Chapter 16 of “Nothing” is Up!

You know how we’re all supposed to write about what we know?  Was it Louisa May Alcott or Jane Austen who said that?  I honestly can’t remember.  Nevertheless, it is correct, insofar as we should love what we write about, learn it, research it.  Let me explain with an example: those authors who write beautiful works of science fiction haven’t necessarily been to the ends of the cosmos and back, but they love it so much that you feel as if they did.

In Chapter 16 I’m introducing a subject that I knew very little about, but through research I’ve been able to come up with somewhere for our people to relocate and a good amount of history behind it.  When we meet the rest of the players, I hope I can do them justice.  It is nearly impossible to stick with history completely when writing fiction, so some things will not be as they are in real life.  For one, the Alcazar of Segovia is used as a museum, and one cannot – to the best of my knowledge – spend the night in it.  But it is a beautiful castle, as was once the seat of the monarchs of Castile.  I believe it will befit its new purpose. 😉

Thank you all for reading!  Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 16 of “Nothing” is Up!

    • Yes. I know. I don’t remember a lot because it was 15 years ago when I visited, but my godbrother was kind enough to remind me of a couple of things from his last visit in July. 🙂

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