Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode 9

Heeeeere's the Sheriff! Booyah!

It must be really bad that I don’t see anything wrong with Sookie’s little big dream.  I hate Bill, yes.  But all I could see was Anna Paquin having her way with Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I have a special spot in my heart for poor Stephen Moyer who is brave enough to take on Bill’s role.  The poor man must be wondering why nobody likes him, and it’s not his fault.  It’s the character’s fault, and Alan Ball’s.  Thankfully the latter wasn’t in charge of writing Episode 9, so we had a bit less WTF and a bit more “this could work.”

So we know Bill is still head over heels for Sookie, so he gave her his blood at the first sign of injury, and even saved the “I told you so” for another time.  Alcide can go suck an egg for all I care.  He was like “I’m done,” and I was like “with what?”  Boy is delusional.  Of course, he had a point: why did Bill let Sookie fight… and we all know the answer: because Bill is a sucker for Sookie and would castrate himself for the bitch even if his balls wouldn’t grow back.  Do I sound mad?  Yes I am.  And here’s why: Bill stood up to Nan, who doesn’t seem to know whether she’s coming or going, which made me kinda like him.  Ugh!  And Nan: Either you want humans to like you, or you don’t!  She obviously doesn’t like humans, since she’s willing to “let the show go on” without regards to the consequences of what Bill is telling her.  Postponing an event due to a threat is not unheard of these days.  Granted, if we trace back the whole entire problem, we all know that Bill started it by sending Eric into the witches’ coven.  Now he’s trying to play clean-up and Nan won’t hear of it.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Bill isn’t king material.  If everyone employed my common sense there wouldn’t be a plot, so I won’t delve too deeply into the BS.  Nan does have every right to be mad at him… but honestly, what did she expect?

“This could work,” I said to myself when I saw what Jesus did to Lafayette and banished Miss Mavis to Heaven (or her next life, or whatever).  Now I’m crossing my fingers that they will use him.  I mean, why not?  He has the powah!  Yeah, brujo!  I have no clue what he said, but he repeated it a couple of times.  And before y’all say that I don’t know my Spanish, let me point out that Kevin Alejandro has a very Americanized accent when he speaks, and he was shouting, so it was difficult to understand him.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  He’s cute, though.

We did sort of venture into WTF territory with Tommy’s thing.  Whenever I saw Sam or Tommy I cringed and rolled my eyes.  Wasn’t Tommy gone?  Do I really need to see Sam turn into a bunny and have sex with Luna while Tommy gets beat up?  Was anybody else scratching their heads at the relevance of the two?  What does it have to do with the price of eggs?  You may set me straight if you wish.  I just think that the Tommy thing should be put to rest already, but noooo!!!  It’s coming back next episode, robbing us of some Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle time.  Again.

Antonia is thoroughly hate-able!  For a minute there I thought Debbie might usurp Antonia’s throne as Queen Bitch, but Antonia pulled through splendidly.  I really am looking forward to her demise, and again wish that it could be at Jesus’ hands, though I very much doubt that’s the route it’s going to take.  But wouldn’t it be cool?  I mean, I feel sorry for Marnie, even though she invited the spirit by doing blood magic (a no-no if I’ve ever seen one).  If Jesus could just lay his hands on Marnie and banish Antonia, that’s all for the best.  But I think both are going to bite the dust at the same time… or someone is going to kill Marnie’s body, and Antonia will find herself another medium in Lafayette, and that’s when Jesus will do the laying of the hands, etc.

One more point: Jason fought courageously against his feelings for Jessica, and for that I will give him brownie points.  It’s obvious they both like each other and HAD to end up making good use of the bed of his truck.  He’s such a romantic charmer.

And for putting up with my rant, here’s some Skarsporn three-way.  Just think of it as conference sex.

"Left or right... left or right... left... or... right...?"


9 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode 9

  1. I am sick of Tommy too. I don’t like anything taking the scene away from Eric. I feel like AB is robbing us of our Eric and Sookie romance. Atleast we have fanfiction to comfort us.

  2. Totally agree! What do all these subplots have to do with the real story? If it doesn’t somehow connect to the big 3 on some small level, I’m not interested. As far as I’m concerned, all this time wasted on Sam/Tommy/Luna and Terry/Arlene/baby is just distracting me from Sookie and Co. This is NOT a soap opera and I don’t want to change gears every 4 minutes to a new plot and characters. It’s too much!

    • That’s why I call the posts “Days of Our True Blood.” Alan Ball used to write soap operas, and he doesn’t seem to understand how to weave all the characters together into one story. I’m hoping that the thing that Jesus did has something to do with how they’re going to get rid of Antonia. I’m really crossing my fingers on that one. We’ll see, I suppose. It would make sense, but you know how TB is about dead ends: they’re everywhere. Sam is now nothing to Sookie, so get him off the screen. I don’t give a flying f*ck about him, or Tommy for that matter, who was supposed to be gone!

  3. Here’s my question…………. Why in the world did Jason and Jessica start off in the lovely, large, and very clean mansion then move off to the back of that very much not clean pick up truck sitting in from of that clean mansion. Doesn’t she have a room in that mansion? Who’s watching the mansion? Last time I saw, the mansion was full of human guards with guns. Guess they leave when sex is happening in dirty pick up trucks parked in front of the mansion.

    • Ha ha!!! I asked myself the same question when I saw the truck bouncing. WTF, indeed! Jessica said the guards were at the tolerance thing with Bill, so they had the house all to themselves. Stay in it… the guards could have been back any minute. Shoot! Go next door to Sookie’s and borrow a guest room if you want. I think I got tetanus from watching them have sex on the rusty bed of that truck. 😛

  4. The threesome dream was an AB cop out IMO, but guessing it did what he intended it to – pacify both sides of the ship. I’m with you on the Sam/Tommy stuff – isn’t this the South? When is dear/rabbit/gator season? Where are all the true blue southern hunter boys? Think I’d be a little stressed being a shifter in the South. I’d certainly keep up on my ‘hunting season’ calendar 😉

    The Jason/Jessica thing. Hmmm. I’ll admit I like the idea of these two so much more than the Jess/Hoyt fling (I’m sure the actor is great & nice & all, but he was too much ‘short bus’ for me) But… upset pairing Jess with Jason seems more like AB driving home the point that there is no attraction without the blood. These two were never anything *before* the blood. Even horndog, screw anything in a skirt Jason didn’t turn his head Jess’s way before. Maybe due to her being his BFF’s GF, or just bc she’s a vamp, either way – now suddenly we have us a honey bunny duo in the making….all bc Jason’s had her blood. If this isn’t what AB is trying to prove, then he went about getting them together in the wrong way, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, I’m for a Jason/Jess pairing, just wish it had started differently.

    • I don’t know about the dream. I think it would be normal for Sookie to dream about both men at the same time. Shoot! I’ve had dreams like those myself, and neither of the guys were vampires or had given me their blood, so the dream didn’t offend me, nor did I find it too OOC for Sookie to have. I would question her not having some feelings left over and trying to work them out. She’s a bit of an airhead, though. Actually, let me rephrase my set-in-stone view of TB Sookie: she’s an airhead most of the time, and sometimes she is amazingly sharp, which makes me think she has a split personality. I’ve never met anybody in real life like her.

      Hunting season sounds like the perfect solution. I know several nice people who wouldn’t mind having some bunny for dinner… 😀

  5. Love your review,I feel like Alan Ball saying dream on people because he is giving us another dream walk, we are got another V trip dream. Maybe Alan doesn’t want fan to hate him more then they do by showing us , why Sookie don’t have to choose but have them both. The threesome is stupid, this show is getting more rediculous as it go on. Why not just hook up with Alcide and Sam too and maybe there’d an be a orgies going too.. F$@ me, this show is getting more stupid as the season go on, AB has really trash SVM book for good. I find this week episode boring and I totally agree with you about Sam and Tommy storyline, at least Laf/Arlene/Mavis story come together nicely. I hope Sookie save the day or something, so far she seem useless.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Sookie being useless. She screamed run. Where is Bill supposed to run to? First of all he’s the king so he’s in charge of the situation. He can’t just run, and Bill (as stupid as he is) will know this. I’m shaking my head because Sookie always gets herself in trouble, whether it be in the books or in TB. “I have powers,” she said… yeah, right! There’s no way for her to control them, so she’s not only useless, she’s a liability and defenseless. I wish she would have stayed home for once.

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