Chapter 15 of “Nothing” is Up!

Welcome to the blog’s new look.  The font is bigger and it’s black on white in an effort to make it more legible.  I lost most of the Skarsporn *rolls eyes* in favor of a full “Pages” menu that lists all the stories and all their chapters (available from the Home Page).  If y’all really, really hate this new layout, please let me know and what it is that you don’t like so I can tweak it.  Of course I love looking at my own blog, but it’s meant for my readers to enjoy.

So… I noticed a few sneaky people who searched for this new chapter on search engines… I’m sorry to say that the search wouldn’t have worked until a few days after the chapter posted.  That’s when it gets indexed.  But I likes the sneaky *wiggles fingers*.  If it helps: I always update on Wednesdays.  I have everything set up and ready to go, scheduled to publish at midnight (U.S. Eastern time).  There’s no good enough reason for that other than to give me time to fix the post (I make a lot of mistakes) and edit the chapter if needed.

I’m excited to say that this new chapter of “Nothing” offers up a little bit of hope, and not too much angst.  I don’t have to put a “get your hanky” alert!  That’s always good.  I will put another kind of alert: a lemon alert.  I wasn’t sure if I should, but since there aren’t lemons on every chapter, I’ll go ahead and do that.  Reminder: this story was rated M from the beginning.  I also don’t own the characters, they belong to Charlaine Harris, all except a couple.

I will be introducing another new character, who we will hear from a little bit at the end of this chapter.  I did a bit of research, quite a bit, and came up with someone very interesting and necessary to this story.  I hope y’all will like this new person.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!  Share your leftovers – pass them down!

Go to Chapter 15 – I’ll Keep You Alive


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