won’t be spamming your inboxes with baby news, so don’t worry… well… maybe in June you’ll all get one more baby post.  For now I’m going to start working on “Let’s Be Friends.” 😀

Thank you again!  I honestly cannot thank you enough!

By the way… Look what I found!  The cover for Charlaine Harris’ Deadlocked (a.k.a. Book 12 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries) has been realeased!  It seems like Sookie is using the cluviel dor!  Can’t wait…

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32 thoughts on “It’s Good News!

  1. Congrats!!!! Your great news shares a birth date with my baby girl who took 3 years, 6 IUIs, 3 IVFs and 1 miscarriage to conceive. Well worth the wait, though!!!! She’s 10 days old now and we’re totally enthralled. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! That is the most fabulous news! I was lucky not to have any problems conceiving either of my children, but have so many friends who did (including one with PCOS) and my heart always went out to them. Here’s hoping you have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

  3. Us Muslims say, “Alhumdulillah” and “InshAllah” which means. “Thanks to God” and “By God’s Grace”. So “InshAllah” your little Angel will make it safe into your world. Take care loads and do not stress. I will remember you in my prayers Especially!
    And thanks for sharing the Book 12 cover..i had not come across it anywhere else yet, some country setting issue on my side i guess. I am closely following “nothing’s gonna change” you are going perfect so far. So as long as you are not stressing out on it, i would love to see where it goes with fingers crossed! *Love*

  4. Many congratulations on your happy news!! Having gone through a “Delayed Miscarriage” three months ago myself, the first few sentences of your post had my heart plummeting but I’m so pleased for you that it turned out to be okay in the end. I am thankful though that we haven’t experienced the infertility problems of others so hopefully it won’t be too long before I’ll be joining you in complaining about giant bellies and swollen ankles again!

    On another note, the book cover looks… interesting. Is that supposed to be two vampires and a collie? Hmm… Maybe some choices will be made in this book – hopefully good ones!!

  5. Congrats!! Well done Peanut for being a little fighter!! The women in my family call me “Pudding” “Pudling” or just plain “Pud” lol sometimes it can be embarrassing, especially as I’m now 19, but I love them anyway! My birthday is actually the 22nd of June, so maybe Peanut will share it with me? Who knows lol! I hope it all goes well and any baby-spam will be welcome!

  6. I’m so glad to hear all is well – I don’t have PCOS, but I did ride that horrible rollercoaster that is infertility – my 7 year old daughter is wonderful and also the product of a lot of prayers and IVF/ICSI. Again, so happy to hear your little peanut is doing well (I still call my daughter Peanut 8D)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy till June. Both of my munchkins are June babies(now 5 and 3). Good luck to you and enjoy the calmness(yes I sad calmness) before baby #2. Babies are such a blessing!!

  8. Oh i’m so glad to hear you got some good news! Ironically, i’ve recently found myself serendipitously pregnant as well…also due in late June…there was something in the air that october night, it seems…lol

    and ah crap, Sookie is wearing her Wal-Mart wear….lol

  9. I am so happy to hear your news that is such a beautiful story. I also have pcos and we will be trying here very soon for our second. it’s just just a miracle I am so happy for you n your family thoughts and prayers that your entire pregnancy! you can spam my box anytime is great news like this!!! congratulations 🙂 glad to hear your stress level is no longer needed 🙂

  10. So thrilled for you! I’m literally grinning like a loon after reading your story. Wishing you all the best and a healthy, happy pregnancy!

  11. Congratulations! It would be perfectly okay for you to let us know how you and the baby are doing. I have two grown children and one of them has blessed us with three little grand daughters.

  12. Just wanted to drop by and say congrats to you and your husband.I to had PCOS ,I went to a specialist in Ohio and did a couple test.I was put on Metformin,after a month I was pregnant with my now 11 year old daughter and four years later another girl.Never give up.So I am so happy for you.

  13. I’m so happy that everything seems to be going well for your family! It’s terrible that you had to go through what you did, but I’m glad that you’re doctor figured out what happened. Your family and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. OMG honey, I am so glad things went well for you and hubby!!!! Congratulations and feel free to share baby news!!! I was blessed with three. The last two after some idiot doctor told me I had cancer and needed a hysterectomy when it was really just a cyst. I had to wait a month before I knew anything. Let me tell you, that month was the worst month of my life.

    Take care of yourself and that amazing angel baking in the oven!!!!

  15. So happy for you both! I have PCOS as well and am a nurse in an emergency department here in Australia so i have a good idea what youre going through. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

    P.S cant wait for anything you write, anything at all 😀

    • You know… I did say that the sono tech was less than friendly in the emergency room, but I didn’t say anything about my nurses. They were THE best! The first nurse, Sandy, she brought me super warm blankets and joked with us and tried to calm me down… AND succeeded! The second nurse (we caught them during a shift change) was Sandra, and she was really good and actually went in search for and found a pillow for me, plus she fixed my pick line like a pro. So, just so you know, I wasn’t saying anything bad about the emergency room per se, only about the nasty tech I got. Even the transport people were absolutely great. BTW, the nurse that first took care of me when I went to the hospital with my first pregnancy, she was from Australia! Why would anybody from Australia be in Maryland, right? But she said her hubby got a job here in the U.S., and the whole family had moved to this side of the pond. I’ve been very lucky that most of the nurses I’ve ever met have been wonderful people, very caring and very giving.

  16. YAY!! Congratulations, I’m sooo happy for you! Please feel free to share baby news, that kind of news is always welcome. Kathy

  17. Rebelina, So happy for you and your family. Glad everything turned out fine. I bet you’ll have the baby on the night True Blood starts. LOL

    • You just KNOW that’s exactly what’s going to happen! I’ll just have to get the hubby to set up the laptop in the delivery room so I don’t miss anything! I am sure there’s going to be something that will give me the right kind of inspiration for me to start pushing… such as yelling at Sookie/Bill/Eric/Pam/Sam/Zombie Tara. LOL

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