The Citrus Tree Contest

The Citrus Tree Contest is starting on August 1 and continues up until September 30, hosted by BlackDeadOrchids and yours truly.  We are looking for citru-licious SVM fanfics, either one-shots or whole stories, filled to the brim with lemony goodness.  Please visit the blog to learn more about the rules, and you can visit our community on to read the samples.  If you’re a reader instead of a writer, then we welcome you to read all the entries.  Public voting will start at the end of October, so don’t forget to show some love to your favorites!


4 thoughts on “The Citrus Tree Contest

  1. I have a question:)
    If I write a outtake for my story Again- as for example- The Honeymoon- that has only lemons- is it ok? Will it be suitable for the contest?

    • You can certainly write an outtake as long as it’s an original piece of work, meaning it hasn’t been published before. “Fairies & Pies” is one of the samples and it’s an outtake of AAD! So… that said, I would LOVE to hear how their honeymoon went, maybe a few days’ worth of it. 😉

  2. Im an idiot…i blogged that the announcement day was the opening of the contest….duh…hope last nights chat went well…did you figure out who Shara spoke to? lol I didnt get to sleep till gone 5am…too much redbull

    LH x

    • I still have no idea who Shara spoke to! It’s so bad getting old… I wish I could use that excuse, and I would but I keep telling my husband that I’m only 29! LOL

      Maybe you were REALLY excited about the contest and you wanted it to start right away! I know I am, and I can’t even enter… oh, but the entries… Rawr! Can’t wait!

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