Which is Your Favorite Story?

FanFiction has become one of my favorite hobbies.  I never knew how much fun it would be to read about my favorite characters doing things differently, let alone writing about it.  My very first story was Let Love In by Terri Botta, which spoils everybody rotten.  Anybody who has read it will probably agree with me that Terri’s story is one of the best around, and I have found that many of us were introduced to FanFiction by reading Let Love In.  It has certainly been one of my main sources of inspiration, and I’m not afraid to admit it.  Trust me when I say that if you have not read it, you’re missing out.

After reading that story and being introduced to several others, I decided to give it a whirl.  It all started with Alive After Dark, the one I call my first “brain baby.”  The version on the blog has been left almost exactly as I first published it, mistakes and all.  I’m sorry to make you suffer through those, but they show how much I’ve grown as a writer.  Before that, I’d been working on Good Fences, but I didn’t have the courage to post it due to the fact that it’s all all-human story.  We can blame Zigster for that one (she started it!).  I have yet to upload Good Fences on the blog, but will do so soon.

In February of this year, Alive After Dark reached its 1000th review, and I was so excited that I decided to write its first side story.  Enter Eric Reads Twilight.  It’s a one-shot of… well, Eric Northman reading the book Twilight.  Someone suggested he should read Breaking Dawn, but I’m afraid he would die the final death after that one.  Now, now… I’m a fan of the Twilight books.  They got me started on the whole vampire/paranormal genre, but one has to admit some of the stuff is pretty messed up.  I’d rather deal with sex than violence any day.  Maybe that’s just me.

Which leads us to Fairies & Pies: an Alive After Dark side story.  I was really, really bored one day, and my muse (yeah, I’ll blame her) decided to make me write naughty situations featuring Eric and Sookie.  My silly muse likes to tease me like that, and likes to take her time about it too.  The story was on hiatus from late April to late September before my muse decided to offer up some more lemony goodness.  I apologize to my mom who’s probably reading this…

Worth a Try is about to wrap up with four total chapters.  It closes all of AAD into a nice little package… unless my muse decides to tangle me up into another plot bunny.  The story starts out a bit depressing, but as usual I can’t stay away from Happily Ever After’s.

Right before writing Fairies and Pies, I started working on an alternate-universe story, the first one I’ve attempted.  It’s The World is a Vampire, and will also be uploaded into the blog soon.  Unfortunately that process takes forever and a day, maybe longer.  Uploading AAD took me a week and hours of work.  With 60+ chapters, those of you who have blogs can imagine.  The World is a Vampire was inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins’ song “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” and several times I’ve been accused of planting earworms with every chapter update (earworms, in this context, are songs you can’t get out of your head).  I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.  😀

The World is a Vampire

While I was actively writing AAD and WiaV, Crisi TM and Fairyblood sponsored the “Dead After Dead Reckoning” contest, so I gave it a shot with Nothing’s Gonna Change My World.  It was supposed to be a one-shot, but that one chapter received so many reviews (85 by the time I decided to keep writing), that I was swayed into writing the whole story.  Winning the contest also had a little to do with it.  The title of the story is a bit ironic.  Nothing is certain except change, we all know this.  Everything in our lives is always in flux, and it is silly for Sookie to think that nothing could ever change her world.  However, in the book Dead Reckoning, she seems very upset by this fact.  I’m trying to correct her perception: even the vampires, those never-changing creatures, know that change is inevitable around the world and within ourselves.

Talking of change, the latest story in my repertoire is Let’s Be Friends, and it’s actually a True Blood fanfic.  Never done one before… my muse is a sick lady hell bent on throwing me in for loops.  Well, per usual, I’m trying to give the kids the Happily Ever After we were cheated of during the season finale of True Blood.  I didn’t want to think about it too much, I just wanted it.

And finally, I make up my own stuff too.  Laurel Defense is my own story, with my own characters, my own plot, my own everything.  I thank those of you who’ve had the time to read it, and for those of you who are wondering about it: it’s a paranormal romance with all sorts of fantastical creatures.  The heroine, Abby, is a lightning sprite in love with a vampire, which is too bad because sprite blood is venomous to vampires.

Thank you so much for reading!  Happy Weekend!


18 thoughts on “Which is Your Favorite Story?

  1. thank you for the review! because I started to go round in circles I have read so many fanfictions!!
    My favorite among all is well on “eric” written by DeeDeeINFJ this is the first I read!
    Then The World is a Vampire, rebelina I have already said how much I love this story for me is like a dream, and it touched me in a way that so far I do not understand.
    terri botta’s a wonder I hope someday we will purchase his books!
    imortal beloved has ended and I do not still recovering, I love that story is that I read when I want to forget my troubles.
    I recently discovered “BonTempsBaby” and I was pleasantly surprised since I harassed for the rest!
    makesmyheadspin it is also surprising to me is the best on the show “trueblood” especially with “burning down the house” that is unstoppable.
    lately I have discovered two new authors: texanlady wannabewriter25 and their stories are wonderful, unforgettable and they need our support, the first a cause of scandal and stupid Innappropriate
    and the other wrote a story unlike any you’ve ever read! and it is a story written for intelligent way.
    I hope to help those in need of fanfictions when you rebelina has “nothing changes my world” is becoming a great big story I long for the next fangreaders awards, I’m sure it will be high! !

    naima of Marseille in France (hence the bad English)

  2. There are lots of great stories and I have mine favorited on fanfiction. Net. Typing on phone so would take too long for me find them. Anyway one of my favorites that I noticed Yall were missing was Kjwrit. Her story All In is GREAT! It’s hilarious, angsty, and hot!!! She also updates often. It is all human which I almost never read but it had so many reviews I gave it a try and then couldn’t put it down. She has over 6000 reviews now, thinking it has around 200,000 words. Thanks for the recommendations, can’t wait to read the ones I missed.

  3. I’ve only started reading Fan Fiction and have only been sticking to the SVM/True Blood ones. I found it when I discovered that I had fallen for Eric on TB and then after taking my AS obsession to the net, found out that he and Sookie get together in the books, which I of course read, but I still couldn’t get enough of my favourite Viking! I was also really disappointed with where CH left the last book (I don’t have a good feeling about E/S relationship in book 12) and then was furious with how AB was destroying their relationship in TB. So I went to the interent and happened to discover the Eric Northman Fan Fiction site and I was hooked – what better way could there be to obsess with my favourite Viking then by reading about him in some absolutely wonderful stories.
    After establishing how new I am to all of this, I found it hilarious that apparently I’ve been reading all the good stuff all along! Terri Botta’s Let Love In was also my first story and I LOVED IT! I almost cried when I relaised that I had read all of the side stories and there were no more 😦 From the Eric Northman site, I discovered Put Me First by AlphaEn which I absolutely adored, and did I cry when I thought she wasn’t going to write anymore – needless to say I’m thrilled she’s still going with Die Tonight, Rule Tomorrow. From here blog at wordpress, she’s favourited you which is how I came over and discovered all of your work, and I eagerly await every Wednesday to read the next chapter of Nothing 🙂 Eric Reading Twilight just cracked me up and I’ve told all my friends about that story – it was so well written and I loved it!
    I usually struggle on the FF website to find the good stuff, but evidently I’ve done quite well by reading what my favourite authors have favourited themselves, and through that I discovered Bon Temps Baby’s stories Pour Some Sugar On Me and Addicted to Love and I eagerly await the next update to ATL. This last week, I followed some links and discovered All About Eric and have finally caught up to everyone else with Immortal Beloved and I’m just about to go and read the next installment (very excited about that!)
    A fairly new story that I’ve been following is I Remember You by wannabewriter25 on FanFiction – it is such an original story and I love getting updates on it.
    Sorry for writing an essay on here – I was just so excited to discover that I’ve been reading and appreciating the same stories as everyone else – including you, one of my favourite authors!!!

    • My latest obsession is “Speak to me, someone,” by sheknitsnicely. Sookie has her usual powers but lost her ability to speak. It’s skn’s first story and she’s doing a great job. You can find it here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7369456/1/Speak_to_me_someone

      I guess I was fortunate that people started reading AAD just by finding it among the new stories. I didn’t even know I would get reviews! So I have a lot of respect for authors who decide to take the plunge after reading fanfics.

      Oh! And everything written by JillianK is pure gold! But angsty.

  4. I like time travel story, but my first fav stories would be Pour some sugar on me / Addicted to love by BonTempsBaby. Oh and Eric by Dee, POV of Eric Northman. I read all or most of the stories posted above they are all very good, I am not good at writing and I really appreciate people who put their time and effect to write and post them, they are so brave. Because I am not good at people giving compliment or criticism at me LOL.

    • How could I forget about DeeDee?! :O
      You can find Eric here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4884694/1/Eric
      It is listed as one of my faves on Fanfiction.net for a reason. She writes Eric beautifully using third person singular, which is very hard to do (in my very own opinion). It is still active and she updates quite regularly. She had it on hiatus waiting for book 11, but now she’s continuing where Dead Reckoning left off… which, let’s face it, it’s probably a good call. I honestly don’t think Eric will be making a lot of appearances in the next two books. I hope I’m wrong, ihopei’mwrongihopei’mwrong….

  5. Wow hard to pick just one. I actually started with Twilight FF to fill in the smut gaps that SM left behind. I didnt get into TB/SVM till about year or so ago. My favs are ericizmine and one of my first ones was A Smarter Sookie by Sophie Myst. I love Reb of course and All about Eric. There are so many great stories out there.

    • I’ve read some Twilight stuff as well, but there’s so much of it to sift through that I can’t find the REALLY good stuff. What I did find was mostly things that Terri Botta herself had favorited or written. Then I was disappointed to find an amazing T-rated Twilight story, full of humor and well-written, but it wasn’t complete! 😦

  6. The first fanfic I remember reading was Late by Morgaine Swann. It took me 3 days to get though it all…it is amazingly in depth, with a ton of intrigue. Of course, I read Let Love in, and all your stories, then I found Ericizmine, and am amazed with her imagination. I think those 4 would be my favorite fanfic authors so far, but there are a ton of great writers out there. Immortal Beloved, Vampire’s Guide to the Galaxy, The peace offering, Folklore, The Handmaiden, Sookie’s Blog, What you can’t Have are just a few of the stories I am following now.

    Of all of them, your’s and Ericizmine are the two I will drop anything to read. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful worlds with us. Maybe there will be a time when I am brave enough to finish and post my own stories, but for now, I’m living vicariously through you all.!!!

    • I haven’t read the Vampire’s Guide to the Galaxy! Gotta look that one up (I’m a fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide). Thanks!

      Immortal Beloved has a special place on my tab every Sunday morning with coffee. There were a couple of Sunday mornings when Fanfiction.net messed with my routine. That’s when I decided to get this blog set up and running. I also love Shara Moon’s Duality, though I haven’t read her other stuff, which I’m told is very good. I also love the Handmaiden. Merick is superb, and she’s a great person too, as are all my fellow writers.

      I think I need to make some time to read too, not just write. JillianK and BlackDeadOrchids are my current favorites, although many of the things they write are angsty… but they’re so well written that they have me hooked! 😀

  7. My Favorite author at the moment is Ericizmine. She is so quick witted and her quirky humor makes my head spin. At one point in January I had managed to read every Sookie/Eric piece posted on fanfiction.net and though I am a little behind and have not read most things since then under 20,000 words I can safely say that she is one of the standout authors

  8. Yep, I started with “Let Love In” and all those side stories and sequels of Terri Botta’s. She is an amazing writer, after reading her stories I realized that you could find and enjoy professional quality stories on the FF site. I have been lucky to find several authors that I would say compare in writing skill and imagination to authors that I pay to read. “Nothings Gonna Change My World” is one of the most complex involved stories I’ve read. I love being surprised by characters and situations that I know very well. It is one of the most satisfying for me as a reader and I think I am really picky about the quality of stories I read. As much as I love Sookie and Eric (especially Eric) I really love your original story “Laurel Defense”. It is wonderful trying to figure out these new characters and having a new couple to get involved with. I am always anxiously awaiting new updates and the story is very exciting. I really appreciate the time that all the writers put into their stories. You are awesome!! Kathy p.s. I am personally very happy that you are an HEA kind of girl, my heart can’t handle too much angst! 😉

    • I don’t love writing angst. While I’m writing I get so involved that I end up making myself cry! But I do enjoy reading it. BlackDeadOrchids and JillianK are great at writing angst. Both of them have made my stomach tie up in knots just waiting to see what happens.

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