Days of Our True Blood Season 4: Episode 6

I Wish I Was the Moon

I don’t want to say that I was underwhelmed (is that a word?), because we finally got to see our favorite characters making love.  And that was some very nice love making.  But as a fanfic writer, I wanted to see more, WAY more than they showed.  I would have liked to see more than nine minutes of Eric, and some of those nine minutes were not my favorite Eric scenes (you can watch them here).  How strange… either that or I’m perverted.  I’m used to seeing (or reading) the slow progression of the act of lovemaking.  They started great at the beginning of the episode, and I’m all smug about the fact that I called it: Eric and Sookie getting hot and heavy and Bill barging in doing his “that’s mah Sookeh” bit.  As a matter of fact, prior to Bill’s arrival I got goose bumps watching Eric and Sookie kissing.  I was half expecting that’s how things were going to happen in the last scene as well… but then they cut to Bill.  There are simply no words to express how humongously disappointed I am.  What was not a disappointment was how tender Eric was with Sookie, how much he showed her that he loved her, cherishing her as they made love.  It’s what most of us love to read when we read SVM, it’s also why the fourth book is our favorite.

I’m only going to comment on one more thing: vampires had it coming.  They chose to mess with witches, and vampires deserved what they got.  Marnie/Antonia is a formidable opponent.  I absolutely love Fiona Shaw’s role as the bad girl.  It was the only part belonging to a different character than Eric/Sookie that I watched with rapt attention.  Unfortunately for me, they were speaking in Old Spanish and talking too fast to transcribe exactly what was said, and some of it was said in Latin, I believe… Otherwise I’d hook y’all up with that too and demonstrate my mad Spanish skills.  However, I am in awe that the writers took such care to preserve that part of the story.  My respect for the writers has gone up, even after the mess they’ve been making of certain things.  This season they seem to be redeeming themselves, in my very own opinion.

And since I put the “nekkidness” up top (hopefully nobody wandered in here during work hours), here’s some more…

"You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen"


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