Chapter 17 of “Nothing” is Up!

Happy Wednesday!  Let’s meet some people and switch gears.  I’ve switched songs again, feeling a bit antsy and the story is picking up.  Those of you brave enough to listen to it… more power to you.  The song is called “Half-Truism” by The Offspring.  It’s fast and loud and punk-rockish, like all of their songs, but the lyrics are what attracted me to it the most, which is my usual M.O.

The picture is of the interior of the Segovia Cathedral.  I wish I could say “been there, done that,” and I could, except I don’t remember.  It was fifteen years ago, and while I was studying in Madrid we used to take these day trips to visit nearby cities.  The first one was Toledo, then El Escorial, then Avila (where St. Teresa is from), then Segovia.  We saw so many churches and cathedrals that they’re all a jumble in my mind, and the one I remember the most was the first one we saw in Toledo.  I only remember one thing about the Segovia Cathedral: there were gypsies doing business in front of it, not in the plaza but in front of the cathedral’s steps.  It was a busy Saturday morning in July, and they were trying to get some customers from the tourists walking around in the main plaza.  Since we were broke students, we simply passed them by.  We explored the cathedral, then made our way up to the Alcazar, and then had to come back down to catch our bus by the Roman aqueduct because the whole town was shutting down for siesta.  Yes.  In 1996 they still shut everything down for siesta.  I would hope they still do.

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