The Muse… She’s Gone!

I’m sorry to have to say that this week’s chapter is not ready, not even close.  I had a health scare last week and the fallout has disrupted all my attempts at writing.  I wasn’t able to update “Let’s Be Friends” or “Vampire Biology” either.  It has been a very difficult week for me personally, for my hubby, and for all our close family.  We hope to find resolution on Thursday so that I have good news to share, as well as some chapters to post.  Until then we’re crossing our fingers, praying really hard, and taking it one day at a time.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding.  I know I have the most wonderful readers any writer could ask for, and I hope to be able to get over this hurdle soon and return to doing what I love the most.  In the meantime…


19 thoughts on “The Muse… She’s Gone!

  1. Sending you hugs and love and my best and warmest wishes that all will be right with your world soon. You selflessly send so much wonderful yumminess out into the world with your writing and stories, it makes me sad that you are having troubles. Am thinking of you. xxxxx

  2. I’m glad it was just a health scare, I know your pain on those. I’m glad things seem to be working out though. Don’t worry about the chapters, just make sure you are ok. We will all still be here waiting!!!

  3. The internet is amazing, it gives us the opportunity to care for people who we’ve never met, that live states, even countries, away from us. It is also amazing to think so many friendships started with the shared love of a story. My prayers are with you, and with all the readers you can count as friends, I know there are many more. Take care of yourself and your family and we will be here waiting for you. Kathy

  4. Real life is always what matters the most. You and your family will be in my prayers. We take our health being good as a forgone conclusion, until life rears up and smacks us in the face.Keep your positive outlook and you’ll get through whatever is going on..

  5. I hope everything turns out well. Life sure does like to throw you curveballs. You know what they day “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” But sometimes I have a little chat with him and tell him he is really pushing the limits. Just know I am thinking of you.

  6. Am so sorry to hear about your troubles, i sincerely hope all goes well for for you. Take of yourself. Lots of love from a fan xxx

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