Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode LAST~

I will open this little rant with something different for a change: a gush!  My hubby bought a brand new humongolous (it’s a word, says me) TV and even though it’s technically OUR anniversary present, and even though he LOVES the thing, I got to watch Eric’s magnificence on HD and he was HUGE!  So, thank you honey!  He knew where I was tonight at 9pm: with my butt parked in front of 55 inches’ worth of delicious Viking.

So… Who wants some of Mrs. Fortenberry’s pork rind casserole?  I need the recipe.  I love pork rinds and football season is upon us.  But I digress.  I enjoyed her almost as much as I enjoyed Eric’s lines during the episode.

Jason went ahead and came clean with Hoyt, and let himself get an ass whooping.  Darn right!  He didn’t hit back either, good thing.  And then he’s all ferklempt because Jessica only wants a romp in the sack.  What goes around comes around, big boy!  I think the same is true for Steve Newlin showing up at his house.  And did anybody else notice Newlin checking out Jason’s package with a little bit of a shiver there at the end?  I’m sure he enjoyed what he saw.  Vampires are flexible.  Oh, God!  What new manner of f’ed-up-ness are we in for next season?

Poor Lafayette.  I actually felt more sorry for Jesus, of course.  I was very heartbroken that Mr. Ball took him away from me.  Kevin Alejandro is so darn cute!  With his spiky hair and baby face, and don’t get me started with the blue eyes.  I hope to see him in a lot of other stuff from now on.  Back to Lafayette/Marnie… Lafnie?  Sure, why not?  Lafnie looked like Mrs. Fortenberry in a mumu with less style.  There’s a reason I’m mad at Lafnie: She-he says that the rest of the world has turned Wicca, her religion, into a joke… um… WTF?  True Blood did it first.  Sorry, I was very mad about that.  And with Jesus calling Chango, which is a Voodoo spirit… oh, they got me going tonight.

“Zombies are the new vampires,” per Arlene.  What’s up with Arlene’s kids?  I thought I would die laughing at Lisa’s choice of costume.  Then we get thrown into a reunion with no resolution between Terry and Patrick.  What with Rene’s ghost telling Arlene to run from Terry and Patrick’s appearance… We didn’t really need any more funny business thrown into the mix of loonies already inhabiting Bon Temps.  Although… we lost a few, didn’t we?

All this time I always thought that Holly was going to be a bad girl, and she turned out to be one of my favorites: smart, easy-going, a girl of action when it’s needed.  She even has a Wiccan’s first aid kit!  It wasn’t just because she saved the vampires, of course.  I’ve been noticing she’s a very capable witch this whole season.  But y’all gotta admit that summoning all the Bon Temps dead people was pretty cool.  Of course, nothing beat Adele reaching inside Lafayette’s mouth to retrieve Marnie.  A woman does whatever she must do, yeah?  Of course, she also has to tell Sookie that to be alone is natural.  And then… this:

Eric’s first amazingly delivered line.  I thought I would wake up the whole house laughing so hard.  The little growl as he said “Excuse me…”  It sounded like the rolling of his eyes.  Dognabbit, people!  Get the two vampires off the stake while Tara tends to her cousin.  It’s doable.  Jeez!

Of course all that paled in comparison with the worst threesome in True Blood history.  Even though it wasn’t all that sexual, it sure seemed that Sookie was getting her jollies while feeding Eric and Bill.  Good Lord Almighty!  Can someone less deserving get that lucky?  Probably not.  I do admire Sookie’s final choice: herself.  Maybe she did need that talk with Gran after all.

Who doesn’t love Kristin Bauer Van Straten?  Girl can deliver lines like it’s her job!  There’s no way for me to summarize… so here you go:

Bwaaaa-hahahaha!!!  Love it, love it!  Love her!  I’m not lying when I say she’s my favorite actress, particularly since I’ve seen her break down and cry when talking about her love for her hubby, and Alex, and her doggies, and people giving blood…  The true measure of an actress is when you actually see the real person and can’t believe the things they can pull off.

I don’t want to over-analyze Sookie’s choice.  I do want to say that it’s the first choice she’s made that didn’t send me into a rant.  She’s right that both of the men are not good for her.  She needs to step away from both and she knows it hurts.  Instead of taking the easy path, she took the hard one knowing it was for the best.  For once she does something amazingly smart.  Both those goofs need to bring something better to the table for Sookie to choose.  Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum need to stop lying to her all the f-ing time, they need to act like men and tell her things, not just after it happens, but before, include her.  How is she supposed to be right for them?  If she’s feeling really THAT lonely, she should call Alcide.  Even with his horrible taste in women, at least he’s never lied to her or used her.

Give it up for Debbie killing Tara, then Sookie killing Debbie (and Lafayette not showing up?).  Who’s happy?  Who’s dancing?  I am.  And I’d rather not talk about the subject anymore.  So there.  Actually, I’ll say one more thing about that: this type of acting is what Anna Paquin is known for, and she does it great.  She’s really good at the screaming and crying, very visceral.

And now for some more amazing lines delivered by the amazing Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman…


5 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode LAST~

  1. Great review. I will miss Jesus (a lot) and I fear Tara will return which will upset me unless it is as VAlady surmised as Eric’s child/Pam’s sister. I actually thought the same thing as Sookie rocked Tara yelling for help! That combination plus the Eric and Bill bromance that seems to be brewing would make for a great season 5!!! It’s funny but I think I am over the idea of Eric and Sookie being together on TB. This was a disappointing season in that respect, and I really think I will enjoy the show more with Sookie as a single woman getting her shit together. I really love the idea of Eric and Bill dealing with Russell and Steve Newlin. They were perfect, crazy, bloodthirsty vampires when dealing with Nan, and I loved it! I think they make a better couple than either of them with Sookie, at least in TB universe. However I still LOVE Eric and Sookie in the FF universe, so I’ll keep reading if you keep writing!! Kathy

  2. I didn’t see Tara’s death coming, figured Jesus would get it though..And then I had this crazy thought..about Tara..what if at the beginning season 5 we have Eric racing to Sookie’s side from the “King’s” house next door (they are”one” after all so he should be able to feel her terror, right?)..and Tara isn’t quite dead and he “saves” her by turning her..And now.. She’s Pam’s SISTER..they hate each other, can you picture the fights across the centuries between these two..okay that won’t happen I know..but it is kind of funny. It was certainly an episode with a lot of stuff going on. It’s kind of strange the way Eric & Bill seem to have bonded..and Russell is out of the that will make season 5 interesting. Was very happy that Sookie didn’t even hesitate when it came time to send Debbie to the happy hunting grounds. Not sure how much of book 5 we will see in the next season. AB has changed so many plot elements that it’s kind of hard to see what can be used. Anyway, loved your review of the episode.

  3. Thanks for the review, what I enjoy most is the acting of Layfeyette and poor Jesus the only death I feel sorry for. Tara I don’t think she going to die that biotech is hard to kill, one of the puppy eye vamp will safe her. since Sookie crying like that either Eric or Bill will safe her, I think Bill will AB loves him he will safe the day. That was false advertisement I was expect more deaths Jesus, Nan, Debbie and Tara (maybe).

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