Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode 8

I may be the only one with any beef to pick with last night’s episode of True Blood, but hear me out.  We go from the terribly sensual, one-shot only, blood bonding of Sookie and Eric, to… WTF-landia!  And we sort of remain in WTF-landia for the duration of the episode.  Don’t believe me?  I have proof!  I know that in True Blood’s world V, a.k.a. vampire blood extracted from a vampire for the purposes of becoming high, is a really neat drug.  But, and you may correct me if I’m wrong, I thought that if the vampire gave it willingly it had similar effects as when they do it in canon.  Oh, yeah… silly me, comparing True Blood to canon, what was I thinking?  Except that I was pretty sure they worked the same way on both.  Apparently blood bonding now only takes one or two blood exchanges.  Fine by me, Eric’s blood is “Extra-Strength Viking.”  Sort of like “Extra Strength Tylenol.”  Okay, willing to overlook that, but not willing to go from beautiful, sensual blood bonding to this…

 … Naked Viking notwithstanding.  WTF is that?  It’s like Eric went tripping too along with Sookie.  And why was she tripping to begin with?  I thought that didn’t happen!

I will share something… it was a text convo between me and my darling hubby who puts up with my little PTSD exacerbations after the show.  I asked him, “Have you ever watched a show where there’s a scene that is so corny that you have to look away giggling?”  He said, “Oh, yeah!”  I said, “That’s what I had to endure during True Blood tonight.”  He said, “Sorry.”  Aww… he’s sweet, but not the point.  I had to look away embarrassed for Anna and Alex who actually had to play their trippy parts… NAKED!  I have a lot of respect for actors working naked, but they deserve an Emmy for this one.

Speaking of Emmy’s… Fiona Shaw should be in line for Best Supporting Actress, I swear!  She’s got me hating her guts (not hers personally, I’m sure she’s a fine individual) with a passion.  Antonia Gavilan the Logrono is above and beyond the bad girl, and now she has Eric!  She’s going to make him into her love slave or something (probably just a slave for her cause).  Now, we’re back to WTF-landia territory with Eric firing off and eating a witch.  We can safely say, in the words of countless brothers/sisters throughout the land, that he started it!  Of course they’re going to retaliate!  Why, oh why, did Eric choose THAT moment to become his usual Bad Ass Mother Fucking self (better known as BAMF)?  Couldn’t he get his willies off by being a BAMF to Bill instead?

Speaking of Bill, who I usually don’t like… isn’t HE turning out to be the level-headed monarch and, apparently, the only one with any kind of self-control?  I’m actually feeling him, for once.  Let’s just say I don’t hate him as much, even if it’ll earn me a swift trip to the looney bin.  Y’all know how I feel about Bill if you’ve read Alive After Dark.  I’d rather he lose a limb… but I digress.  He handled the press well after Beulah bit the dust; he was in all manner of distress over Jessica as was proper; he wanted to keep Sookie from fighting to protect her… which, let’s face it… now that she’s been shot, Bill has every right to issue a kingly proclamation of “I told you so.”  We know she gets better, but that’s not the point.  Bill was right.

I feel very sad for the end of Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship.  Let’s face the facts that vampire or human, things like that happen and sometimes they happen for the best.  Hoyt can’t handle it, but that’s not unexpected.  Him lashing out is a normal enough reaction.  As for Jason… I got to give the guy kudos for turning Jessica away.  I don’t know if he’ll keep it up, but his heart is in the right place.  I still feel bad for Jessica, no matter what.  She was very young when she was turned, and that wasn’t her fault.  She hasn’t lived long enough to deal with a relationship, much less a break up.  I hope it gets better for both and that the writers don’t decide to drag it out forever.

Alright, back into WTF-landia… Lafayette.  I thought that the lady was a good spirit.  I never thought she was going to use Lala’s body to steal Arlene and Terry’s baby!  I thought she would have some Voodoo know-how that could help against the witches or something.  Now we’re back to lame country, because this kidnapping just became another subplot.

Dale Raoul who plays Maxine Fortenberry did an excellent job channeling Tommy.  I would think it’s easy for an actor to play the same part consistently well, but when the actor is thrown a curve, like Mrs. Fortenberry not being herself, that’s when their skills get tested.  I was very much impressed by the way she took that particular bull by the horns.  Even the facial expressions were priceless.  I wonder if she sat with Marshall Allman (Tommy) so she could practice the lines like he would say them.

A tour of WTF-landia wouldn’t be complete without a trip into Werewolf-ville, methinks.  The best line of the episode was delivered by Debbie about meeting a couple of bitches: “I really feel like I fit in here.”  I might have paraphrased because I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to memorize the line.  I know what she meant, whatever.  That sh-tuff was funny right there.  And, of course, Alcide is true to male form and promises something he can’t deliver.  What a dumb-dumb!  Doesn’t he know that he has a serial-psycho-killer for a girlfriend?  Obviously not.

And now for some post-trippy Skarsporn… It’s not as bad as last week’s.



24 thoughts on “Days of Our True Blood, Season 4: Episode 8

  1. oh man… I couldn’t agree more with you all. I’m so sick of what Alan and team did this season. As soon as I thought ” ok it looks like they are getting it together” they go and eff it up. Not only is he setting Beehl in motion to be with Sookie, but he has Eric acting a fool. I’m pissed and embarrassed all at the same time for them. If Eric is this thousand year old bad ass sheriff how in the heck could he be so foolish to strike first without a strategy and be off doing who knows what while the fighting was happening. When he was under the spell that took his memories was one thing. He was carefree and having fun but still, I mean come on. Then he gets his memories back, why is he still being an idiot..they are seriously making Eric look weak. There is no way he was acting like a thousand year old Viking warrior sheriff who was in love and finally got his hearts desire. On top of all that, they had Sookie say all Eric did was lie them. WTF..who was the lier here?? He lied to her twice, and that was minor especially when compared to Billy’s story telling from the time he got to town. Eric lied about the bullet and about …wait a minute. Did he even lie again? I don’t think he did. He never said anything about why he was locking her up in the basement and if he did he said it was for her safety and it was. So how did they flip it to make Eric the bad guy. All he has ever done was try to help Sookie, he lied the once while bill lied about everything. What’s with the Eric bashing going on from all the other characters. Yes, he had Lafayette locked in the basement and we all know why and that vamp justice is different plus he let him go. He also chose not to kill Jason when he should have. He was the only one that didn’t give up on Sookie when she went to Faery. I mean he even bought her house that her idiot brother sold just so she would have it when she came back. And how the hell did she forgive bil so easily? Ughk!!!! Eric saved her how many times? I could just go on and on. Its unbelievable what they are doing. I can’t say I will be a fan for much longer because they are seriously turning me off. Sighs…Ok, I think I’m done for now..sorry y’all, I just had to get that out.

    I think I’ve become spoiled by all these marvelous fanfics you fabulous people produce. Alive after Dark happens to be a fav. 😉

    • There… there… HUG! We know how you feel. I was thinking that I watched True Blood seasons 1-3 just to look at Alex, and it feels like I’ll be doing the same during season 5. Sad but true. If Alex ever leaves, then I’m definitely out, no question. But since we’ve been promised that we’ll see the “Eric makes Pam” story during season 5, I’ll stick around and watch, if only because (like I said) I love Alex… and Kristin. And… I do love Stephen Moyer, he seems like a nice enough guy, and he has us hating Bill with visceral fervor, which, let’s face it, means that he’s doing a good job. Hang in there. I’ll bring back my recaps come next June, then we can all commiserate together (silver lining!). 😀

  2. Here is my 2 cent, i didn’t like AB version of Eric since I don’t know S1 infact Sookie character portrayal from TB altogether sux REally Sookie is suppose to be a hero in her own way and she done nothing but being save by Bill. What happen to the Sookie spirit in the book that we like? so disappointed I think I am going to quit TB. Alan Ball I hate you.
    Btw love you Rebelina you rock, I’ll just read fan ficition while CH release all her book.

  3. So.. I guess I have nothing new to add, just want to be around people who “get it”. In the post-mortem to the episode AB says that “Eric cannot be there when Sookie needs him” while we have just seen Bill gazing at Sookie’s injured body. So I guess that the little sex filled sno-globe we were treated to is all we’re going to get. What pisses me off is that he promised he’d make Eric and Sookie lovers happy, so he knows NOTHING about who we are or what they are as a couple. It’s not about naked viking ass (though absolutely amazing, and I appreciate the view) it’s about how he’s the one that’s there for her and doesn’t betray her and who is THE primary character along with Sookie through most of the books. After the first season when AB said he felt Sookie and Bill were “soul mates” I should have cut my losses and quit watching. As someone said earlier AB decided that Bill should be the primary focus so, it’s his show, and that’s that. Well, Miss Rebelina, I’m ready to fall in love with some new characters, here’s to more “Laurel Defense”. Thanks for letting me rant. Kathy

  4. Oh please don’t shoot me. I liked the snow the bed and the whole spiritual connection with Eric and Sookie scene. I wished that more time was spent on their connection and who cares if Emma has a nice or mean Barbie doll? Give me more Eric and Sookie.

    • Aww… Wolfie, you’re a gentle soul, I know. I won’t shoot you because you liked the scene! I’m not a barbarian. We’re upset because it demeaned the blood bonding, but it would have made for a nice dream sequence (without the dialogue – you have to admit some of it was awful). MAYBE if we hadn’t already seen Jason and that other girl have a trippy scene like that one, then we’d have enjoyed Sookie and Eric’s trippy scene more. But perhaps the former took away from the latter, because we know it was brought about by them being high. I may be in the minority, but I don’t approve of people being high, period. Now, that’s just me and my very own, very personal opinion.

      • I have to agree with you on the high. I just assumed it was a fairy high. LOL. I do wish that the TB show would stick to the fundamentals and I also agree the writer could use a BETA and not make Eric look so out of control when Compton is. This does not add up. But I will continue to watch TB HBO as long as A.S. and K.B. are still in the cast and on the payroll. No matter how much A.B. tries to create a different image. Skarsgard and Bauer-VanStratton are my FAVORITES. Oh and TARA BUCK who plays Ginger. She rocks. 🙂

  5. Agree with everything ya said Reb. Just another on the hugmongaloid pile of Alan “inconsistency is my middle name” Ball. Hmmm….don’t remember Sookie trippin & revisiting the cival war battle grounds any of the times Bill was shoving his blood down her throat! 😉 Although after the maenad curing/Bill feeding she did have that stupid dazed smile on her face, but at the time I attributed it to her obsessed luv daze.

    I can tell u this – I’m done w TB & not just blowin smoke. I cancelled my HBO Monday….and when asked why I told them because of the mess Alan Ball has made of True Blood, which was why I signed up for HBO in the first place, but now it’s enough for me to decide to save myself some $ even though there are several other series I like on HBO.

    Most sadly for me is the number AB is doing on Sookie’s character, which is paying most dearly for his Bill obsession making it the Bill show. I don’t even think it’s about his AP/SM love or Sookie/Bill soulmate stuff, I get the feeling for AB it ‘all about Bill’ & even Sookie is just an ornament/trinket in the Bill-universe. For some unknown reason something AB read/see’s in the Bill character fascinates him at the expense of all other characters….even the heroinne…the MAIN character….you know…THE ONE THE BOOKS WERE WRITTEN AROUND…..Based on HER life happenings!!!!

  6. We were all looking forward to one hell of a shower scene after last weeks great episode. What we ended up with was AB FUCKING UP A ONE CAR FUNERAL. It breaks my heart but I’m sure Eric and Sookie are done. Then to see the preview to next week. Why the fuck would Alcide take her to Bill? Didn’t he work for Eric? Then to have Bill try and give her his blood. The show makes me sick.

  7. Amen sister! You hit the nail on the head…I cracked up at your description of Eric BAMF, that was not a smart move when he killed that witch!!! Right now Bill is the smartest one on this show, say what??? And I think Alan Ball wouldn’t have it any other way, he just loves Billy. You are so right about the WTF-landia that Eric & Sookie were going through after there so called bonding…I was really disappointed and I also felt bad for the actors Alex & Anna for having to do that stupid crap naked! I love when they are intimate but I am so ready to get rid of this wussy Eric, don’t get me wrong I love him but he is a little nauseating at this point. I don’t care about Laffy & Jesus although they are better in their rolls this year but I really don’t care! I feel sorry for Jessica & Hoyt and I just hate how Hoyt treated her, but his reaction is true to life and Jessica definitely needs more in her life than what Hoyt can give her right now. I was so mad when Tommy messed up again with Sam because I feel so sorry for him and can only hope that one day he will be a good little doggy and get to come back home to Sam. Maxine Fortenberry is one of my favorite characters on this show, she just cracks me up everytime the camera is on her.

  8. We all had to suspect something bad would come of the iconic shower scene when AB said at ComicCon that there was a scene with a shower in it. While the bond itself is a good idea, the romp through the Swedish wonderland was such a disservice to the actors and the characters. Okay, we saw an homage to Eric’s (Alex’s) world class backside, but otherwise, those two being high made no sense. AB is an avowed Beel lover and it was glaringly apparent–disgustingly, disappointingly so.

    • I’m all for homages to Eric’s and/or Alex’s backside, frontside, sideside… But you’re right. Better ways, better ways… Every time AB opens his mouth about something he’s interested in or proud of, we should all cringe and brace ourselves. Or better yet, run away screaming.

      Which is why I’m upset that Bill is making sense and everyone else is an idiot. I don’t want to like Bill. I’d rather he multiply himself by zero and do us all a favor. I’m willing to be nice to canon Bill because he did love Sookie and eventually did right by her. TB Bill has been WAY more manipulative of Sookie, and when Sookie finally realizes it and gives him the boot, she still acts like a lovesick puppy. Notice the way she said “my… Bill” after Eric said “my liege.” She didn’t have to say anything at all. Bill’s not her king.

      I’m getting off the soapbox now, slowly so I don’t trip…

  9. Well it seems that the love affair is over and I am beside myself with grief over this episode. I guess snow bed was the last time they will be together. After snow bed they made Eric a villian attacking the witchs like that while Bill saves Tara. Not hard to see where they are taking this, so I guess we are back to square one. Not sure I will be back next year to watch AB’s sick love affair with Anna and Stephen.

    Now I am off to wipe my tears and put on my funeral clothes…………walking away tear streaked and slumped sloudered.

    • You know… I didn’t see it that way, ’cause I was so upset about the tripping, but you’re absolutely right. I don’t think Eric and Sookie will be together again, at least not for the rest of this season.

      Believe me when I say that I’m not happy that Bill has sort of redeemed himself. It happens in canon, yeah, whatever. Still, Sookie doesn’t go back to him, and it does seem that THAT’s where TB is heading.

      Way to dash our hopes there, Alan Ball!

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  11. I don’t think I’m going to continue watching True Blood anymore. It turned out into something close to parody. Rebel, great review to a f*** up episode 🙂

    • Yes! You hit the nail on the head. A parody, that’s what it felt like. It felt like all the storylines were okay and tight, except for Eric and Sookie’s. And my mom wonders why I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after some of these episodes…

  12. Couldnt agree more Reb’s. I had a long reply typed out but then turned it into a new post on my blog and linked your review in lol.

    Highly disappointed after last night episode. The snow? WTF? Having Sookie trip on Erics blood i think was just an insult to the bond they now have. And I agree if you ask AB about it, he’ll run some shit about Sookeh and Beehl being souls who will find each other again and have a HEA. Fuck you Alan Ball.

    • Yes, an absolute insult. What a horrible way to demean what Eric and Sookie have, or started to have. Not only does AB have them tripping through the woods like moronic “Dude, Where’s My Car?” idiots, but then he goes and has Eric striking first against the witches. So OOC… what a horrible writer! He needs a beta… to strike him over the head with a frying pan and rewrite the whole thing.

      Not that I condone violence.

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