Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode 10

How COULD she?

I honestly feel like crying.  My heart is breaking by proxy, and I’m just glad that Eric is his BAMF self again that he can take what Sookie said with aplomb, and let her figure out Bill’s idiocy on her own.  I would have drained her.  Thank goodness I’m not a vampire or in love with a stupid, insipid, wishy-washy, vapid, weak, only-good-for-her-blood-and-a-lay, bitch.  Somebody, PLEASE, explain to me why Sookie said to Eric that she still loves Bill?!  Please!  I’m begging here!  No woman in her right mind would EVER utter words such as those to her new love interest, particularly when she says she loves said new interest as she said she loves Eric.  WTF-landia, here we come!  Again.  Might as well have bought the f-ing season pass.  I have no words… words have failed me.  My darling husband had to listen to my vocal rant, and later had to scoop me up from the floor where I lay comatose next to Willie, my cat.  They were both very concerned for my wellbeing.

Wait, it gets better.  Eric TOLD Sookie that nothing had changed, and she insisted that he had changed.  If we’re talking about Eric, and Eric himself TELLS you he hasn’t changed, then believe it, lady!  He’s telling you so!  You could see the pain in the man’s (vampire, whatever) face – which, by the way, great acting from Alex, excellent!  I hereby choose to wrap up my rant about Sookie with the following open-ended question: Why do these men love her?  I’m talking TB Sookie, not SVM Sookie.  For all her faults SVM Sookie would have never done something so tremendously unintelligent as to tell Eric, “I can’t imagine a world without Bill in it.”  Boo-hoo!  I can, let me do it.

Shake it off, shake it off… Who else was amused at Nan’s channeling of the Red Queen?  “Off with Bill’s head!”  “Off with Eric’s head!”  “Off with Pam’s head too, just for $hits and giggles!”  Jessica was Alice in all this, I presume.  She just wanted to kill things.  She can start with Nan… and who knows?  Maybe she did!  Nan wasn’t part of the A-Team.  Did y’all see it, the nod to the A-Team?  Sorry, I thought that was incredibly witty, particularly Jessica carrying the rocket launcher.  And I must say that Bill looks good in combat blacks (?).  Not that Eric didn’t, I’m just saying that the soft spot I still have for poor Stephen Moyer is alive and well.

So now we know that one of the major characters that got killed was Tommy… at least I’m hoping that’s what Alan Ball was referring to when he was talking about major characters dying and what-not.  Hopefully the other one won’t be Eric, but if it is (hear me out, ’cause it just might be), then I can stop watching True Blood without feeling guilty.  See?  There’s always a silver lining.  I’m saying this because there are rumors that the Viking will give himself to Martonia in exchange for Sookie, and that he will be bound with silver and burned at a stake.  These are just rumors, now!  Don’t kill me, I’m just passing along the RUMORS.  The way I see it, Eric will do anything short of dying to prove to Sookie that he loves her more than Bill (we’re back to that, sorry).  I do see Eric going gaga for Sookie enough to offer himself, but not without a plan in place so that he doesn’t meet the true death.  However, this picture does not engender hopeful feelings in me…

Behind Eric you will notice that Bill is also chained to the burning stake.  I don’t know if this will be the final scene of the final episode or what.  I see a couple of people watching the vampires burn, but I can’t tell what they are… witches, vampires, humans?  Werewolves, fairies leprechauns?  Who knows?  If anybody has heard any more rumors, by all means, please share, ’cause I’ve just about had it with the whole thing.

I’m happy that Holly is centered enough to want to fight magic with magic.  She was grace under fire, even managing to talk some sense into Tara the hothead.  As for Martonia, I didn’t see it coming that Marnie was all for Antonia’s plan, or that she would talk Antonia into continuing with their efforts to kill vampires.  I have a feeling that Jesus won’t be able to help much anyway, because Marnie agreed to this from the beginning.  Hopefully, now that Sookie, Jesus, Lafayette, and Holly are all together, they can somehow defeat Marnie and Antonia both.

And here’s some nice Skarsporn (not really), something not from the episode and WAY less depressing…

Alex on the set of "What Maisie Knew" with costar Onata


6 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode 10

  1. yes thanks for the review, its good that I am not the only one who think TB Sookie is a bimbo. She is no better than any label fangebanger. I totally agree ‘ only-good-for-her-blood-and-a-lay, bitch”, Sookie just fluke her way through this series by luck and chances, or saved by Bill, she is nothing like SVM book description is no where close. I really think this show is lacking alot of vampire plot, the A TEam looks cool but what Eric/Jessica/Bill/Pam going to do is going to totally failure. For hundred of years old vampire they really dense, thats what human do walk in blind with guns and blow up the place..Failure..anyone.. The TB team should replace their writers THEY SUX. I can see they try to pimp up the actors and they do look good, but if that is what vampires will do as their come back, TB vampires are going to die out, they are too stupid to think outside the box. I can’t see the hype for next episode because the story and plot just too lame. TB is a bad fan fiction turn into a show, some of the Fanfiction about True Blood is better than True Blood itself. I am only watching TB now to see Alexander I can can watch that on youtube where people cut all the others story out and just show Eric.

  2. I agree completely with your review, but the part that resonates most with me is, why do they want her!!?? She is whiny, indecisive, selfish and shrill, particularly when dealing with Eric! Her little speech was hurtful, you could see it in his reaction (he is truly amazing) he loves her and she wants someone who manipulated her to give her virginity? Who set her up to be hurt to give her blood? WTF? She goes all out for Tara and Jason, but what do they do for her? It’s become like reading DR, I don’t understand her motivation, so it’s just hard to watch. However, I will keep watching as long as Askars graces the screen, as I am addicted! I guess this is what AB is counting on. Thanks for letting me vent, I needed a couple of beers after watching Sunday’s show to drown my sorrows!! Kathy p.s. Maybe AB has a bit of a man crush on Stephen Moyer? That could explain a lot! 😉

  3. Great recap, Reb!

    I wasn’t surprised with Eric regaining all his memories, I have been expecting Alan to take that turn for a few weeks now. What shocked me was Sookie’s lines – who in the hell wrote those? Is it the same person who wrote Oscar winning lines for Eric? Gosh, some guy who thinks he knows how women think – loser! No woman in her right mind – not even TB Sookie – would be so self-centered and stupid to tell someone like Eric (right after he professes his love to her) that she still loves another. Where is the finessing? The womanly tact and grace? The natural ability to smooth the rough edges? We all know it’s part of womanly nature, so WTF? How come she didn’t have it in her to say, “but I love you and I want to make it work,” or “I need to figure this out Eric, please give me some time”? First, she insults the man in Eric, throwing her love for upstanding Bill at him, then she insults the vampire in him, saying it’s all blood’s fault. Yeah, blame it on everything and everyone but yourself.
    There are few options for the series to go from here, and I’m inclined to think that at the end of the next season Eric will die, so that Sookie and Bill can be together. I hope I’m wrong, but with AB all is possible.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Alpha, sweetie, I swear you have WAY more verve and grace than me about this subject. When I wrote the post I was supremely hurt, and I’m glad you added your reply to make a little more sense of my rant.

      Knowing Eric’s history with professing his feelings, she should have realized what a leap he made in telling her he loves her. If the writers wanted to show what a shallow individual Sookie is, they achieved it tremendously. Kudos to them. You are absolutely correct in your view of how she thoroughly insulted Eric. She doesn’t even need to be all that deep, though. A little caring would have gone a long way. It seems she doesn’t have that in her for anyone but for Bill. She is not the strong Sookie she’s supposed to be.

  4. OMG you are so right! I just wanted to break something last night. Sookie deserves whatever she gets at this point. She fought Eric for three fucking seasons, saying, “I’m Bills” at every turn, but now that real Eric had professed love for her she suddenly becomes indecisive? You can’t have your cake and eat it too, bitch…unless you consider that having Eric Northman in your bed and monogamous to you being eating the cake (which I do).

    This whole season has been a trainwreck and the only redeeming aspects were the lovemaking and love between Sokkie and Eric, and they just ruined that for me too.

    What about the bonding? Did that go away with the amnesia? Just brush it under the rug? Seemed a little deliberate of an act on AB’s part to be so soon forgotten, don’t you think?

    If I were Pam, I would kick Sookie’s ass for fucking with Eric like that, and if this isn’t resolved by September, I am officially done with this show and on a diet of only FanFic.

    Thanks for your post!

    • It wasn’t only that they swept Eric and Sookie’s blood bonding under the rug, it was that Sookie completely forgot that they made love, they FELL in love, before the blood bonding. How dare she say that the love she feels for both vampires is chemical? If anything, the love she feels for Bill is chemical, since she fell in love with HIM after he gave her his blood after the Rattrays’ attack.

      I think Pam should kick Sookie’s butt. It looked like she was about to.

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