Days of our True Blood Season 4: Episode 7

The Viking likes to cuddle. Aww...

We’ve gotten past the halfway mark here with episode 7, and somehow I find that a bit bittersweet.  I can’t believe there are only 12 of them, which means there are only 5 more to go!  That’s it until next June.  I think I might cry… sort of like I did when I saw Eric and Sookie’s never-ending romp all over the place!  Ah-ha!  It almost made up for getting cheated out of foreplay during the last episode.  And it makes me wonder one more thing: I know they’re actors and they’re all concentrating on their roles and blah-blah-blah.  Do any of y’all think one or both gets a little aroused?  I know there are tons of people on set, so I can’t imagine them enjoying it.  Well, let’s take Anna and Stephen, who are a real life couple… maybe they get a little aroused.  I dunno… I guess I’ll never find out, given that I’m not an actress and I’ve never had to deal with an audience.  Ahem!  Moving on, right?  I loved the way Eric kept touching Sookie (did y’all see I didn’t say Alex touching Anna – keeping it professional).  They were like a whirlwind of love, passionate and loving, caressing, kissing, she was moaning, he was… breathing hard (’cause vampires need to do that).  That’s okay, I’ll take it whichever way it comes at me, as long as those two are making love like they actually care for each other, which they do.  I loved their cuddling afterwards, the tender words… even though I can summarize it pretty well.  Eric: “Will you be with me when I get my memories back?”  Sookie: “Yes.”  Yay!  Now we’ll wait impatiently for Eric to not remember any of their time together.  It’s coming…  Episode 11.  I’m taking bets.  Oh!  And here you can watch all the Eric moments from this episode.

Fiona Shaw as Antonia is even better than I imagined.  The woman has the nut part absolutely mastered, and for some godforsaken reason I find myself rooting for her.  The WTF is on me, right?  I’m supposed to hate the witches, but I can’t.  Even Bill doesn’t hate them, but I shouldn’t be throwing my lot in with Bill, except he happens to be right.  The vampires brought the curse upon them.  That’s all there is to it.  They played with fire (figuratively) and they ended up getting burned (literally).  So sorry to say that I’m with Antonia on this.  And, as per usual, a few innocents suffer because of the actions of others.

Once again I’m beyond mad at Pam.  Why does she feel the need to talk to her prey?  Kill Tara already!!!  Do it quickly!  Don’t play with your food, dognabbit.  She could have done it so swiftly they wouldn’t have even known what came at them, neither of the women.  I feel bad for Tara’s girlfriend (whose name I can’t remember, nor do I care), but Tara needs to go already.  And… it seems like next week she’s against killing vampires?  MAKE UP YOUR MIND, WOMAN!  Sorry to shout, but she’s getting on my nerves.

I feel bad for Tommy.  I really do.  I finally saw that he had turned into Sam by mistake, and… well… he took advantage of it and now he’s facing the consequences of not having a conscience.  But can you blame the guy?  Look who brought him up!  He really doesn’t know better.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s an adult and should take ownership of his actions already… but what if he’s completely damaged goods and doesn’t get the good v. bad thing?

Now for a subject I almost never touch: Lafayette and Jesus.  I enjoyed them this time around.  Lafayette said way less “fucks” than usual.  Honestly, for a smart guy you’d think he’d lay off on the word and use something like “damn” or, the PG-rated “fudge.”  It’s perfectly acceptable.  I wasn’t completely surprised that Lala was a medium after that trip he and Jesus took together while high on V – y’all remember that?  I understand that Jesus’ abuelito is a deranged brujo, but I honestly think he did Lala a favor by showing him what he could do in that crude manner.  There was no way that Lala would have believed it otherwise, I’m sure of it.  So, no matter that abuelito went a little overboard with the “show the medium what he is,” I approved of the method.

So… who else was touched by Jason’s worry for Sookie and Jessica?  He can be an airhead, but he’s lovable and thought about Jessica the moment he realized what was happening.  The guy is coming around, finally.  The writers are redeeming him, for which I’m glad.  I always try to redeem Jason in my fics, if only because Sookie loves him so much and he’s all she has left in the world.

And now for some Skars/Paq-porn.  This is NSFW, so don’t scroll down if you’re in a public place…

In every room, in every position imaginable and some she couldn’t…

One thought on “Days of our True Blood Season 4: Episode 7

  1. Have to agree with everything you said about the Eric & Sookie moments. It is going to break her heart when he gets his memory back and loses the memories of their time together…About Alex & Anna, I saw a couple of interviews, one by Alex where he discussed the love scenes between them this season. He said he, Stephen & Anna are great friends and he feels like she is his little sister. So he had to REALLY do some acting in those scenes (I think it helps that they have such good chemistry between them)..and then one where Stephen talks about those scenes and putting a GPS on Alex’s “cock sock”. I am saddened that the season is more than half over, and the long drought between now and season 5 will start in September. I do like Jason’s final arrival in the land of adults. And I hope in the next episode he saves Jessica (since he’s in Bill’s front yard that seems like a real possibility). And your prediction about episode 11 sounds about right. Love your insight after each episode, also the wonder video clip with all the Eric moments..saves me a lot of fast forwarding on my DVR..til next week.

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