NEWS… and something to kick start the Holidays

The Citrus Tree Contest

The Citrus Tree Contest is drawing to a close.  The last day for voting is October 23rd.  Please take some time to read and vote for your favorite lemony fics!  Don’t forget to leave well-deserved reviews.  There are nine total fics, and they’re all delicious!  Click here to find them all.



Jan of Arc and Blakes Boogie have come up with a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays.  They’ve put together the Sookie’s Secret Santa fanfic swap.  It isn’t a contest, just a way to celebrate the season by giving and receiving a little somethin’-somethin’.  When you sign up, you agree to be someone else’s Secret Santa and write them a fanfic.  In return you get one of your very own!  There are no word minimums or maximums, all you have to do is write a one-shot and make someone’s day.  For more information and to sign up please visit their page on (click here).  You have until November 6th to sign up.  Writing will begin November 10th.

Fangreaders Chatroom

Every Sunday at 3PM Eastern (7PM GMT) I will be hosting a chat about “Nothing’s Gonna Change My World” in the Fangreaders Chatroom.  Click here to let them know that you want to be a Fangreader and get your invitation to the chat room.  The Fangreaders is a community of avid SVM/True Blood fanfic readers and writers alike.  Everyone is welcome!

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