Chapter 18 of “Nothing” is Up!

True Blood Bond by riogirl9909

Hello, y’all!  And as my mom would say: Happy Hump Day!

Here’s the new chapter, and I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the criticism I sometimes get about how I write Eric.  In this chapter we see how very much in love he is with Sookie.  I suppose I have to explain a little bit about what I was trying to accomplish, so that we’re all on the same page as far as Eric goes, or at least the way I write him.  I categorized this story as a romance from the get go for a reason.  I also had (at one point) put a disclaimer letting y’all know that, although this is my version of what happens after Dead Reckoning, there simply is no way for me to write the characters the way Charlaine Harris writes them.  They’re not mine, let’s start with that.  Second, if they behaved as Ms. Harris’ characters, they wouldn’t be able to do what I need them to do in my story.  Sookie would always keep Eric at arms’ length, Eric would appear distant and angry all the time.  That wasn’t what I wanted.  Third, for the story to continue as a romance, Eric needs to be softer with Sookie and vice versa.

This is not to say Eric isn’t a vampire.  He did kill two people during the last chapter.  He sees this type of violence as warranted in his world, which is why Sookie became upset.  Any regular human should be upset when there is loss of life.  However, a good mate would not turn said violence against his beloved.

There are several discussions going on in the fandom regarding abuse, domestic abuse to be exact, and rape, and the way some stories that feature it receive heaps of praise and cheering when Eric abuses Sookie.  I do not tolerate that.  Book Eric has never abused Sookie, and my Eric won’t either.  Both Eric and Sookie will continue to exhibit character flaws (he withholds information and can sometimes sound condescending, she’s become too trusting in response to her previous behavior).  However, the sex will always be consensual, Eric will treat Sookie as his equal, and for those of you who might argue that he took her away from everything she knew I will say that she went willingly, and that he doesn’t like that he had to do that to keep her safe.  So now he’s at a point where he needs to correct it.  Running away wasn’t the answer.  Here are the links (listed in the order I read them) to the ongoing conversations so that y’all can be part of the discussions: Rape-as-Romance by peppermintyrose, Shades of Violence and Abuse in SVM/TB Fanfiction by moxiemollymo, and Domestic Abuse in FanFiction by FiniteAnarchy.  These three writers have researched the subject at length and I highly recommend their posts.  We need to start a discussion about the subject and expand it.  Sometimes a story shows abuse within the correct context (in other words: it’s wrong and that’s what the author is trying to show), but other times it is meant as nothing more than entertainment.  There is a lot of violence against women the world.  We should not be perpetuating it by writing it as a light subject or cheering it as readers.  Perhaps by spreading the word and taking a stand we can open minds, improve dialogue, and educate.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 18 of “Nothing” is Up!

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  2. I am sooooo behind on this story. I just gave birth 4 weeks ago and left off when you wrote that you wouldn’t be continuing this story on FF. I have tried looking for this story here but I can’t find it. I see all the other stories under SVM Fanfiction. Where is it? And, what chapter did I leave off on? The last one I read was when Sookie kissed that doctor guy while she was held captive.

    • First of all… Congratulations! And welcome to the newest member of your family. 😀

      Okay, the last chapter you read was 11. I’m going to assume you’re looking at the website on your regular computer, because the mobile site looks slightly different. From anywhere on the site you should be able to see the link to the SVM fanfiction. You can click on that and it will take you to the main page for all stories. From there click on Nothing’s Gonna Change My World, and it will take you to the main page for the story. Scroll down and you will find a list of all the chapters. Clicking on any will take you directly there.

      There is another way: from the website’s homepage, scroll down a ways and you will find links to all the stories and all their chapters.

      If you’re looking at the website from a mobile device… I dunno. Mine might look different than yours, but mine almost looks like the website on my PC so I can choose from the top menu to reach the desired page. Yours might look different so you’d have top let me know. Hope this helps!

  3. Okay I am about to jump your butt but in the nicest way possible. You have got to stop worrying about the small amount of critisizm you receive. Your gonna get some no matter what. Someone is always having a bad day and passing it on. You need to balance that crap out with how much more love you get and mark my word we do love you!

    Now the is jumping over and fawning begins. Your stories all of them are some of the best in E/S fanficdom. Your Eric is balanced better than any other Eric IMO he is a bad ass sheriff doing whatever scary thing he needs to do to accomplish his job and Sookie’s protection as needed while tenderly loving and caring for his bonded. He is perfection! I love how you write top to bottom. As for writing like CH, I get down on my knees and thank the Gods you don’t write like that because that women has effed that series in a big way IMO. I have stopped reading her series 2 books back. Not even mentioning AB.

    As for those that write “MY ERIC” into a rapist, I have a standard letter that I send to them that includes sites they can post that type of crap but to please reframe from using “MY ERIC” as thier leading man. I also include a strong suggestion on getting therapy.

    Now I am off to read chapter 18. Lots of hugs my friend…………..

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